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Submission Rules
  1. No Anthro
  2. No religious art. (this INCLUDES religious holidays, e.g. Christmas)
  3. No OC ponies UNLESS they are wearing clothing.
  4. No Fan Fictions.
  5. You can submit as many deviations to the gallery as you'd like.
  6. Any improperly catergorized pictures will get permanently deleted.

NOTE: Religious art, Fan Fictions and OC ponies may instead be sumbitted to the group's Favourites.
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Multi Part Comics
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Mane 6 + Spike VECTORS
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friend love by benkomilk
Sad changeling by sofunnyguy
Colors of AJ by SundayDesigns
Rainbow Scout by EMedina13

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Specialize in comics, but do others.
MOTTO: to sort our brony kingdom!
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Dec 25, 2011


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Art Collection

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This isn't a collection of comics - this is just MLP artwork...
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What program you use to make comics?I want to make a comic but I don't know what program to use.
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Hey there. Nice group you've got here. I have a little question though : most of my pony-related work consists of a fan-comic I'm doing, which is a crossover with other media/games/shows etc. I noticed the "no fan-fiction" clause of the rules. Does crossover count as fan-fiction ? Would this be an issue ? I figured I'd ask, before I consider joining...
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oops! i accidentaly submited a handful of my works to featured rather than comics, sorry about that
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