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Three fabulous OG girls by Porygon2z
The Easter Bunny Crusaders by Porygon2z
Twilight, say hello to our newest book club member by Porygon2z
May the love last forever by Porygon2z
Pinkie Pie
Pinkie Pie is About to Speak by AndoAnimalia
Oh Right, Sorry by AndoAnimalia
Pinkie cuddles for Jade! by Porygon2z
Pinkie Pie balancing by CloudyGlow
Lovely flying Fluttershy  by CloudyGlow
Fluttershy Hovering by AndoAnimalia
Stuffed Fluttershy by MLPFAN3991
Fluttershy smiling by CloudyGlow
Applejack is Ready to Kick by AndoAnimalia
I kept it nice and warm for you, Spike by Porygon2z
Right? by AndoAnimalia
I have one smooth flank by Porygon2z
Rainbow Dash
Rainbow Dash Singing by AndoAnimalia
Beats me by kuren247
Rainbow Dash Unable to Contain Excitement by AndoAnimalia
Disapproving Rainbow Dash by CloudyGlow
Twilight Sparkle
Final Battle Twilight Sparkle by CloudyGlow
First Ever Twilight Sparkle Frame by AceWissle
Bye, I Guess by AndoAnimalia
Sci-Twi Redux by EmeraldBlast63
Balancing Rarity by CloudyGlow
Rarity zebra by CloudyGlow
Kiss me, my knight in shining scales by Porygon2z
Rarity Rainbow Wing by N0KKUN
Spike's big butt by Porygon2z
I kept it nice and warm for you, Spike by Porygon2z
Serious Spike by CloudyGlow
Spike the Karate Dragon by ShadowDragonKing9
Royal Characters
Happy Mother's Day by EmeraldBlast63
TiA hAVe yOu SEeN mY SkITTLeS?!?|Luna vector #1 by CrystalMagic6
Princess Cadance Bio by AndoAnimalia
Princess Cadance by AndoAnimalia
Grogar 3 by AndoAnimalia
Vector Discord Angry Discord With Body by Ldrmas
Cozy Glow|Vector #3 by CrystalMagic6
Such a pouter by kuren247
Cutie Mark Crusaders
Keep charging, shrimp. You can't get through me by Porygon2z
Background Characters
The SunBoi Wizard by kuren247
Other Characters
(request) Two new besties by kuren247
Original Characters
Pouncing target has been hit! by Porygon2z
Non Ponies
Gabby flying by CloudyGlow
MLP Bat Listening In by AndoAnimalia
Pony-fied Characters
Yak Best Pony by kuren247
Some Rainbow-Flap laughter by Porygon2z
Cutie Marks
MLP FiM - Petunia Paleo's Cutie Mark - Vector by MLPCreativeLab
Hearth's Warming Tree by AndoAnimalia
Our Little Village - (whatever it's called) by J5A4
Comic Characters
Unknown Background Pony by Doctor-G
The Other Side by EmeraldBlast63
Mature Content
Consumed by Moonlight [story] by emu34b
Color Punch Candy potion 08 by Mr-Spider-The-Bug
Equestrian Bats Hunting by AndoAnimalia
Starlight Glimmer_season 6-9
I Know it wasn't the Coronation you Planned by AndoAnimalia
Winged and ruined Spike
Future Spike by EmeraldBlast63
Sunset Shimmer
Kawaii Sunset Shimmer by EmeraldBlast63


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i have good news for all you members and non-members of my group
after these past years, i elected to lift the "no OCs" rule
so from this day on, all kinds of OC vectors that you wish to submit here will happily be accepted
and for those who tried to submit OC vectors before, feel free to redo so and i'll allow them this time
no need to thank me
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may i ask if any of these are free to use as like in profile avatars for like youtube or da
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