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DJ and Octavia by JohnyHo DJ and Octavia :iconjohnyho:JohnyHo 736 28 Octavia is love by Pandaconchoclo Octavia is love :iconpandaconchoclo:Pandaconchoclo 119 4 Vinyl Scratch - Octavia by LuminanceMLP Vinyl Scratch - Octavia :iconluminancemlp:LuminanceMLP 27 3 Too cute to add a title... by GeometryMathAlgebra Too cute to add a title... :icongeometrymathalgebra:GeometryMathAlgebra 143 20 Octavia by kalikitty52 Octavia :iconkalikitty52:kalikitty52 41 3 Symphony (Violist Pony) by Omnio2006 Symphony (Violist Pony) :iconomnio2006:Omnio2006 63 10 Friendship is Music by AtomicGreymon Friendship is Music :iconatomicgreymon:AtomicGreymon 43 4

Gallery Folders

Fan Video Collage: Once Upon A Time In Canterlot by Quoterific
CM: New Year ROCKS by bakki
MLP: The Ponytones: Let It Snow Album Cover by PacificGreen
Twilight Sparkle Electric Guitar by Phoenix0117
Octavia Melody Komi Can't Communicate Design by HAKDurbin
Octavia on a Bench Holding Big Balloons by HAKDurbin
My Little Darlings by HAKDurbin
Bride with Balloons Octavia by HAKDurbin
Vinyl Scratch, aka DJ P0n-3
GTVS: Page 64 by Kare-Valgon
Vinyl Scratch Butterfly by wildguardianangel31
Music is Magic by CloudDG
Vinyl Scratch by Egor418
The Twilight Order by Fermin-Tenava
Birthday Shenanigans by kindheart525
Lithe by kindheart525
Lyra Heartstrings Butterfly Girl by wildguardianangel31
Sweetie Belle
Sweetie Belle by CountessBlazy
My Heart by kuren247
Recovery by kindheart525
Maudsley Method by kindheart525
Pinkie Pie
Pinkie Pie by Shadeila
MLP | Sky's The Limit by KikiRDCZ
MLP | Pinkie Pie by KikiRDCZ
Party Ponies by kindheart525
Other Music Ponies
Adagio Leaning on a Giant Balloon by HAKDurbin
Adagio Breaks Down by HAKDurbin
Staring At The Rain by HAKDurbin
I Suppose I'm Happy by HAKDurbin
Resistance Timeline by icicle-wicicle-1517
Hatsune And Sunset Christmas by icicle-wicicle-1517
Beautiful Rosy Eyes by icicle-wicicle-1517
Natural Melodies by Rocket-LawnChair
EG Big Macintosh by Quoterific
Song: Friendship U by Quoterific
Song Poll: Wonders by Quoterific
Song Poll: In The Treetops by Quoterific
OPEN ~FloatyCutieMark YCH - Points OR Cinna Items~ by SilverRomance
OPEN ~FloatyHorseshoeYCH - Points OR Cinna Items ~ by SilverRomance
Op-Ed by kindheart525
Her Rightful Share by kindheart525
EF Chapter 1 - Forgotten Beginnings Part 29 by ultimimega
Pony Album Covers
Marina and The Diamonds Pony: The Family Jewels by AldoBronyJDC
Danganronpa Adagio Dazzle by EmeraldBlast63
Rainbow Rocks
You Just Hit The Jackpot by HAKDurbin




Submission Guidelines

Submission Guidelines

Most of the Galleries are pretty self-explanatory... the character-specific folders get fanart of said character, with the "Other Music Ponies" folder covering the remainder that aren't quite popular enough (yet) to receive his or her own section. The 'OCs' gallery is reserved for music-themed Original Characters, and the Cosplay and Fanfiction galleries require no explanation.

The other galleries are for the following:

Ensembles: Fanart containing 2 or more music ponies, or any other group picture of ponies that has something to do with music, and contains at least one "official" music pony.

Amateurs: Any non-music canon character(s) engaging in a musical activity of some kind.

Pony Album Covers: Album artwork featuring MLP characters; both original albums and parodies on real-life albums.

Group Info

Because music ponies are the best ponies! This is a group where we can collect all the fanart/fanfics/etc. of the musical ponies from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. For the purposes of the group, "music ponies" include any G4-era pony that:

1) Has a cutie mark which has something to do with music, even if that pony hasn't actually been explicitly shown to have a career in music, even if the cutie mark makes it a safe bet (e.g. Lyra).

2) Has been shown in-series to have a career that has something to do with music (e.g. Octavia/her ensemble, Vinyl Scratch).

We'll also accept fanart of non-music MLP:FiM ponies engaging in some kind of musical activity, with the expected varying degrees of success. :P

And finally, although she has no cutie mark nor a career (as yet), Sweetie Belle is considered an honorary music pony as it seems likely her special talent is somewhere on that path (and anyway, what a set of pipes!)
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Do to the huge amount of art, related to rainbow rocks, a new folder has been added to the gallery :D

Here should go most rainbow rocks related stuff, including Aria, Sonata and Adagio, as well as the rainbooms. Other characters, like Sunset Shimmer and other musicians from the movie are allowed too

This is all new, so if you have a question, please ask ^^
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