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Mega Man Battle Network: ReInstalled- Chapter 1 Chapter 1- Different Troubles, Different Day [BGM: Theme of Mega Man Battle Network, Mega Man Battle Network] The year was 20XX. Before the turn to the next century, the Internet was invented. Dr. Tadashi Hikari further expanded the concept of computer networks, innovating them with the rest of society. As the years followed, just about everything had a network. Houses, cars, TVs, vending machines, even something as mundane as a vase. To assist a person in navigating the net, sentient A.I. programs called Internet Navigators, Net Navis for short, were invented. They reside in PETs, or Personal Terminals, which can store electronic money called Zenny, send and receive emails, and are used to jack-in a Navi to a network. This form of convenience has made a PET essential for the age of the internet. However, Net Crimes have become a common factor that plagues society, especially to this day. Whether in the form of viruses, hackers, and even worse criminals, it’s easy for trouble to occur. Even with the Net Police around, they are quickly stretched thin due to the growing crime rate. Thus, Official Net Battlers were formed to assist the Net Police for certain emergencies with the net. They are licensed Net Battlers with the same authority as police officers within the law, though they must have tremendous operating skills and have a license to Net Battle. As crime has escalated, Net Battling without a license or while having a suspended license is deemed illegal, and there are some repercussions. They are a warning, a hefty fine, and jail time if the violations increase in number. I should know…01001101 01001101 01000010 01001110 Today, this was the second week of the new school year at ACDC High School, which was met with disdain among several young students, even me, if I’m being honest. A nice, light blue car pulled up to the school, stopping next to the sidewalk. A door in the back opened up, with me leaving it. But just as I was about to go... “Oh, kid,” The driver called me, forcing me to look inside the car. The car’s driver was a man wearing a light blue trench coat with blue buttons, combined with a white shirt and a red tie underneath. He also had blue pants, black dress shoes, and black gloves. He also wore a hat that was the same color as his trench coat. His hair was red, partially wavy, his eyes were black, and he had a wedged nose. He is Detective Reddington Bluemann, the seasoned officer of the Net Police. I wouldn’t admit it back there, but he’s a pretty good cop., “I also meant to give you this,” He told me, holding out a small computer chip. “It’s from your mother. Make sure to download it into your PET to upgrade your Navi.” “Whatever,” I mumbled, taking the chip from his hand. “You know, you shouldn’t keep going on like this,” The detective stated, “You’ve got talent, but you're wasting it by going down this road.” He rolled up the window of the car and drove on, leaving me at the sidewalk. “Like he knows anything,” I muttered underneath my breath, clicking my tongue. In case you couldn’t tell, I’m not much of a nice guy. I wore a bright orange jacket over a black school shirt, with black pants and orange shoes with black soles. Aside from a black backpack with black straps, I also had a blue bandana tied around my arm, showing an emblem. The emblem was a red circle with a black line moving diagonally through the center, ending at two black triangles, one in the lower left side and one in the top right side, with a yellow ring surrounding the entire circle. I had messy, spiky brown hair, brown eyes, and tan skin. My name is Lan Hikari. I’m an ACDC High School student. And my life was going to take a turn for the interesting. You’ll see when I get to that point. I sent my hands into my jacket pockets while shaking my head. “That nosy guy was right about one thing,” I muttered, “I’ve got talent. How I managed to get arrested was just a mistake, that’s all.” “A mistake?” An electronic voice questioned, “Is that what we’re calling it now?” “Mega Man, shut up,” I huffed, pulling out my handheld PET. “I did the right thing.” This PET is different from the several ones that have been out for years. It's called the Skid Key PET, SK PET for short. This one is in a slightly rectangular shape with a screen in a perfect rectangle. There's a slot for chips at the top with the Navi emblem on the left to it, and a manual home button below the screen. On the right side of the screen, there's a keyboard that slides out, hence the name. It's good for typing if you don't want to dirty the screen with your fingerprints. Usually, there's something called a Grip Attachment that goes with it as a two for one deal. It's easy on the palms, being soft and a little squishy, and it's got a magnet that can attach to the PET so you can hold it. I've done a few Net Battles with the thing, and it helps. Plus, the attachment has a GPS tracker in it in case you lose it, and the PET can automatically track it when you need it!, But anyway, back to my Navi yelling at me. “Right thing? Lan, just because that guy was a suspect in a scammer ring, that doesn’t give you the right to beat him up! The Net Police would’ve interrogated him!” “He’s a conman! A thief! He would’ve wormed his way out of that mess! Besides, we got the location and the police nabbed them all!” “Only after you beat the suspect head to toe trying to get the information!!” My PET's screen showed me my Navi, sternly crossing his arms. He has blue gloves, blue boots with black soles, an indigo bodysuit with vertical cyan stripes on his sides, and two yellow shoulder guards. On his chest, there was the same emblem from my bandana. He has a blue backpack of sorts attached to his back. On his blue helmet, there were two cyan ridges that ran from the top and a yellow square with a yellow rectangle on his helmet, with the latter also running from the top. The helmet’s ear sections had the emblem on them. The Navi had green eyes and a tan skin tone on his face. He also appears to have some black hair sticking out of his helmet. His name is MegaMan.EXE. Mega Man, or Mega for short. As smart as he is, he can be a bit of a sissy. Okay, maybe calling him a sissy is a bit much. He’s a great friend to have around, but he’s still overbearing to me. Especially in times like this. “You’d think being arrested 15 times for doing stupid things would make you learn something or change, but NO!!!” Case in point., “Look, Mega Man, listen to me--” “No, you listen!!” The Navi interrupted me, “Every time you do something stupid, I’m the one who has to apologize for your actions!” I sighed, knowing the only way to get him to quit nagging me. “Alright, I get it. It won’t happen again.” “It better not. You realize that if you pull another stunt like that again, you’ll be faced with jail time, I’ll be taken away from you, and on top of that, you be expelled!!” “Okay, okay!!” I replied with frustration, “I get the point already! Quit bringing it up!” Mega Man huffed, unsure if I was actually listen to him on this. He was right, though. I needed to stay out of trouble. “Lan, what’s it going to take?” He asked me. “I don’t know,” I scratched my head in thought, “It’s not like I can enter a Net Battle and use it as an escape.” “Well, that doesn’t matter right now. You better get to class. Did you know you have an entire week of school work to catch up on?” “Yeah, yeah,” I nodded, rolling my eyes while I put the PET back in my pocket. I made a dash through the gates and into the building. The gates surrounded ACDC High School in a perfect square, with a parking lot across from the entrance for the people. As for the building, it wasn’t particularly long or wide as far as school structures are. In fact, it was barely as long as an office building in the city. It had six floors, disregarding the three basements. In the front, there were only a few steps to walk up, with a few bike racks. A large clock was put on the second floor for everyone outside to see. There was a stairway and a long, winding ramp at the entrance. The space behind the building did have a baseball field, with a soccer field, tennis court, and a small running track on the right where I usually enter the gates. To go further into the detail of the school, the first floor was mostly faculty offices and a cafeteria. The second floor up to the top was just six classrooms each floor. The classes had chairs, computerized desks, with a blackboard that could also function as a computer, and of course, there were windows. Outside the rooms, there was always a hallway with a flight of stairs at one end, along with another at the other end. At this moment, I was climbing up the steps. “Why does our homeroom class have to be on the fourth floor?!” I complained, feeling my legs ache from the effort. “Gee, I don’t know,” Mega Man voiced, “It couldn’t possibly have to do with it being homeroom, could it?” He was rolling his eyes. I could tell from the tone of his voice. “I could do without the sass, thanks,” I grumbled, paying no mind to the students giving me mixed looks of dismay on varying levels. By the way, just about everyone’s heard about me and what I do. You could say that I’m an outcast at this place. Any place, really. “Lan!” A girl's voice called out, making me perk up. I instantly recognize it. “Mayl?” “Well, look who’s back!” The girl approached me, moving to the side as more students walk past us. She had a fair skin tone, brown eyes, and long maroon hair that reaches down to her waist. Bangs covered her forehead as some long strands covered part of her ears. There was a hair piece on the left side of her head that seemed to stick out. It was a red-rose color, though there was some yellow that took up a bit of the circle so it would resemble a cherry blossom. She wore a schoolgirl’s uniform, a black jacket over a white collared shirt with a thin, red string tied in a bow. Her skirt was a dark crimson color, matching the color of her shoes, and she had black socks that reached up to her thighs. There were also two bags on her personage. One of them was just a bag for school, carrying folders, spiral books, paper, and pencils. The other was a pink messenger bag with a long strap for the shoulders, which has that same emblem on its base. She’s Mayl Sakurai, my childhood friend. She teeters on the edge of sweet and blunt, sometimes both. Let me tell you right now, there really is more to her than I realized back then. Again, you’ll see what I mean. “Hey, Mayl,” My esteem began to shrink. I knew full well what was coming next... “Don’t ‘hey’ me, you blockhead!” The girl crossed her arms, “You know how many weeks it was this time?!” “T-Three weeks?” “Three weeks, Lan,” Mayl shook her head, exasperated at me. No doubt she knew of my incident with the police. “You’ve been held for three weeks this time. If Redd didn’t see why you reacted the way you did, you would’ve been tried as an adult!” “That conman was an identity thief and he ruined a lot of lives!” I fired back, pitifully attempting to ease the blow to what little pride I had left. “He got what he deserved!” “Your mom had to send some of her money to cover his hospital bill.” “I know, and that’s a stupid thing to do. No one should be nice to that guy after what he did.” Let me clarify what happened. The few weeks before the school year started, I was a licensed City Net Battler, doing small odd jobs for the Officials. They limited what I could do since they saw me as a problem child. They’re sort of right, but I was doing the right thing. Really! Anyway, when I was told to assist someone with tracking down an identity thief, I caught up with him. He tried escaping, thinking that infecting my PET with viruses would stop me. He was wrong, and I caught him at his little safe house. It turns out he had stolen the identities and accounts of people who passed on due to car accidents or natural causes. I also might’ve seen him with personal information about my mom and my brother. That set me off, and I beat him until he was unconscious. I got arrested for that, though the detective did see what I was doing and why I did it. So, I got three weeks of Juvenile Detention. It wouldn’t be so bad for my record if I weren’t a repeat offender. “Lan,” Mayl toned down her disappointment to level with me, “I get why you attacked him, but you shouldn’t have done it. The prosecutor was prepared to send you to prison. For adults.” “It’s the same guy that tried me for the hearing before that and the one before. He just hates the way I do things.” “You have that effect on the teachers, too, the Minister of Justice notwithstanding.” “I’m not trying to impress anybody,” I murmured, the troublemaker that I was. “I don’t need any advice from some people that think they know it all.” “Look, Lan, you really need keep your cool. I don’t want to hear you causing trouble again. Besides, these are becoming dangerous times.” “Mayl, relax,” I threw my hand in a dismissive manner, “I can handle myself.” “Yeah, sure,” Mega Man seemingly concurred with sarcasm, “It’s not like the last time he handled a situation, it ended with him being arrested and facing juvenile detention. No way.” “Mega Man, what did I just say a few minutes ago?” “Well, I can say one thing,” A digital girl’s voice chuckled, “With a guy like Lan Hikari, it’s hard to tell if he’s operating Mega or the other way around!” Mayl pulled out her PET, pretty pink in color, and the screen came to life. It showed a Navi, this one in a lightweight bodysuit-type armor highlighting light pink, a blush pink, and black on different parts of her body. She had gloves and her legs looked like those long socks that reach up to your thighs. There were also these very pale yellow ring-like accessories on the ends of her gloves and boots. The Navi’s emblems were on her chest and the ear sections of her helmet. As to her helmet, it was light pink, though the front was a blush pink. The helmet’s front had a pair of transparent antennae that curve behind her. She also has a blonde ponytail with a green ribbon tied in a bow, completely geometric. With a button on her rear, she looks like a bunny. Or at least, has the appearance of one. Her name is Roll.EXE. She’s hip, cool, sassy, and like Mayl, gets to the point. Spoiler alert here, she and I don’t get along. “How many times have you even gotten caught?” Roll wondered, “I’m actually impressed. Not that it’s a good thing, of course.” “Hi, Roll!!” Mega Man called out from my PET, “It’s great to see you again!” “Nice to see you, too, Mega!!” “Ah, Roll,” I muttered, almost bitterly. “How I missed your pointless commentary.” “I wish I could say the same for you,” Roll replied, at least until she doubled back. “Ah, who am I kidding? You are good for something.” “Wow, you’re actually going to complement Lan?” Mayl blinked, “You never stand him enough to do that.” “Well, if he weren’t Mega’s Operator, he’d be nothing but a thickheaded loser.” “And there it is!” I pretended to act surprised, “But sticks and stones, Roll.” “In any case,” Mayl shook her head, sighing from the little spat. “Let’s get to class. I’ll hand you your homework. It’s due tomorrow, so you better--” “Yeah, yeah, I know the drill.” I don’t always do my homework when I get it. But I’ll finish it, I always do. We began to move down the hall, entering the classroom on the left. When we got in, the talking throughout the entire room turned to silence. “…Right,” I quietly sighed, trudging to my desk. “Nice to know I was missed.” “And the prodigal son returns,” A slightly low voice uttered, “He graces us with a steely gaze, subtly letting the world know how much trouble he’ll cause.” This student looked a little bigger than the other ones, having a stocky build and standing a few inches under six feet. His school uniform somehow fit well around him, considering his muscles would allow him to stand out in public. Like with my uniform, his uniform was black all over, though his shoes were blue with white soles, and he wore a green jacket with a unique emblem over the left breast. It was a green plus with black filling in the gaps. His face was a little bit puffy, his skin was a little bit dark, and his brown hair… Oh, get a load of this! He is bald all around, save for the hair rising from the center of where his hairline should be! The hair is styled so it looks like a rhino’s horn! It’s almost unbelievable, but he makes it work, not gonna lie. He’s Dex Oyama. The self-proclaimed champion of ACDC Town. He’ll probably challenge me to a Net Battle off school grounds where no one can find us. Since Net Battling is illegal without a license, in my case, anyway, he’ll just tell me the location and I’ll take on his Guts Man. “Nice to see you too, big man!” I smirked, cocky and full of myself. His desk was right behind Mayl’s desk, which was next to mine. “You need me to pick up after you this year? Want to challenge me this time?” “You’re not worth my time anymore,” Dex huffed, “It wouldn’t do any good to Net Battle you, even if you get back your license.” ‘Huh?’ I thought, not expecting him to say that. I was actually caught off guard. “What, I’m not good enough for you to take on?” I decided to egg him on, just to make sure I didn’t mishear him. “Did you get better at Net Battling while I was gone?” “I didn’t get better,” He replied, “I know better. I know better than to get associated with you.” Okay, now I know something’s up. Is this because he heard about what I did, too? I know he doesn’t like me anymore, but still. Crazy story, but we were friends, once upon a time. After Junior High, I sort of pushed him away because of a few things. I don’t want to talk about them, so I’ll just shut it. “Hello, class!” I heard the teacher come in, “I apologize for the delay.” This woman had casual clothes, maybe too casual for a teacher. She had a white knit polo shirt with a beige twill skirt that went past her knees, and a dark olive-colored bag hanging from one of her shoulders. She had dirty blonde hair, lightly tan skin, and a pair of retro black cat eye glasses that she wore over her blue eyes. This is my homeroom teacher for Classroom 4-D. Phyllis Tina. She might look odd and too plain for a teacher, but she is one. Plus, she’s one of the reasons I’m still attending school. She’s been my homeroom teacher for a while, and the one person besides Mayl who visits me when I got put in juvie. She’s actually nice. “Alright, class,” Ms. Tina said, “Jack your Navis into the Net and I’ll mark attendance.” Every present student did so. It was really easy to jack in, though it’s not like we have to use a cord with a plug and stick it in a port. Not anymore, at least. It can be done so wirelessly, from anywhere that has a computer network. Anyway, she took attendance, and we had a quick period to do whatever we needed to. I worked on math first, since I hated the subject. I didn’t finish the whole thing because of the next class that came after homeroom. Oh well, I’ll get to it when I get to it. I’m skipping over what I do in class, because it’s typical school stuff, which nobody wants to hear about.01001101 01001101 01000010 01001110 So, after a certain period of time, it became lunchtime. “Finally,” I grinned, because there was one other person I wanted to see. “Going to talk to him, Lan?” Mayl questioned, knowing what I was waiting for. “You even need to ask?” I got up from my seat to get some school lunch, but also to find this guy. After I got my tray of food in the lunchroom, I went to this one table in the cafeteria with only two seats. There, I found him. “Lan!” He called me, almost smiling. This guy was in a uniform, just like me. It was the black shirt and pants, though his shoes were blue and black, and he had a dark green jacket draped over his shoulders like a cape. His hair was black, his forehead was exposed as his bangs were combed to the side. The guy had bags under his grey eyes, so he hasn’t gotten much sleep, from what I think. His name’s Ripley Marduk. He’s a great friend of mine who works at SciLab as an intern. It’s a little awkward that he’s working at a government institution, but he enjoys the work there. I’d tell why it bugs me, but you’ll see. “Great to see you, Ripley!” I told, sitting across from him. “Nice to see you too!” He responded back, “I heard you got three weeks, and before you were to come back from school, too!” “Yeah, it wasn’t a good time,” I reflected on it, “And suddenly, I got treated like the bad guy, and that con got sympathy.” “Not from my point of view,” Ripley fiddled with his bandaged right hand, “He got what was coming to him. He shouldn’t have thought of taking other people’s identities.” “Y-Yeah…” I agreed, though I felt reluctant doing so. I couldn’t help but think it was the wrong thing to do. It was, but I got angry in the heat of the moment. So, does that make it okay to go a little past the line? “Hey, is your hand alright?” I noticed Ripley still had his hand in a bandage from an accident at work. “It doesn’t hurt so much,” He tried reassuring me, “I just wasn’t wearing gloves at work that time. This’ll pass. Anyway, I’ve been taking part in designing something really cool! I’m working with the legendary Mr. Famous on this project at SciLab!” “Mr. Famous? A project? You?” “Yeah, this project is really cool!” “You just said that,” I pointed out. “Sorry, I can’t help it,” He sheepishly munched his sandwich, “We were working on something that’s been thought of, but never tried out. It relates to Net Navis and their Operators.” “Is this supposed to be a secret?” Mega Man questioned, “It’s a project SciLab is working on, right?” “Nothing is secret between us friends!” Ripley almost boasted, laughing a little bit before continuing on. “Now, this was tested by two operators and their Navis, with successful results. This fictitious phenomena was all possible by some specially made PETs and chips.” “Specially made PETs?” I wondered, chewing my rice curry. This was getting interesting. “Well, custom-made PETs with required upgrades. And these certain types of chips allow this phenomena to occur, but other factors between Navi and Operator have to be fulfilled to experience this.” “And you’re going to tell me this phenomena, right?” “Nope, can’t do that!” Ripley sleepily grinned, “It’s confidential!” “What happened to ‘Nothing is secret between us friends?!’” I shouted from surprise. “Relax, relax,” He drank some milk from an open carton, “You might find out for yourself. Which reminds me, you can hold on to this.” He reached into his pocket to pull out the chip. It was a grey-colored chip with a green orb in the center of it. It reflected a little bit of light from the orb. “Actually, I need you to keep this safe for me.” “Huh?” I was confused, seeing as he held it out for me to grab it. “Why?” “You know how to beat up people that get in your way,” He said, “And you’re a very good Net Battler. I want you to keep this safe until the heat at SciLab dies down.” “Again, why?” I actually grabbed the chip without thinking. Just then, he told me. “Have you heard of the Net Crime organization, World Three?” “Who hasn’t?” The WWW is an organization that commits crimes online and in the real world. They’ve been around for a few years, but it’s mostly vandalizing places and robbing people. Nothing so extreme, at least when compared to terrorist organizations determined to rule the world. I think there’s a special mission force meant to defend human freedom some those guys, though. Can’t remember the name. “We had an attack on our security system a month ago,” Ripley explained, “It was a few viruses with the WWW’s signature on it. They were pretty powerful to deal with, from what I heard. But those viruses were just a distraction.” “Are you serious?” I was in disbelief. This just got more imaginative than real, but Ripley assured me otherwise. “I’m not kidding, Lan. As it turned out, we found our research was copied sent out as large data. There was a WWW virus hiding out in our computers for a month before we found it!” “So, the WWW took what you got from the inside?” “And that’s not all,” My friend turned serious, “A week ago, we had another attack from a swarm of viruses, and they managed to break through the firewall. They got deleted, sure, and we had security patrol the labs, but the chips and some of the upgrades for the PETs were missing after the incident!” “Do you have a mole in SciLab?” I asked, feeling involved. “We don’t know,” Ripley finished his sandwich, “That’s what scares me. And that chip you have is the only one that hasn’t been stolen. It’s actually the latest version of those new chips. I’m worried that the WWW are taking those chips for nefarious purposes.” “Don’t beat around the bush, Rip,” I pleaded, eating up my food. “What happens to a Navi and their Operator if these chips are used, and all your requirements are met?” “A human takes on the appearance of the Navi,” Ripley shivered, cautiously looking around him. “And gets the Navi’s abilities and can utilize Battle Chips in the real world. In short… Perform Cross Fusion.” “C-Cross Fusion?” And I stuttered a little bit. It made sense why the WWW would want these. They wanted their members to have the same powers as Navis. But this still didn’t make sense to me. “How?” I needed to ask, “How is this possible? How can anybody do this?” “An Operator and a Navi have to be completely in sync. If they can perform an ability called Full Synchro, then they’ll be able to perform Cross Fusion together.” “Together? But how can a Navi’s characteristics appear on a human? Digital programs can’t exist in the real world, or vice versa!” Then I thought I was going crazy from that talk. I didn’t want to believe it. “Why am I even reading into this? This is too much, even for a made-up story.” “Lan, this is real!” Ripley exclaimed, “I’m telling you the truth! We’ve had tests on Copy Bots allowing Navis to enter the real world, and even Navi materialization is possible!” “Copy Bots and Navi materialization?” I questioned, “This project about Navis and Operators has you going around the bend. Are you alright?” “This project means a lot to me, even your father! Please, believe me!” I froze when I heard the mention of my father, and so did he, from what I saw. “I-I’m sorry,” He quickly backpedaled, “I-I know you don’t like to talk about him… But’s he’s the head of the project, so…” “No, it’s fine!” I calmed him down, “It makes sense he’d be involved. He created the Navi Customizer and was behind the newest designs of the PETs, so it’s only natural.” “Still, I didn’t mean to--“ “Save it, Ripley,” I interrupted, “It’s alright.” I eyed the Synchro Chip carefully. It looked so well-made and sleek. “Do you really trust me to hold onto this for safekeeping? In case the WWW wants this chip also?” “I don’t know if they want the chip since they took most of them,” Ripley scratched his head, “But if there’s anyone I trust to have this, it’s you, Lan.” “Well, thanks,” I thanked my friend. I had no idea what I was getting myself into, if I’m being honest. I didn’t know how to approach the situation, since it was way out there. But it’s more possible that I believed initially. ‘Dad…’ I thought of him, which was surprising, since it’s been a while since I last saw him. ‘Do you still remember me, or are you too absorbed in your work to care?’ He distanced himself from me and my mom’s lives four years ago, yet he manages to leave us a few things, whether it’s money or some new update. My mom and dad haven’t divorced even though they’re obviously estranged. The circumstances are odd, and I didn’t like it. I stopped thinking my dad was good. I felt disdain towards him for everything in my life, I even blamed him for things he wasn’t involved in. Again, I’m not a nice guy, let alone a good person. But later that day, I would get caught up in a WWW crime. This day was going to change my life, and whether I wanted to be in that event or not, I was put on a path. It was going to take me to my redemption or lead me to doom.CHAPTER 1 END
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Hi there!
As the title says, I'm looking for moderators for this group.
I'm not that much on Deviantart lately and I believe that a lot of submitted deviations become expired because I'm not accepting them on time.
So, I'm looking for someone who would be interested in accepting (or declining) deviations according to the rules of this group. And you'd have be active enough on Deviantart so that the deviations don't expire.
Reply to this journal if you're interested. See ya. :)
~ MegaXstream ~
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Fellow MegaMan Fan Groups and friends. :D



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crossover057 Featured By Owner May 8, 2022
any raika or searchman.exe rpers here?
LalaNorisu Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2019  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hello everyone 

I like ur club & ur drawing too. Someone in here take request or point commission . I want a drawing of dark megaman with my oc lala. 
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Mega-X-stream Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2018  Student General Artist
Yeah sure, go ahead!
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Mega-X-stream Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2018  Student General Artist
No problem!

Do you already have someone for Chaud?
I'd like to apply
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princess-sweetflower Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
Hi everyone princess-sweetflower here! just wondering if anyone out their wants to do a Megaman nt warriors rp? my oc will Serena Blaze Chaud Blazes little sister a few years younger then him and her netnavi will be luna. and yes you can add your ocs.
mayadamahfouz Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you for accepting me here!
i like Megaman.EXE and I'm planning to draw him more! Excuse me for the rush on the submission but I wanted to see my art here and I was excited >v<
Mega-X-stream Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2015  Student General Artist
You're welcome! I like your drawing style!
And it's okay, submit whenever you want :)
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