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Can someone report WalmartNickMatthews? He's been harassing me in front of MandoPony.

Thanks for letting us know. Can you show us some examples?

Here it is.……

He just kept acting oblivious.

Here's MandoPony's statement that found nothing criminal about it.…

Yeah, sounds like a stalker. Is there anything we can do to help?

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So your Group has been hacked...So there are journals going around the place that DA groups are being "hacked". Well first of all, no, that is not what hacking is. Secondly, I'm going to show you how to adjust your group settings so that people cannot "hack" your Group.The most common way that Groups on DA can be compromised is by trolls joining the Group as Co-founder or Moderator or whatever. You yourself as a Group owner can disable this, and I'll show you how. Step 1. Go to your group. ,Step 2. Go to the "Admin Area of your Group. This is where the settings are.,Step 3. Go to the "Manage Members" part of the Group settings, located under the group icon on the top left-hand side of the page.,Step 4. Go to where it says "Founder" and set the join requests to "Are Not Allowed".Step 5. Repeat this step for Co-Founders, and Moderators and any other admin roles.Step 6 (OPTIONAL). If you don't want just anyone to join your Group, set the "Any Deviant" join requests to "Subject to Vote", so that way you can control who can and cannot join your Group. And that's all there is to it. Please be more vigilent that your Group's permissons are correct. And for those little hooligans who are overriding the permissions, gtfo and go back to playing Minecraft, you little "hakerman". If it's not your Group, then DO NOT interfere with it. End of. For more info, go here: Thank you all for coming to my little TED Talk, I that you found this somewhat helpful, if so, drop me a watch, and until then, this is Evie, OUT. xoxo
I want everyone to come up with an idea of creating a picture of the Canterlot Theater with the Orchestra with the Mane Six in it inspired by Dino's story on Fimfiction.
Thank you for requesting my work! ;u; <33