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Hand-Drawn and Colored
Dawning Glide by MLPhistorian Goldendust by MLPhistorian  Beata by MLPhistorian

Hand-drawn ~ Ponies, Animals, Anthros
Coloring Options
- colored pencils + inversion coloring - (optional)
- highlighters
- greyscale colored

(Contact me through note for commission, or any questions)

Newest Deviations

Two of four by MLPhistorian Two of four :iconmlphistorian:MLPhistorian 1 5 Twins x 2 by MLPhistorian Twins x 2 :iconmlphistorian:MLPhistorian 2 0 The three babies by MLPhistorian The three babies :iconmlphistorian:MLPhistorian 3 0 Tia and Rocket by MLPhistorian Tia and Rocket :iconmlphistorian:MLPhistorian 2 0 Twins by MLPhistorian Twins :iconmlphistorian:MLPhistorian 2 0 Doodl by MLPhistorian Doodl :iconmlphistorian:MLPhistorian 5 1 Ferncloud by MLPhistorian Ferncloud :iconmlphistorian:MLPhistorian 2 0 Nephthys the Desert Rose by MLPhistorian Nephthys the Desert Rose :iconmlphistorian:MLPhistorian 1 0 Blossomforth and Junebei by MLPhistorian Blossomforth and Junebei :iconmlphistorian:MLPhistorian 1 0 Casey by MLPhistorian Casey :iconmlphistorian:MLPhistorian 2 0 Bloop! by MLPhistorian Bloop! :iconmlphistorian:MLPhistorian 5 0 Willow's Song of Salvation by MLPhistorian Willow's Song of Salvation :iconmlphistorian:MLPhistorian 2 2 Pear by MLPhistorian Pear :iconmlphistorian:MLPhistorian 0 0 Stardazzle an peeps by MLPhistorian Stardazzle an peeps :iconmlphistorian:MLPhistorian 1 0 Birthday pone by MLPhistorian Birthday pone :iconmlphistorian:MLPhistorian 1 18 Happy New Year! by MLPhistorian Happy New Year! :iconmlphistorian:MLPhistorian 1 3


Commission: Rose Quartz Sculpture by Arnne Commission: Rose Quartz Sculpture :iconarnne:Arnne 131 9 Flamingo Pin up by flamekitty123 Flamingo Pin up :iconflamekitty123:flamekitty123 22 2 New Hero outfit by flamekitty123 New Hero outfit :iconflamekitty123:flamekitty123 16 2 Pink Diamond by MagicaJaph Pink Diamond :iconmagicajaph:MagicaJaph 50 0 Pink Diamond by White-Starcloud Pink Diamond :iconwhite-starcloud:White-Starcloud 467 30 pink diamond  by nikoyosan pink diamond :iconnikoyosan:nikoyosan 172 5 Pink Diamond by kianamai Pink Diamond :iconkianamai:kianamai 3,233 64 F2U Pink Diamond Pagedoll by engare F2U Pink Diamond Pagedoll :iconengare:engare 997 11 Pink Diamond by Nasuki100 Pink Diamond :iconnasuki100:Nasuki100 748 11
Just an Update :)
Alright everyone, right now I am trying to get caught up on all of my art I have to do.
Commissions and Art Trades will be open until March 12th, after that I will be closing them until I get everything caught up, also I will be changing my prices after that as well. So if you want to reserve yourself a spot send me a note and we can chat :)
If you are already on the list don't worry I am working on it, I've been a bit slow at getting to them just because of work and having to deal with my car... But if you feel like you need an update on where I am just send me a note and I will be more then happy to show you :)
On a side note, I am also working on getting ref sheets done for a lot of my characters :) but I have a ton of them.... 74 to be exact.....haha
I have so many because I don't want to part with them...
My main OC Nova Frost Vector (Haha forget the vector part because its a link...) will be getting a few make
:iconninjashorty:NinjaShorty 3 20
Banana moon by Otterlore Banana moon :iconotterlore:Otterlore 9 0 Camouflaged Bunny by Otterlore Camouflaged Bunny :iconotterlore:Otterlore 11 6 Say Geronimo by sherwoodwhisper Say Geronimo :iconsherwoodwhisper:sherwoodwhisper 156 13 Pumpkin Ballerina by Otterlore Pumpkin Ballerina :iconotterlore:Otterlore 12 4 Dawning Glide Ref Sheet by NinjaShorty Dawning Glide Ref Sheet :iconninjashorty:NinjaShorty 4 3 Gathering of the Whitewood by BJPentecost Gathering of the Whitewood :iconbjpentecost:BJPentecost 837 141
Wowie zowie zippy powie friends!
I hope you're all doing fantastic!
Lots of love to all even if I'm barely active here anymore. 
Tooo much work and school.
Update on work:
Now a Inventory Coordinator for 2 stores of over 6000 items and more. 
Flower arranger + gift basket maker still.
As well as the backup home delivery coordinator. Oof!
Update on school:
Got my Associates in Arts! (yeeee!!)
Going in for my Bachelor's in the fall!
Hopefully I'll make up for lost time over the summer.


MLPhistorian's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
Otherwise gone by SpectrumDescent. This DA is particularly full of ponies, although I draw things across wide platforms of media.


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(Very Late) OC Request: Rainbow Sparkles sprite by IronwoodAKACleanser <-- I am Rainbow Sparkles

comission for MLPhistorian by SilvarEnO



My Lova! (coolest bud) :iconlove-remedy:

Earth Science Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Palaeontology Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Vintage Stamp by Kezzi-Rose
Inspiration Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Dreams Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Unown Stamp by Kezzi-Rose
Brightest Crayon Stamp by Kezzi-Rose

Luna Stamp by moonprincessluna Princess Celestia Stamp Animated by moonprincessluna Princess Luna Stamp by jewlecho Luna? I am... Nightmare Moon! by Marlenesstamps

Animal Crossing Love Stamp by smileystamps I heart Animal Crossing by ClefairyKid Animal Crossing WW Stamp by Sky-Yoshi Animal Crossing Stamp by Stampsandcrap

Warcraft Lore Lover by iria2k Fishing by Jinze Well Fed Stamp by The-Warcraft-Legion WoW: Worgen stamp by RealmKnight WoW - Worgen Love Stamp by Ragthorn Derp Garrosh Stamp by Hamstalady Heal stamp blank by P-3a WoW : I swing both ways by TigerBun Green Dragonflight Stamp by Emerald-Saradine Black Dragonflight Stamp by Emerald-Saradine Infinite Dragonflight Stamp by Emerald-Saradine

Party Pat stamp by ZZsStamps Adventure Time Stamp by Trillo-Lillo Adventure Time Stamp -FC- by Trillo-Lillo FionnaxGumball Stamp by schwarzekatze4 Man-lorette party stamp by Trillo-Lillo CakexMonochromicorn Stamp by schwarzekatze4 fire wolf pup. Adventure Time Stamp by ingart15 Bacon Pancakes Stamp by Kawaii-Okami Gunter Stamp by Michiru-Mew they can't even talk by snorasaurus .: AT- Lady Rainicorn Stamp :. by Ximona .: AT- Lord Monochromicorn Stamp :. by Ximona Princess Bubblegum stamp by HystericDesigns Good bye Finn by clio-mokona PB Jelly Stamp by Jet-Petalite Adventure Time Brad Stamp by SuperAdventure

Mabel stamp by ParamourxLights Where Rainbows Come From by DashingDesign Gravity Falls Stamp 2012 by ScittyKitty Gravity Falls, Stamp by HarukotheHedgehog Gravity Falls Positivity Stamp by The-Sparkly-Spycar Gravity falls opening by AnatomicAndi Gravity Falls: Mabel's guide to color by AnatomicAndi Gravity Falls Stamp 2014 by ScittyKitty
Over the Garden Wall Stamp - The Beast by PumpkinSpice-Unicorn Greg Stamp - OTGW by AstralDragons Wirt Stamp - OTGW by AstralDragons

My Adopted Ponies!
Themed Adoptables 73-76 (CLOSED) by BronyBase Themed adoptables 5-8 (CLOSED) by BronyBase Lightening and Ragdoll Adopts by Fortitudine-Shelter Cloud Adopt by Fortitudine-Shelter:thumb331718660: FINALLY -CLOSED- by BronyBase:thumb459025952:

Personality Quiz Stuff!

What Alicorn Princess Are You?
What Alicorn Princess Are You?
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.: Colours : Beata :. by Rainb0wTwister F2U Pink Diamond Pagedoll by engare


Two of four
The last two kids of four from New Year (aka Firework) and her mate, Prince Jadefang. 

For the pinky, her name would be close to Aurora or the like. As for the youngest, I haven't found a suiting name for her yet.

Though our pink alicorn here; she has a major self-esteem problem. Dealing with most of her problems on her own or with the colt next door that isn't phased in the slightest from her appearance. Treating her like a regular pony unlike all the other citizens afraid of the wrath of changlings on their heads. Her form of magic is manifesting love into a source of food. She can create flower petals that once consumed, reinvigorate a changling 4x more than just feeding off of another's love can do. As for the regular pony to consume, it creates an infatuation that whoever shares the petal with someone else and they eat from the same..they find affection in each other. Rather than just love at first sight.

Our little blondey bb: She's got the most powerful magic of all; but has never used it before. She ultimately can turn into a beast, feeding off of the magic and love of others in a sense of Tirek. A single breath of her toxic magic can eliminate ponies like a plague. Very dangerous.
She's Pandora's favorite and has always taken Pan's side to protect her from the other 2 siblings who refuse to understand her like she does. Loves to pounce on her big brother; but retreats to solitude once Pandora had striken her and refused to listen to her sister until she wept for the first time in decades.
Twins x 2
Oi vei. A LOT of story with these plus 2 more kids.
These are the twins, 2 of the 4 heirs to the kingdom of the night and changelings (before the new season came out with the reformity)

I can't remember the name of our boy, but the girl is Pandora. Seen before here:…
The boy is a natural, stoic leader. Has to cleanup the mess that Pandora has caused and try to reason with their people to reform and reverse her damage caused. 
Has no time for love or friends. Only real friends he has are his siblings. Although a certain orange pegasus had caught his attention once leaving the castle grounds for once. Constantly lived in the torment of Pandora's teasing of her 2 minutes of being older. 
Builds weapons and tries to harness the small ability of creating pyrotechnics like his mother can.

Pandora is as her name discerns. An instant mistake to her people. Although she is deeply loved by her family, the youngest sister most of all, she cannot seem to gain favor in the eyes of everyone else. Looking almost like a spitting image of Chrysalis, she soon enough accepts it and finds a way to learn her form of magic. As much as to Pan's father's attempts to keep her away from it all. 
Her magic is in charming the ponies around her and feed off of their love for her. Creating a harem of ponies in a sense with no sense of feeling guilty of it. Minus the moment her youngest sister finds out about such secrets she kept from her. 
The three babies
Offspring from Hibiscus and Electric Blue (:icondave89898989: 's baby)

One little no name, but the rest have names!
Tai-Ro: Oldest, pegasus, dedicated to serving in the army of Equestria. (He has a tough time there and comes out WAY different)
Kiara: Youngest, earth pone. Constantly living in the shadow of her two older siblings. Has no natural talents (that she knows of) other than being a pest to everyone she tries to befriends.
Lil no name: Middle, pegasus. Always in awe at Tai-Ro's strength and courage. Loves him so much (almost borderline obsession) but Tai takes it in stride and understands. She likes flowers, but moreso in apothecary. Trying to find a cure to fix what happened to Tai-Ro. (Will be revealed sometime!)

Also there is a reason lil no name's mane style is very similar to Shimmer's. Seeing as Shimmer was the one to get them together; and the grey earth pony was baby sitting one night. She tried pigtails at the request of the little one. Insta fell in love, minus her stubborn little alfalfa hair that refuses to be tamed!
Tia and Rocket
Eh the whole shipping thing I was working on for Shimmershine is strange rn.
But I love the kids too much to erase them so they'll exist! Hehe

Tia is a little rebellious bb while Rocket is quiet. Quite interested in space like his mother; but more on -getting- there than observing from far away.
Obvious from the curls on (Corina / Silversong??) these are Sara's kids.
Sara had met a fine stallion on one of her singing tours. 
I have yet to find a name for our little boi here, so any suggestions are welcome!
Color scheme for his hair might change too; not sure yet.

Anyways! Corina is adventurous and loves to hangout with her cousin Junebei. 
Her brother on the other hand is more self absorbed in watching ants crawl on a log or sit in on the conversations with his mother and aunt.



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462 / 3,000
Give if you'd like. I appreciate it though if you do!
You do you homies.
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