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Welcome to My Little Pony Online



MLP: Online

MLP: Online will feature many activity's that any brony would enjoy. It will be a social game with a friendly atmosphere where you can get together with friends and discover your talents and unlock your cutie mark. There will be lots to do!

Things to do!

A big open world to explore
Dungeons - combat system
Online chatting and team building for events
Apple bucking
Gem hunting
Weather Control
Winter wrap up
The Grand Galloping Gala
Iron Pony
The running of the leaves...
and much much more!

You will be able to dress your pony up and customize it with the many different manes and tails that will be available. You will be able to choose from the 3 types of pony, Unicorn, Earth and Pegasus, each will have its own unique talents. Please watch the group to keep updated on when it will be released and find out more.

You can also be kept updated with our website

Urimas Ebonheart: "Also please don't add favs to our group that's got nothing to do with the game....thank you"

The Team

Active Team Members

Sprite Artists

Urimas Ebonheart : Lead Sprite Artist
Katie Nelson (Kitmit) : Mane & Tail Sprite Artist
Emily Price : Mane & Tail Sprite Artist
jinxchan6306 : Sprite Artist & Animator
Pix3M : Sprite Artist & Animator


Salty Justice : Lead Developer
Dancinninja/DCN : Client Developer
Javadocs : Map Generator & Client Developer
Lying : Client Developer & Server Tester
Trainee : Client & Server Developer
Techvoid : Editor Developer
RPFeltz : Client Developer

Graphic Artists

Simbaro : Lead Line Artist & Coordinator, Map Designer
Slokio Greatwolf : Line Artist, Map Designer
Sagebrush : Painter
MoongazePonies : Painter
Javkiller : Painter, Interior Map Designer
Owen (Equestria Election) : General Artist
Aibot Nya : Painter, Map Designer
BlackM3sh : Painter, Exterior Map Designer
Stinkehund/ : Painter, In-game Graphic Artist
MikeTheUser : Painter, Map Designe
Adam Knight : Painter, Map Designer
Isabela : Silent but deadly Artist
Kilo cke : Background Artist
Kopachris : Line Artist, Map Designer
Wakabalasha : Portrait Artist, Salty's Punching Bag

Music Composers

Chain Algorithm : Lead Music Composer
THAT-Technique : Music Composer
Hupondroid : Music Composer


MarioneTTe : SP Dialog & Story Writer
Cudle : Cuddly Typewriting-Writer Monkey

Other Miscellaneous Roles

Toasty Justice : Web, Forums & Repository Administrator, Developer Consultant
Sunshine Smiles : SFX & Foley Artist, Assistant Writer

For a full list (including past contributors), please visit the team page on our website.


MLP: Online FAQ

:star: When will MLP: Online be released?
Currently there is no set deadline for the completion of this project. However the first episode of the single player campaign has been released already! Check out our main website to try it for yourself

:star: Can I help work on the project?
Check the "Recruitment" widget above this box.

:star: Will it be free to play?
Eeyup! Everything will be absolutely 100% free to play. (However, in the future, we may set up a donation page, for those of you who like to throw money at the screen.)

:star: Will I be able to play as one of the main cast?
Our Single Player campaign lets you play as the main six, but for the MMO, you'll get to customize your very own pony, and the main cast will be NPCs you can talk to and get quests from!

:star: How will you earn your cutie mark?
To be confirmed, we will update when we iron out the mechanic

:star: Will there be any special events?
There will be lots of special events, just like from the show!

:star: Can we submit art to the group?
Please keep all submissions for game art and GFX only.

:star: Can we/I use your graphics?
Our sprite sheets were recently released to the public! Be sure to abide by the rules, but enjoy them!…

:star: Will it be installed on my computer, or be browser-based?
Currently we have no browser-based plans, the game will be installed onto your computer.

:star: Will it be Mac compatible, or will it have a Mac version?
if OpenGL works, it's mac compatible *I think it we got OpenGL to dont take my word for it*

:star: How many characters can you make per account?
Not entirely sure yet, but I'm sure there will be at least 3 slots for each different job.

If you have a question that isn't here please send us a note or leave a comment and one of us is sure to get back to you :) Thanks for reading.


we are very sorry to announce that MLPOnline has received a Cease and Desist from Hasbro. We are no longer allowed to distribute our game.

You may read the full post here at our website:…

fear not, though, we are working on another project, which you can follow at our website!
We're very sorry, but hope you stick with us nonetheless!

Edit: WE KNOW this news was posted late. you don't have to tell us. :) We only wanted to make sure everyone was aware what was going on.
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Latest Video


Become a part of the team!

We always need more people to help in our team to make MLP Online a reality.
We are currently looking for:


Needs at least one year of experience
Needs to know C++
Must present any examples of work

To join our coding team email:
SaltyJustice AT Derpymail DOT com


Needs to have one years experience with creating and animating sprites
Needs to be able to work for at least 2 hours a day
Must be able to show best work for evaluation

Contact urimas to apply to become part of the sprites team


Any artists willing to give a shot can do so, but work will be evaluated! Preferably an artist who is fluent in photoshop and vectors. If i do not get back to you it simply means your work cant cut it, simple as that. Take a look at our gallery here and the type of art work as a baseline i am willing to accept.

Contact Simbaro if interested.


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