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Draw The Party by mlpNumberCrunch Draw The Party :iconmlpnumbercrunch:mlpNumberCrunch 0 0
Plushie!England x Reader 2: Trapped
Plushie!England x Reader 2: Trapped
It had been a few weeks since your plush roommate came to stay with you, and the two of you were getting along just fine. You went to school, Arthur did… whatever living plushies did, and then you'd spend the rest of the night together. But today, something was different.
"Arthur?" you called. He wasn't sitting in the window today, oddly. You looked around the house, calling his name. Just as you were about to give up, you heard a voice.
"______? _____, where are you?" Arthur's voice replied. He sounded scared, as if something was wrong.
"I'm in the living room! Where are you?" you asked worriedly.
"I'm in your room! Help!" he answered.
When you got up there, everything seemed normal… except for the fact that your bulb-gripping lampshade was on the floor. "Arthur?!" you called again. The lampshade started to move when you called him.
"I'm under the lampshade, _______. The bulb grip trapped my ankle, and when I tried to pull myself free, the sh
:iconmlpnumbercrunch:mlpNumberCrunch 1 2
England x Reader: Wish Upon a Star
LivingPlushie!England x Reader: Everyday Adventures
Chapter 1 :Wish Upon a Star
After your parent's deaths, you lived alone. Thanks to your obsession with Hetalia, you were nearly friendless, too. One night you stood on your porch, your Arthur Kirkland plushie in hand, and you wished upon a shooting star.
"I wish I had a friend," you whispered to it. The plushie in your hands felt warm for a second, but you didn't think too much of it. Going back inside, you sighed a bit at the picture of your parents.
(Later that night….)
"_____?" a British voice called.
You jumped. Who said that? You were the only one in the apartment, except for… No, that was impossible. A plushie couldn't talk! As the voice called your name again, your (e/c) eyes snapped open. The plushie appeared to be breathing.
"____, I've been waiting for you to wake up," it said, covering its ears as you screamed.
"Who… who are you?" you asked softly.
"I'm Arthur Kirkland, or England, of course. And you're _____
:iconmlpnumbercrunch:mlpNumberCrunch 3 2
Me at Disney World by mlpNumberCrunch Me at Disney World :iconmlpnumbercrunch:mlpNumberCrunch 0 1
19. Tears
19. Tears
Raj sighed. He was incredibly depressed, and he didn't know why.  The tears fell onto the sidewalk as he sat on a bench.
"Hey, Raj. What's the matter?" a familiar voice asked. Raj looked up into the eyes of Howard Wolowitz, the man he wanted to be with more than anything in the world.
"You'll think it's stupid," Raj sighed, finally figured out what was hurting him so. Tears rolled down his cheeks as he spoke. His pain and depression was caused by Bernadette, the squeaky-voiced man-stealer. He wanted to punch something.
"Come on, Raj! I listened to your drug-fueled rant about being the Rabbit King, and I pay full attention to your ruminations on small details in comic books. Nothing you say is stupid," Howard said reassuringly, sitting next to Raj.
"OK, you win. I'll tell you. Howard, I want you to be mine. I've never been surer of anything, ever," Raj said, sobbing a little.
"But, buddy, why are you… oh. I understand. Bernadette, right?" Howard asked. His heart
:iconmlpnumbercrunch:mlpNumberCrunch 0 2
27. Lost and Found
                                27. Lost and Found
Howard looked at his calendar. Today, the game he had pre-ordered was coming in, and he had to go into the heart of the city to get it.
"Why don't we go together, you know, make a date of it?" Raj suggested. He was always looking for an excuse to go somewhere with Howard.  This was the perfect one! The hustle and bustle of the city, the slight chill in the air, it sounded wonderful.
"Sure! I'll warm up the scooter, then we can get going," Howard said. He kissed Raj on the cheek, then walked out the door.
"This'll be great, dude!" Raj said excitedly, hopping on the back of the scooter. He put on his helmet and waited to go.
After a little while, the two men were in the city. "Let's head to GameStop first, then we can go do whatever you'd like," Howard said sweetly. He p
:iconmlpnumbercrunch:mlpNumberCrunch 0 0
1. Introductions
   (A/N: Sorry if this has already been done on the show. I just needed something for the theme.)
Rajesh Koothrappali was lost in thought, remembering the day he had first met his best friend, Howard Wolowitz…
"Everyone, let's give a warm welcome to Rajesh Koothrappali!" a voice had said. There was half-hearted, scattered applause, but it was short-lived. At lunchtime, in the cafeteria, he was forced to sit alone. As he slowly ate his lunch, thinking how this reminded him of high school, he heard a voice. "Hey. You there? Hello?" someone called.
"Oh. Hello there," Raj said, looking up shyly. A short man with a strange bowl haircut looked at him.
"Can I sit here? Or are you saving this spot for someone?" the stranger asked.
"You can sit. No one wants to sit with me…" Raj replied sadly.
"Sorry. I forgot to introduce myself this morning. My name's Howard. Howard Wolowitz," the other man said.
Raj nodded politely, shakin
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Random Favourites

Born of Snow
        When I first learned there was a young life stirring inside ______, I was consumed with mixed emotions. Worry and joy fought the most for dominance. Questions swirled inside my head as the idea of fatherhood slowly sunk in. Could I really raise a child? Would the baby be able to love me despite the darkness that shrouds my past? Can a monster really bring a new life into the world?
        Sitting in my favorite chair, I watched the fire blaze inside the hearth. Although on the outside I was utterly calm, on the inside I was nearly panicking.
        "Is this really happening? Can I really be a father?" I wondered.
        Despite my concerns, there was no doubt about my love for ______. Being able to bypass my intimidating size and reputation, ______ was the first person to really see me for my true form and accept me.
:iconravensongforever:RavensongForever 171 71
yipyipyipyipyipyipyip by artist-black yipyipyipyipyipyipyip :iconartist-black:artist-black 3,819 483
Monsuno Dream Fic: Dax
I watched him from far away. The guy was a new student here, but it seems everyone knew who he was already. This guy was just…different. Longish dreaded hair, intense eyes, and what seemed like not a fear of anything. I remember him coming into home room and sitting next to me.
"Hey there," he said. I gave a soft yelp and looked at him. "Sorry there, mate. Didn't mean to scare ya."
"I-it's ok," I assured him. I wasn't used to talking to people. They thought I was weird and depressed all the time. Things just got worse when fewer and fewer people seemed to care.
The new guy held his hand out offering for me to shake it. "I'm Dax," he said. "And you are…?"
I shakily put my small, pale hand into his bigger, dark skinned one. "I-I'm, Kayley," was all I could manage to get out.
"Whelp, then nice to meet you, Sweetie," Dax said with a big grin on his face. I could feel my face burning. No guy has ever called me that before. Dax looked at the sheet of notebook paper in front of me.
:icongeekwayne:GeekWayne 2 40
Shark Lovins by GeekWayne Shark Lovins :icongeekwayne:GeekWayne 8 24
Dax's Stomach Ache
Dax plopped down next to Jinja. The teen was grumbling angrily, a look of pain scrunching up his face. Jinja looked up at him slightly irked. She was enjoying herself right now. Beyal had fallen asleep against her. The monk's head rested on her shoulder. Jinja had been enjoying being so close to her crush, but now Dax had to come over and ruin it.
"What is it, Dax?" growled Jinja.
"I…I think…I ate too much," moaned Dax.
"Well whose fault is that?"
"Mine, but please Princess, help me feel better." Dax tried to get closer, but Jinja held her hand up.
"Sorry Dax, I don't want to wake up Beyal."
Sadness streaked across Dax's face. "But Princess, I hurt very badly."
Jinja scanned across the campsite. "Umm…How about Rose? She looks like she's doing nothing important."
Dax looked at the girl. She was just sitting looking up at the sky. Her eyes were hazy as if she were zoned out. "What is she even doing?"
"Probably day dreaming about you. Go over there. I'll bet she can fix you
:icongeekwayne:GeekWayne 11 32
Come here :D by Mezamero Come here :D :iconmezamero:Mezamero 8,117 754 Kentucky Fried Scootaloo by procaballus Kentucky Fried Scootaloo :iconprocaballus:procaballus 269 84 Stomach Rubs by GeekWayne Stomach Rubs :icongeekwayne:GeekWayne 8 105 IX- Melodious Nocturne by albinoshadow IX- Melodious Nocturne :iconalbinoshadow:albinoshadow 37 17 Me, Paul, Kym and Ryan of Celtic Thunder by Suitcliff-Ohara Me, Paul, Kym and Ryan of Celtic Thunder :iconsuitcliff-ohara:Suitcliff-Ohara 1 2
Frozen Love Part 1: Blizzards and Slings
The blizzard had just ended, and Chloe Masterson was on her couch. Her white hair was messier than usual, and her blue eyes had a pained look. The girl's right arm was in a sling. She had broken it by falling on ice. Having such delicate bones, it had shattered upon impact. Unfortunately, with her arm in such a condition, she was unable to shovel her driveway. As such, she was trapped in her house.
Luckily, Chloe's best friend, Luna Cromwell, was about to call. She was worried about Chloe after the blizzard. She dialed her friend's number, twirling a strand of her red hair nervously.
Chloe moaned softly. She needed help, but no one could get to her. The phone rang, and she reached over with her good hand. "Hello...?"
"Hey, Chloe. How are you? I wanted to make sure you were OK after last night's storm," Luna said.
"Not too good. Remember how I fell and broke my arm last week? I can't shovel my driveway now, and I'm kinda stranded," Chloe explained sadly.
"Oh, damn. That's not good..." L
:iconsuitcliff-ohara:Suitcliff-Ohara 1 0
Chloe 2 ~*Updated*~ by Suitcliff-Ohara Chloe 2 ~*Updated*~ :iconsuitcliff-ohara:Suitcliff-Ohara 2 15 Are You Ready For The Summer by thedarklordkeisha Are You Ready For The Summer :iconthedarklordkeisha:thedarklordkeisha 481 100 Frozen Love Cover Art by Suitcliff-Ohara Frozen Love Cover Art :iconsuitcliff-ohara:Suitcliff-Ohara 1 1
Russia x Reader - Special Sunflowers
The bright yellow color of the sunflowers always brought so much delight to you, you didn't regret starting such a store in a rather cold area like this, it was quite successfull after all. You really didn't have trouble to get your stockings to the store either, you knew a very nice company that sold them and brought them over to you for cheap prices.
You didn't only sell sunflowers, but those were definitely the most popular in town. The bright yellow color usuall stood out from the various of others you had around, and you actually liked that. You just happened to be busying yourself with cleaning the store when a well known customer of yours came in, it had been like a lucky strike since he came in the first day you had opened the place.
"Good day to you, Ivan~" You happily greeted the Russian as his purple eyes curiously scanned the contents of your store, he always brought his warm smile along with him which brightened you up a lot as well.
"Da, it's nice to see you again, ______
:iconlemmingx3:Lemmingx3 862 283


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