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Resident Evil: Blender

Inspired by the Resident Evil saga.

Modeled on Blender 2.48a

Rendered with Blender Internal : OSA 11 + AO (10 Samples) in both mode.

Render time: ~ 5 minutes

Click "Download" for view scene on full size. I hope you like it.
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This is EPIIIIIIIIIIIIIC!!! I love it Headbang! 
Raccoon-Forest's avatar
Aww how I always loved wandering in these haunted labs!! Classic horror never dies. Thanks for making this.
Pukingdragon1's avatar
Looks very great !
hotchiwawa's avatar
Looks great!

5 min for rendering!
Waw it's quick.

I'm very excited to learn more on Blender :D
Kyralynn4's avatar
This is fantastic! I'm just learning how to do all of this rendering and I feel confused just trying to make a simple background, so bravo!
RodrigoSabbat's avatar
Awesome! Really fantastic!

PS: sorry about my simple words. I'm Brazilian and I'm not too good in inglish!
MasonBlenderRender's avatar
wow, this is realy great! i am just starting with blender myself, did you use a cloud texture on the chairs?
Ghettomasta's avatar
Nice Job! Kudos!
AshBrad93's avatar
how long did it take u to do this?
leonel-guido's avatar
:O amanzing!!! color, indirect light, models
krazeesnowman's avatar
wicked! resident evil rocks! blender rocks!! - and its free!
VIRGIL46's avatar
Awesome work!
RJOcampo's avatar
Love it.It is fantastic
welldunnestudios's avatar
excellent work , well dunne!!!!
SaveTheCRT's avatar
Wow, how did you get the walls like that?
Ragnarok2887's avatar
Very cool model!
rpdesignerfly's avatar
Very cool, really wanted to play Resident Evil!
3uhox's avatar
awesome work !
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