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Lure Ball

Lure ball from Pokemon.
Credits to Nintendo and Gamefreak for pokemon. 

PhotoshopThumb3 by Dynamicz34 
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I like what you did with the Lure Ball. The background is really amazing
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I love it totally, this style is so interesting and it is so cool, great work, so sweet, i totally love it god dammit, yes! ^^
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Your whole gallery is awesome! I love these sweet and simple wallpaper designs, they look clean and concise and it's awesome to see all of the different varieties of Pokeball designed this way :D Seems like something that would work as good wallpaper if you wanted to divide things into sections, having icons on the blue part and then on the white :3
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Gotta love that Pokeball!
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Love this poke ball :)
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I remember when Ash caught Totodile whit this X3 So many memories!
The weird thing about these special balls is that I used it basing on colours and rarely on their attitude... for example I would use this on a grass pokemon like Victrebell because it would look great XD
Yeah, I wasn't a great trainer, apparently XD But at least I had fun!
Once again, it's a very well made wallpaper, nothing to critique ù.ù
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