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I am so sorry, but I accidentally submitted my mane6 work to the cmc folder; can I redo it?
This isn't a collection of comics - this is just MLP artwork...
What program you use to make comics?I want to make a comic but I don't know what program to use.
HERP DERP. Thanks for requesting my silly little doodle! :huggle:
Hey there. Nice group you've got here. I have a little question though : most of my pony-related work consists of a fan-comic I'm doing, which is a crossover with other media/games/shows etc. I noticed the "no fan-fiction" clause of the rules. Does crossover count as fan-fiction ? Would this be an issue ? I figured I'd ask, before I consider joining...
oops! i accidentaly submited a handful of my works to featured rather than comics, sorry about that
Thank you for the request! ^u^