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:bademoticon:Hi everyone! Emoji02

Thanks for viewing my page and I am sorry for my unexpected low frequency of updating my cosplay photos. 

It's really my honor when you add me to your watchlist or add my pics to your Fav folders. 
Thanks for your encouragement and comments!
I will keep going with more efforts and progress!


:bademoticon:I would like to clear some of my stuff as my room is so packed, pleas help me!!
:bademoticon:If you are interested, feel free to drop a note to me. I will reply you ASAP! 
:bademoticon:Thanks for your support! Bounce
I will update items for sale regularly here. 

*Price stated below are in Singapore dollars
*Large props for local (Singapore) sell only

❀: Pink curly wig (*100cm)

-Heat resistant silk, only wore once for indoor photoshoot.
-Fringe is trimmed, (suitable for Reira cos) $35

♪: Sailor Moon Super S- Sailor Saturn (Tomoe hotaru)

-Wore only once for photoshoot. The cloth is really comfortable to wear and it's elastic.
-Full set including: top + skirt + one pair of gloves + forehead accessory + neck accessory + weapon (self made) + Wig (wore once only) $90
-Boots were customized, buy tgt with costume will be $25.
-Size S. Height: 155cm-160cm, shoulder length 33cm-37cm, bust 77cm-83cm, waist 59cm-63cm, buttocks 80-84cm.

♪ No one knows (Zi bu yu): Hibiscus spirit

This costume was very well done, with all the details and used a lot of fabric (quite heavy). 
The dress is 360° with several layers. I wore once only and all pieces of the costume are in good condition.
SGD130 including vest+ top coat(the sleeves are very wide and with 2 layers)+ long dress+ decorated outer piece(including belt)
Main wig+flowers+wig extensions SGD40

♪: Project diva extend レーシング Racing 2010 version Luka

Full set including: 1 pair of gloves (with arm bands on the gloves)+racing jumpsuit+2 tool bags+ 6 bands(on thighs,wrists,and ankles) Condition is good, japanned leather cloth.

-Size S, height 153cm-158cm, bust: 75-80cm, waist 57cm-65cm, buttocks 82~87cm (with elastic bands can stretch)
-Wig is heat resistant silk, 80cm long and used once only, the fringe was trimmed and looks exactly same as in the pictures above.
-Costume: $70, Wig:$30. If buy costume+wig, price will be $90 

♪: Hanasaku iroha summer uniform

-Top+skirt+bow tie=$40

-Size: S, height 155-158cm, shoulder length 34cm,waist 59-62cm, bust 77-81cm