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Concept car Wallpaper 02 BLACK

By mmarti
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Just decided to render a wallpaper with the car model I made some time ago...

more info about the model is here [link] case anyone's interested.


Btw, you can this car in other colors here [link]

...White version looks wierd, huh?

Due to request for high-res wallpaper, I made one just for you Here it is: [link]

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2016 Pontiac Trans Am Confirmed. 
I was interested.. This reminds me of the Porsche IMSA specification 962 CRS, 1986. This car can be seen in the video "Victory by Design" Porsche...... Google it.. :):)
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Nice job! Somehow reminds me of burnout
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muito daora esse carro eu amei[link]
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Nah, it's just a hobby, not exactly art. :)

I suppose it's that inspiration thing... You know, when you get a compelling need to create something, until you do, there's no rest. :D
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how do you make art
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Reminds me a lot of one of the Bugatti eb110, mixed with a Mitsubishi 3000GT . Very nice work :)
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Thanks! :)
It's curious though, as different people are reminded of different car models here:
Mitsubishi 3000, Vector, Bugatti, Lamborghini Diablo, Dodge Viper, Jaguar XJ220, Toyota Supra, Trans Am, Barchetta, 300ZX, Ferrari and so on... :D
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Don't know why, but it reminds me the Vector WX3... Really good work here!
washington12's avatar name is Steve and your work is very nice.I am a construction worker building a car in my garage..I would like to hire some one to take my pencil drawing and make it a computer image.If you could help me or recommend a Artist that would be can email direct at you for your time and keep up the good work.
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it's got something very '90s about it, like the jaguar xj220
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Jaguar XJ220?
Hum, never thought of that.
I'd say it has some influence of a Dodge Viper and a Camaro for sure... + maybe a little sip of Ferrari Scuderia as well.
Eh, it was so long ago, I made this one, that I don't remember any more. :D

Btw, Happy New Year too! :)
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IS this supposed to be a Trans am concept?
mmarti's avatar
Not really, just a concept.. of something :D
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*drools* i want that car :D
Allykat93a's avatar
looks like a concept of the supra XD
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Hey, thanks! :)
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I love that car
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wow wish i could do this kind of pic its really cool
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