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November Desktop Screen 2012 (Windows 8)

By Mmagoo
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My Current Desktop and Start Screen

Custom Tiles for Windows 8 are made possible by the program Obly Tile Maker which can be found at [link]
Custom Metro Start Screen Background Made possible by the program Deco8 which can be found at [link]
Custom Start Menu is ViStart [link]
ViStart Skin is [link] by PeterRollar ([link])
Select Metro icons from [link] by dAKirby309 ([link])
Game Metro icons are custom made 256 x 256 images of diffrent box art from each game
If you want the any of the wallpapers just ask or go to [link]
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hmmmmhmmmmm I have the same game with you that is Batman Arkham city ... but I have a problem, I can not save the game, windows live do not want to bring up a popup .. if you can help me??? though, I try to dirt3 game they can do it .. and no problems with buttons Homes .. but similar to the batman ..thx
How do i make similar GAMES icons ?
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basically i would take a .png image and re size it down to 256x256 but some times it will require a bit more work like finding a title and a good picture for the icon that will scale down to that size... but thats the basic idea if you would like me to make an icon for a specific game just let me know and i would be more than happy to make it for you when i am able :)
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Try out my BETA icons, they look so much more like actual Metro tiles!! :D [link]
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Bottom wallpaper looks gorgeous: could you share?
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yep please! Bottom WP is awesome!
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Yup just uploaded all my wallpapers from this set just go to [link]
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My icons are used, please credit. Thanks. :)
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Sure I'm sorry about that I totally forgot I had used them
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It's ok. Thanks. :)
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