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MLP Plushie Tutorial: Attaching Manes and Tails

Yay, I finally made that tutorial I promised in my tutorial request poll! :w00t:

So, this is basically an extension/part 2 of my ladder stitch tutorial, which can be found here: [link]

Hope you guys find it useful!


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Im gling to try my best to make this creation once i get the right materials! This is so coool
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I love it great work thank you for the tutaol 
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can you show how to make a full plushie
thanks to you i made 1Censored Jamming to mah stereo Bounce Linux/Unix Strong! Mangapunksai Hesitation DA Prints Fella moons you Added to my devWatch! Judge Wizard Hat, complete with Wizard Fire! Poof! Airborne Headbang! Ashamed 
Awesome. I've been trying to figure out how to attack the manes and tails onto plushies. This'll really help. :) (Smile) 
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nice                                                                   like!!!!:happybounce: 
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awesome i love how you showed the steps
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OOOH sewing that to her butt gotta hurt
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omg I have been looking every where to find a way to attach the mane and tail this is amazing thank you so much~ 
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hey beside the stitches you use, where can i find how to make the complete plush.
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I found this super helpful, I always have problems attaching my manes and tails.
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I will tell mum to do something like that for my birthday!
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thank you for this tuto! :hug:
I made my plushies for young children here:…
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Can  I have the pattern

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Love this! Very helpful! Could you do a tutorial on the  basics of hand embroidering, and how to do mane details eyes or cutie marks by hand?
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Thanks for this tutorial! It will really help with my rainbow dash plush but I was wondering how I would attach my Pegasus wings that are already stuffed and has a wire in it to RD? I want them to stand up so I can pose them... Any suggestions? Thanks! :D
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Could you maybe do a tutorial on how to do a mane w/a horn through it like Lyra, the Princesses and Twilight? I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around the idea lol

 And I don't want the mane to look goofy if I do it wrong... :(
NyankoYuki's avatar
Okay, I think I understand. It's hard to explain, so I used Paint (laptop trackpads aren't the best drawing tools...):

I guess what I'm trying to confirm is that you sew the forelock like normal but leaving a measured hole for the horn (when you make the pattern) and then you would sew the edge of the holes on the top and bottom pieces together and put it over the horn and stuff it carefully.
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Yep, it sounds like you have it exactly right! I know it sounds complicated, but in reality, once you physically have the pattern pieces cut out and you start sewing them, you will easily be able to tell how everything is supposed to come together. 

Anyway, good luck! I hope your project turns out well! :)
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I will definitely try to make a tutorial about this in the future, but in the meantime, I drew a little diagram just so you can visualize it better...

First of all, when you're making the forelock pattern, it's best to have the horn already positioned and attached/sewed to the pony's head. Then just use paper or paper towels or something and lay it on the head, cutting out space for the horn. Then cut out the rest of the pattern/shape.
Basically, all you really have to do is cut out two forelock pieces, with circles cut out of them as shown in the image. Then you sew the outer edges of the two pieces together as you usually would (inside out). After you turn it right side out, you'll have a nice closed forelock piece, except for the big gap where you cut out the circle. At this point, all you need to do is ladder stitch (here's a good tutorial showing how to do it: the edges of the inside of that circle, going all the way around. So really, you're just ladder stitching something kind of like the inside hole of a doughnut. Then you can simply slip the horn right through the hole, and if you want, you can sew the edges of the hole to the sides of the horn to make sure that the forelock won't ride up the horn, and that it will stay flat against the head. 

Anyway, hope that helps a little bit! And don't worry about it looking goofy - the ladder stitching part can be tricky, but once it's up against the horn, it will be difficult to notice any mistakes. :)
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