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MLPMinis - Clash of Realities set 1

This is the first set for a turn based strategy game/miniatures game that is similar in style to miniature wargames like Warhammer 40k, Necromunda, and Warmachine/Hordes. The characters' statistics and talents are represented by profile cards featuring art (used with permission) by some of the best artists in the fandom. Currently the game is playable over LackeyCCG as a plugin. But I am looking for help to turn it into a standalone game (possibly with sprites or models to represent the characters on the board).

The theme of the game is a clash between the various realities of Equestria, such as Equestria: Total War (Equestria-Prevails' art), Fallout: Equestria, and various other visions of Equestria our fandom has created. The first set of cards is complete and mostly balanced after extensive playtesting. The next sets will also feature an option to allow players to request to have their OC's in the game (as long as they have a picture that suits the art style of the game), and have it made into a card.

This is the first set of cards that is now complete (unless if balance issues become apparent), all art belongs to their respective owners and is used with permission.
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How do I install the game?
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Ok, tbh, I loath card games because I'll get way too into them, spend a ton of money forming a decent deck, then have like, no one to play with but, I always enjoy the artworks... now, that being said I am just straight-up MIND-BLOWN at the art for these cards I understand you didn't create all of these but, I still feel like I have to acknowledge how impressed I am at the incontrovertible amount of effort you've put into designing all these cards and even going so far as to play test them for balance. I'm just.. *face implodes* ya'know?
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So where do you play it. I wanna play it so bad!!
Great job. I already played 1st version with my friend, that was awesome!
Can I have all cards from this set separately? I want print them for comfortable game.
I was wondering if you were planning to also implement characters and and the mane 6 variations of the fan fiction The Immortal Game. I would love to have a few bladecasters that way I could do more than 1 melee damage with unicorns.
How long does it take to make a complete set? 65 cards per set, I guess it take like few weeks or so, huh?
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I think the preliminary version of this set took about four days to produce but took some time to playtest to balance it to its current stage
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Will the Alicorns be added? And will there be variations of the same pony (different image, different skills) ? It looks very interesting to play.
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Thanks :3 If you're interested in playing add me on skype under my handle Zooty.Snowpaw and be added to the skype group of players :aww:
Damn, my friends and I were playing this on tabletop for like 3 weeks. We had to ban certain cards that were insanely overpowered, but this version looks like you fixed most of the balance issues. Can't wait to play it, keep up the amazing work.
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Thanks :aww: I'm aware the first version was very imbalanced, especially some cards like Trixie, Inkheart, etc. but testplaying has remedied most of these issues :3
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