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Rules and Regulations


1.) No profane imagery; such as sexually explicit, suggestive material, no vulgar or disgusting things like vomiting, or gory and, bloody depictions.

2.) Humanizations are allowed as long as they follow the other rules.

3.) We do not accept shippings that do not have canon back up, such as FlutterMac, TwiDash, or whatever else there is.

4.) We do not accept Tumbler "ask" things. Or whatever those are called.

5.) Concerning the pony creator. You can have only your main OC in this folder if it was created in that game. Your OC also has to be sensible and not unattractive, that means we should be able to look at it and think it makes sense.

6) We only accept 3 fan pony works per week per member.

7) We don't take fanfictions

8) If we find that you are posting artwork that isn't your own without the original artists permission you will receive a one way ticket out of our group.

9) PLEASE submit into the correct folder. It would mean a lot if you payed attention to what you were doing when submitting. If you don't know where it goes, feel free to comment on your submission about your confusion, we will be more than happy to clear that up for you!

10) Trolling will be handled with a simple method. Blocking.



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Gallery Folders

Tirek by Vector-Brony
Secretery Pony by Bass-Senpai
Lauren Fausticorn by Vector-Brony
original friendship is art banner by Vector-Brony
Twilight Sparkle
Magic by BlindCoyote
Twilight Sparkle -punklight- by Godoffury
Starswirl The Bearded Twilight Plush (commission) by Little-Broy-Peep
Handmade Twilight Sparkle Plushie - For Sale! by HipsterOwlet
Tea by Meepars
Sleepy in Manehattan by mirry92
Last Rarity by miinti
Rarity - Detective by AngelStudio-Alicorns
Rainbow Dash
Gala Dash by SorcerusHorserus
Rainbow Dash (Pegasus Concept Sketch) by SilverWolf866
Christmas Dashie - Request by Duskie-06
Rainbow Dashie by Duskie-06
Applejack - Loose hair - by Godoffury
Wink! by Duskie-06
Applejack -hoodie- by Godoffury
Because I'm Happy by kuren247
The Best Gift by blueSpaceling
MLP Fluttershy Plush by Little-Broy-Peep
Flutterbat Costume - Profiles by 8-Notes
Happy Flutters by blueSpaceling
Pinkie Pie
:: My Little Pony Pinkie Pie Plush Beanie :: by Fallenpeach
Pinkie -hoodie- by Godoffury
Sleepy Pinkie by Lattynskit
bad dreams pinkamina by AngelStudio-Alicorns
Ponies, are you ready? POW! by T95Master
Spike and Spike by Vector-Brony
EQD NATG Day 30: Stable by chrisgotjar
Spikicorn by Pixel-Prism
Princess Celestia
Sun butt Pone by Meepars
Fireplace by SatynaPaper
Celestia by Nephiam
Daybreak by blueSpaceling
Princess Luna and Nightmare Moon
Rage of the Moon by Duskie-06
Luna by Godoffury
Cliffside by the Moon by Duskie-06
Luna Hits Chrysalis Horn by Imaflashdemon
Princess Cadance Shining Armor Flurry Heart
Captain Shining Armor - Chuckles by mirry92
Queen Chrysalis and Changelings
Fan Ponies
Coastie - comission by mirry92
Third String Ponies
Zecora Feathers by L1nkoln
Great And Powerful by mirry92
Scenery and Objects
Twilight's jewels - Wallpaper by Silverarrow87
Contest Entries
MLPFriendship-is-Art Banner by ThunderrDash
Lightning Dust
A new journey by Luchocas
Dash Academy Chapter 7 - Free Fall #19 by SorcerusHorserus
Non-Canon Creatures
COMMISSION: Dahlia Capella OC 10 inches plushie by SunflowerTiger
CMC Future Cutiemarks by Ominous-Artist
The Flower Sisters
[MLP] Roseluck. by MonotoneInkwell
General Zoi's Pony OC Creator
Draco Malfoy Insults Sunset Shimmer by DarthWill3
Group Pictures
The mane 6 by mirry92
Lyra, and Bon Bon
just smile by kuren247
Derpy Hooves
Derpy Hooves at your service! by Epicrainbowcrafts
Doctor Hooves
The badass time lord by kuren247
Octavia and Vinyl Scratch
Vinyl by miinti
Ember by mirry92
Two Ponies
Ride of a Lifetime by BlindCoyote
Who KILLED Sunset Shimmer? A Murder Mystery! by Cuddlepug
Daring Do and Mare Do Well
mlp Daring Do plush by Little-Broy-Peep
Handmade Miss Cheerilee Plushie by HipsterOwlet
Big Mac
Cutie Mark Crusaders
Cutie Markless Sweetie Belle by SourSpot
Wonderbolts And Shadowbolts
Soarin High by NotDrip
Zecora by harwicks-art
Mayor Mare
watch your hooves on the way out by JowyB
Cudpug's Advice Column
So You Want To Be a Freelancer? - Advice and Tips by Cuddlepug
Admin Ponies
Seapony Tina by mirry92
Hearth's Warming Trixie by NeutronAlchemist
Her Inspiration Manifests: Discord von Chaos by AtomicMillennial
Brush by Scourge707
King Sombra
Crystal Candy by professor-ponyarity
Everyone Is A Princess Now! by 8Aerondight8
Cutie Marks
The Atomic Millennial by AtomicMillennial
Berry Punch and Pinch
mlp Berry Punch plush (commission) by Little-Broy-Peep
School Foals
Equalized Diamond Tiara  and Silver Spoon by kuren247
Critters And Pets
Manny and Flutters by chrisgotjar
Carrot Top
Carrot-top by Vector-Brony
The Canterlot Elite
Hoity Toity by harwicks-art
Flitter and Cloudchaser
Commission: My Little Plushie Flitter by Burgunzik
Royal Guards
Guardians of Equestria by L1nkoln
Iron Will
Iron Will by Mighty355
Lotus and Aloe
The Spa Ponies by PixelKitties
Flim and Flam
Flim Flam Juice by PopcornPuffs
Day 26- Snowflake by RavenousDrake
Inkie and Blinkie
Crystal Ponies
Depressed Crystal ponies by Vector-Brony
The Cakes
Zombiecake by mirry92
Cherry Jubilee
Cherries Jubilee by harwicks-art
Blossomforth by LlamasWithKatanas
Button Mash
Button Mash Graffiti - Collab by ShinodaGE
Smile by blueSpaceling
Equestria Girls
Lauren Faust - in Equestria Girls style by AtomicMillennial
Nurse Redheart
Nurse Redheart by harwicks-art
Sunset Shimmer
sunset shimmer by KORchristmas
Flash Sentry
Flash sentry in crystal armour by Vector-Brony
Lauren Faust's Alicorn
A Homage to the Eternal Creator of Equestria by AtomicMillennial
Luna And Alucard - You Will Always... by ArdonSword
Griffon by L1nkoln
Princess Ember
Princess Ember by blueSpaceling
The Dazzlings
Queen Chrysalis And Changelings
Chrysalis - New ARC.p - 2/2 by ArdonSword
Non-Pony Characters
Other Royalty








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