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Purple Haze

This started out completely different... But enjoy haha

PhotoshopThumb3 by Dynamicz34 
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I love it totally, this style is so interesting and it is so cool, great work, so sweet, i totally love it god dammit, yes!
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This is a very nice abstract piece, it's simple and calm yet it has completely different angles and it seems to follow no specific pattern! This is a great piece!
Lawliet10101's avatar
i love how simple this is. it is very simple yet very perfect in my eyes. i love blues, and this piece just makes me love the color blue even more. keep doing what you are doing because what you are doing is great
Purr-Adopts's avatar
This looks great, from the thumbnail it looks like paper somehow folded to create the triangles or a birds-eye-view of little kid blocks stacked up at different heights, I love how the shapes are almost popping out of the screen. Keep up the great work!
EmmaTheHero's avatar
awesome! it just looks more blue then it should purple xD
PoruPai's avatar
awesome colors though! I don't know but it is calming to look at this and just stare. It is very mesmerizing it gives off a good feel. I really like this.
chancludojoe's avatar
# looks very nice with the combination of the trinagles shapes, is very nice to the eyes, the color effects are very cool, you combined very well and gives a nice feel like movement, very interesting effects you get in all your works
Zac--Attack's avatar
nice it is so awesome what program do you use
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He's right I use Photoshop Cs6 for most of my art. 
YulizieLove's avatar
i thinks that Photoshop Cs6 or others more veriated
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