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Draw The Party by mlpNumberCrunch Draw The Party :iconmlpnumbercrunch:mlpNumberCrunch 0 0
Plushie!England x Reader 2: Trapped
Plushie!England x Reader 2: Trapped
It had been a few weeks since your plush roommate came to stay with you, and the two of you were getting along just fine. You went to school, Arthur didů whatever living plushies did, and then you'd spend the rest of the night together. But today, something was different.
"Arthur?" you called. He wasn't sitting in the window today, oddly. You looked around the house, calling his name. Just as you were about to give up, you heard a voice.
"______? _____, where are you?" Arthur's voice replied. He sounded scared, as if something was wrong.
"I'm in the living room! Where are you?" you asked worriedly.
"I'm in your room! Help!" he answered.
When you got up there, everything seemed normalů except for the fact that your bulb-gripping lampshade was on the floor. "Arthur?!" you called again. The lampshade started to move when you called him.
"I'm under the lampshade, _______. The bulb grip trapped my ankle, and when I tried to pull myself free, the sh
:iconmlpnumbercrunch:mlpNumberCrunch 1 2
England x Reader: Wish Upon a Star
LivingPlushie!England x Reader: Everyday Adventures
Chapter 1 :Wish Upon a Star
After your parent's deaths, you lived alone. Thanks to your obsession with Hetalia, you were nearly friendless, too. One night you stood on your porch, your Arthur Kirkland plushie in hand, and you wished upon a shooting star.
"I wish I had a friend," you whispered to it. The plushie in your hands felt warm for a second, but you didn't think too much of it. Going back inside, you sighed a bit at the picture of your parents.
(Later that night….)
"_____?" a British voice called.
You jumped. Who said that? You were the only one in the apartment, except for… No, that was impossible. A plushie couldn't talk! As the voice called your name again, your (e/c) eyes snapped open. The plushie appeared to be breathing.
"____, I've been waiting for you to wake up," it said, covering its ears as you screamed.
"Who… who are you?" you asked softly.
"I'm Arthur Kirkland, or England, of course. And you're _____
:iconmlpnumbercrunch:mlpNumberCrunch 2 2
Me at Disney World by mlpNumberCrunch Me at Disney World :iconmlpnumbercrunch:mlpNumberCrunch 0 1
19. Tears
19. Tears
Raj sighed. He was incredibly depressed, and he didn't know why.  The tears fell onto the sidewalk as he sat on a bench.
"Hey, Raj. What's the matter?" a familiar voice asked. Raj looked up into the eyes of Howard Wolowitz, the man he wanted to be with more than anything in the world.
"You'll think it's stupid," Raj sighed, finally figured out what was hurting him so. Tears rolled down his cheeks as he spoke. His pain and depression was caused by Bernadette, the squeaky-voiced man-stealer. He wanted to punch something.
"Come on, Raj! I listened to your drug-fueled rant about being the Rabbit King, and I pay full attention to your ruminations on small details in comic books. Nothing you say is stupid," Howard said reassuringly, sitting next to Raj.
"OK, you win. I'll tell you. Howard, I want you to be mine. I've never been surer of anything, ever," Raj said, sobbing a little.
"But, buddy, why are you… oh. I understand. Bernadette, right?" Howard asked. His heart
:iconmlpnumbercrunch:mlpNumberCrunch 0 2
27. Lost and Found
                                27. Lost and Found
Howard looked at his calendar. Today, the game he had pre-ordered was coming in, and he had to go into the heart of the city to get it.
"Why don't we go together, you know, make a date of it?" Raj suggested. He was always looking for an excuse to go somewhere with Howard.  This was the perfect one! The hustle and bustle of the city, the slight chill in the air, it sounded wonderful.
"Sure! I'll warm up the scooter, then we can get going," Howard said. He kissed Raj on the cheek, then walked out the door.
"This'll be great, dude!" Raj said excitedly, hopping on the back of the scooter. He put on his helmet and waited to go.
After a little while, the two men were in the city. "Let's head to GameStop first, then we can go do whatever you'd like," Howard said sweetly. He p
:iconmlpnumbercrunch:mlpNumberCrunch 0 0
1. Introductions
   (A/N: Sorry if this has already been done on the show. I just needed something for the theme.)
Rajesh Koothrappali was lost in thought, remembering the day he had first met his best friend, Howard Wolowitz…
"Everyone, let's give a warm welcome to Rajesh Koothrappali!" a voice had said. There was half-hearted, scattered applause, but it was short-lived. At lunchtime, in the cafeteria, he was forced to sit alone. As he slowly ate his lunch, thinking how this reminded him of high school, he heard a voice. "Hey. You there? Hello?" someone called.
"Oh. Hello there," Raj said, looking up shyly. A short man with a strange bowl haircut looked at him.
"Can I sit here? Or are you saving this spot for someone?" the stranger asked.
"You can sit. No one wants to sit with me…" Raj replied sadly.
"Sorry. I forgot to introduce myself this morning. My name's Howard. Howard Wolowitz," the other man said.
Raj nodded politely, shakin
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Random Favourites

Russia x Reader : Parachute
Why Did Russia Jump?
Ivan Braginsky (Russia) broke his back yesterday because he jumped out of a plane without a parachute. The big question is : "Why did he jump?" According to Yao Wang (China), Mr Braginsky said the snow would break his fall because it was soft. Aparently, when Mr Wang advised against jumping, Mr Braginsky said "I'm Russian, I know everything about snow!". At this moment in time, Mr Braginsky is currently unconscious in hospital, and we are awaiting his comment on this bizarre event

You put the newspaper down, sighing sadly as you looked at Ivan. He looked so peaceful as he slept in the hospital bed. The doctor said he was lucky to be alive ... his sisters were both very upset and the Baltic States both looked very concerned. Besides them and yourself, there were no other visitors
"Oh, my poor little Brother ..." Katyusha wailed, crying heavily
"Why would he jump out of a plane without a parachute?" Eduard asked, scratching his head
"Beats me" Toris mum
:iconswiftninja91:SwiftNinja91 437 138
UnderCover Mouse Prolouge 'The Raven'
It was a stormy night on Baker Street. Dawson was sitting in his chair, finishing up his account of their first case together, and the end of the Napoleon of crime.
"Basil, I say... Are you quite alright?" He asked, curious and quite concerned, "You've been acting strangely ever since we managed to put an end to Ratigan's scheme?"
The detective glanced up distractedly, "What was that, old chap?" He asked, seeming not to have heard a word Dawson was saying. Then, slowly, he nodded, "Yes, yes... Quite alright." He murmured, eyes returning to the fire dejectedly.
Despite his words the doctor noticed he did not look 'fine' in the least. "Basil, I know you better than that." He asserted, setting his journal aside, "You're, dare I say it, bored. You almost regret having finally stopped him, because you miss the thrill of the chase."
Basil managed a slight smile in response, "Perhaps so, Dawson, Perhaps so..." He offered, eyes returning to the fireplace. This time settling on the mantle, and
:iconsuitcliff-ohara:Suitcliff-Ohara 7 1
Brohoof by saturnspace Brohoof :iconsaturnspace:saturnspace 3,171 372 Soft Kitty by Petit-J Soft Kitty :iconpetit-j:Petit-J 2,017 477
We are Lost: GerIta
Dear Diary,
   I still don't quite understand Italy Venenziano. He is a strange man, with strange ideals.. I really wish I knew how the world looked through his eyes, but, I guess that might always be an impossibility.
"Italy! Hurry it up!"
"S- si Germany..."
   The Italian was huffing, it was obvious he wasn't one for hiking, but the German man didn't care, they were making good time this way, they'd probably be back before Japan finished dinner. They were on this hike to do more training, the only reason Japan had stayed back was the cooking of certain foods, with the fear of the house potentially setting fire. Germany figured training might be a bit more challenging in different terrain, and, it would help build better stamina.
"Keep up!"
"O-oka... ooh.."
   Something sparkling suddenly caught Italy's eyes, he stepped out of the trail to pursue it, and Ludwig didn't notice. It was a marble... no.. a trail of marbles? One consistent
:iconpokefox:PokeFox 175 22
Joyeux Anniversaire
It was the big day, France's birthday. She had been planning it for weeks, working at it whenever she had the chance, she made sure to invite everyone, especially his two best friends, Antonio and Gilbert. She wore her favorite emerald one-shoulder dress that hung just below her knees. Her house was filled with everything France loved, music, and the smell of roses, plenty of wine. She had made sure this night would be unforgettable; she even had a special cake she had built herself. She just had to finish it once it came out of the oven.
Her hair was back in a braided bun out of her face and she smiled as she heard Toni giving the signal that her best friend in this world was about to walk in. She wondered if maybe tonight she would tell him how she felt; she had long since fallen head over the heels for the wonderful Frenchmen but had always been to afraid of losing his friendship, or worse losing him completely. She pushed the thoughts aside and hid with everyone, smiling softly to
:iconsuitcliff-ohara:Suitcliff-Ohara 6 2
SURPRISE! - Updated by Atmospark SURPRISE! - Updated :iconatmospark:Atmospark 536 78
L is for the way you look at me
The words rang through the stereo of Luna Cromwell's dark green mustang convertible, her bright red hair was hanging naturally aside from some of it being pulled back in a small ponytail out of her face, her emerald eyes bright as she drove and sang along to Natalie Cole's cover version of her father, Nat King Cole's hit 'L-O-V-E' as she drove down the street to the Bonnefoy home, she dusted off her emerald tank top and white skirt somewhat nervously.. A natural re-action whenever she was here, she wanted to make sure she looked her best when she came here.. Although she was coming over because her younger sister Mairead Cromwell had become very good friends with Matthew, as they went to school together.. Luna chuckled softly as she watched the pair chatter between themselves about different things like sports and what happened at school that day, a soft coy grin played on her face however as she noticed Mattie's hand brushing slightly against Mai's and
:iconsuitcliff-ohara:Suitcliff-Ohara 4 8
Beware of the BAZINGA 1 by deanfenechanimations Beware of the BAZINGA 1 :icondeanfenechanimations:deanfenechanimations 45 17 Big Bang Pony by Fembot13 Big Bang Pony :iconfembot13:Fembot13 116 38 Brain Systems That Cause Love...Shamy by RobinKyoPrincess Brain Systems That Cause Love...Shamy :iconrobinkyoprincess:RobinKyoPrincess 12 12 Raj Plushie by cubosabio Raj Plushie :iconcubosabio:cubosabio 6 4 BBT Sheldon Cooper Dress up by MorphicLunatic BBT Sheldon Cooper Dress up :iconmorphiclunatic:MorphicLunatic 122 78 Ballpit Shenanigans by BehindtheVeil Ballpit Shenanigans :iconbehindtheveil:BehindtheVeil 3,145 382 TBBT- Sheldon+Amy by innera TBBT- Sheldon+Amy :iconinnera:innera 830 94


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