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MLPMinis - Clash of Realities Rulebook v1.2

MLP - Clash of Realities is a turn based strategy game/miniatures game that is similar in style to miniature wargames like Warhammer 40k, Necromunda, and Warmachine/Hordes. The characters' statistics and talents are represented by profile cards featuring art (used with permission) by some of the best artists in the fandom. Currently the game is playable over LackeyCCG as a plugin but I am looking for help to turn it into a standalone game (possibly with sprites or models to represent the characters on the board).

The theme of the game is a clash between the various realities of Equestria, such as Equestria: Total War (Equestria-Prevails' art), Fallout: Equestria, and various other visions of Equestria our fandom has created. The first set of cards is complete and mostly balanced after extensive playtesting. The next sets will also feature an option to allow players to request to have their OC's in the game (as long as they have a picture that suits the art style of the game), and have it made into a card.
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is there a version for Mac os x
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Shouldn't fluttershy's stare be a suppression attack instead of just a normal ranged one?
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yay a rule book xD and love the Fighting Is Magic pic lol
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Mmkay, I definitely want to play this game.
All of those blind bag ponies won't just sit there gathering dust!

The rules are kinda fuzzy to me, so I'm gonna list stuff as I think you intend. Please correct me if I'm wrong.
Or just totally ignore this, as it is a really long post!

The number next to the damage is the number of attacks that are made whenever an attack is declared. All attacks made by one pony must be made against only one other pony. All damage is dealt one point at a time.

The turn order works like this:

Player A:
-Pony 1's turn
*pony 1 moves
*pony 1 performs an action
*pony 1 attacks or performs a combat action
-Pony 2's turn
*pony 2 moves
*pony 2 performs an action
*pony 2 attacks or performs a combat action
Player B
-Pony 3's turn
*pony 3 moves
*pony 3 performs an action
*pony 3 attacks or performs a combat action
-Pony 4's turn
*pony 4 moves
*pony 4 performs an action
*pony 4 attacks or performs a combat action

Movement through terrain incurs no movement penalty. (for the sake of streamlining?)

Pegasi can come in as reinforcements, but only on the side. They cannot arrive in the middle of the map. (to prevent OP pegasi?) No other race can come in this way. (Kinda weird. . .)

And, as always, the effects of a card supersede the base rules of the game.

All in all, this seems like a great game! I think that playing it IRL will be more fun than using the program, though.
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Oooh... this looks really cool, friend!
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Good sir you are a god. Although I may have to wait for the standalone as I am not quite sure how to go about this... just yet.
Also, I fear I could lose my life to this.
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Aww thank you :3 If you are intimidated with how to set it up, There's a visual guide on how to set it up :aww: If you have a pc all you really have to do is download and extract it somewhere and everything's set up for you, it's just a matter of navigating the deck editor, loading decks, and using the buttons to roll dice or track damage.
I think this looks very cool, but I just have a few question which should be answered in the guide, so I'm going to ask some obvious (and not so obvious) questions that need to be adressed.

-What kinds of dice are used? d20? d10? d12? I would assume d20 (how else are you going to roll a 16), but then what about ponies who only do d4 or d6 damage? How are they gong to hit any of the bulky ponies (or is that the point)? For people not in the know, d# refers to how many sides the die has so d6 is a standard cube shaped six sided die.

-The rules say that the number beside the attack reperesent how many dice are used (except on range, because the first number represents how many spaces away etc etc, you only need to say it once under "how range attacks work"). However both of Derpy's attacks have d4 or d6.
So assuming that the dice values on the attack are the dice that are used an attack could go something like this:
1) Derpy Hooves uses Muffin Barrage on Private Pansy who is 2 squares away.
2) I roll a d4 and get a result of 3, but I add Derpy's +2 for deploying this turn making an attack of 5
3) Derpy's 5 damage minus Pansy's 8 defence means that she takes no damage from this attack
Is this correct?

- when a 16 or higher is rolled damage is dealt regardless of modifiers; what is meant by that? Can one ponies defense simply not go higher than 16? If a 16 or higher is rolled do modifiers get ignored for damage? are damage and "to hit" rolled separate similar to D&D?

-what kind of board is this game played on? It's insinuated that there are at least 4 sides, but it could be in squares or hexes. Will there be per-made maps? can the maps take erratic shapes? (looking back, the explanation for TROT states the number of "hexes" that a pony can move, but this should not be something people have to dig for or infer, so my question stands)

-What constitutes terrain? Is it already decided on via the map? Can flying creatures (pegusi, griffons, dragons with wings) "gallop" over/through terrain?

-Do ALL of your ponies have to move before you end you turn? How long does a move usually take?

-what is the typical number of ponies on one team? Does my team have to EXACTLY equal the total cost, or can it be less? Can I only have one leader (this one is an obvious no, but still needs to be addressed in the rules)

-Is this a TGC style game, or are all cards available to everyone from the start?

-How does one go about keeping track of each pony's health?

-What happens if I have more ponies than spaces to place them on my side of the board (or will that not be a problem? again, explain what the battle field will look like)

Please consider what I have said, and I hope that this doesn't come across as rude. I really would like to see this succeed hopefully this will help to make the rules as clear as possible.
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To address your points:

You can only have ten ponies in a herd and the board is a 12x12 hex grid
You can keep track of health either through dice or through lackeyccg (the intended program to play this on) and it has mark and heal damage functions that show next to the card on the board how much damage it's taken.
The cards are all available to everyone from the start, you don't play to open boosters or anything like that
You can be less than the points limit if you need to be (maybe you really want to use a 1 cost pony over a 2 cost one), and can only have one leader
All your ponies can activate (move and attack) in a turn, you don't have to do anything with a pony but it's usually best to. A turn with knowledgeable players on lackey ccg will usually take a minute or less in the testplay games.
Terrain is represented by 'tree' and bush cards that you add to your deck using the deck editor in Lackeyccg. both players put six of them on the board in any way they like at the start of the game (or one player determines how it should be set up and symmetrical on both sides), you're in terrain if you're on top of it or if someone is shooting through it to get to you.
There is a proper 12x12 hex grid that's included in the lackeyccg plugin and client bundle. I'll upload it next.
Damage works like this: say if Octavia attacks Fluttershy. Octavia has DMG: 3 (shown on her card), and fluttershy has DEF 11. You would roll 3 d20's, and would deal 1 point of damage for each dice roll that's over 11 (12 in this case). There is no "to hit" "to wound" roll. Just one set of dice are rolled. Something that says "d6 or d4" damage instead of a normal number means that you roll to determine how many dice you roll every time it attacks.
16 or higher means that there are some cases where a pony might be really hard to damage: if Big Mac was engaged and in cover, his DEF would be 18, making it very hard to hit him. Some ponies could potentially go up to 20 DEF through boosts. So because of this, any dice roll of 16 or higher succeeds in dealing one point of damage.

Hopefully this clears a bunch of things up :aww:
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Ah, that is not explained in the rules I think, what d4 or d6 damage means. Good to know. I also wasn't aware you roll a d20 for damage, although I probably would have had I any experience in tabletop wargames (I have none).

Star Flare's card says for damage 2/0. What does that mean then?

If a pony has two attacks (Screw Loose for example) do you use both or do you choose one?

I'm also a bit confused about Fleur's card. You may roll d3 damage instead of rolling a damage dice? So that means that d3 roll is actual damage, not the number of d20's you roll?
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Star Flare's card is an error I sadly overlooked, in the older version characters had a Modifier to your opponent's defence when they attacked showing how powerful their attack was but was a really powerful and sometimes confusing mechanic so I removed it, just disregard that and it will be fixed in the next version =P

For some ponies like screw loose, you only use one of the attacks.
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Oh, and if you reroll one attack roll, does that mean one of the dice you used in an attack roll, or are you forced to roll every dice again?
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Thanks. One quick question about Cheerilee. The +1 Damage boost she can give twice per game, is that a permanent one? I ask because the card says it disappears after Cheerilee gets KO'd and we already have Final Scratch who does the same, only I assume that one is not permanent.

If Cheerilee's boost is permanent, what happens if she gets KO'd, and you have Rose Wine in your deck? It says you can replace Rose Wine with a card in your KO pile. If you put Cheerilee back that way, would her boost(s) return as well?
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Cheerilees damage boost is permanent until she OS ko'd, if she is returned to play those boosts don't return with her
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This is going to be awesome. I might have to pull out my Heroscape stuff to play IRL...
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I'll be uploading the grid that this game is played on and some instructions on how to make your own physical copy of the game
If it will happen that I'll "upgrade" this game somehow with your instructions about physical copy, then I'll FULLY credit you ^.^
Also, how many decks are ya plannin' on making?
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As far as decks go, players only make a herd out of ten or less ponies adding up to 15 points (+ whatever their leader gives them) so there are many combinations from this small card pool :3 Future sets if this game attracts enough attention (either through the online version, people saying that they're playing and sharing their experiences with it, comments, etc.) will include characters such as Doctor Adorable and the cast from Fallout Equestria and its spinoffs
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I want Mr. Topaz, or whatever his name was. : P
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I look forward to playing this way too much.
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There's an online version as my latest deviation that you can use to download and play online, and join a skype group to chat with other players
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