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Unfortunate Fate Pack



Aw Yes. I see your Fortune. *Gasp* Oh No it does not look Good. Tonight you will become a Monster.
Anyway Happy Halloween everyone here is this year's Halloween Cosmetic pack. I know it's not much but this is all I can come up with I'm getting Burned out and Sorry if there's not much Cosmetics this time.

Comes with:

Worn out Doll Stiches
Spider Costume (eyes legs body)
Haunted Branches
Monster Skirt
The Second Mind

To the Gmod Users here is a Tool to help you with the Paintable Items:…

These items can only be worn around Halloween or during a Full Moon. Just kidding you can wear them anytime I hope you have Fun
with these Cosmetics as much as I have Fun making them. Happy Halloween!

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The Worn Out Doll Stitches are missing textures.