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'The Tigger Movie' (2000) Review

A Tigger-ific movie!

Disney really was making Winnie the Pooh into a cash-grabbing franchise when I was a kid as well as growing up, and it was primarily in thanks to the releases of both Pooh's Grand Adventure and this bouncy-pouncy fun fun fun film! Originally slated for a VHS/DVD release but Disney Toon Studios that made very direct-to-video Disney sequel thought it was good enough for a big-screen release, and it was the first cinematic film in the Pooh film series since The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh. Critics seemed to like it okay and audiences found the film to be okay. And to me, I really liked this movie primarily it stars Tigger, my favorite character in the Hundred Acre Wood, and when I heard that a Tigger movie was gonna be real I was excited as ever to see Tigger and Pooh, Piglet, Roo, Kanga, Eeyore, everyone back since I felt Grand Adventure missed a few elements by having everyone and being a big-screen adventure. But here, we get the big screen adventure and as Pooh films go, it really dives in to the character of Tigger who used to say he was the only one but after he finds out about his family tree, he figures there are maybe more Tiggers than he fought, and so does his best buddy in the entire world, Roo who also gets his biggest role to date. Let's bounce throughout the Hundred Acre Wood and discover what Tigger has been missing!

The film opens with John Hurt narrating and when the book opens and he says "Winnie the Pooh", Tigger yells and says there are too many stories focused on him, and decides to make the story all about him.

Tigger then sings his theme song while bouncing through the woods and then he bumps into Pooh, who is collecting honey pots for winter. Pooh doesn't have time for him so Tigger goes over to Piglet's house, where the latter is wanting to keep warm and gather firewood. Then Tigger bounces over to Kanga's place and asks if he wants to bounce along with her or Roo, but Kanga is busy and Tigger leaves before Roo could ask to play. Tigger then gets a giant rock loose that falls near Eeyore, destroying his house. The others go to see the giant rock and Rabbit has a plan to remove the rock, through an elaborate contraption he calls "Rabbit's Rock Remover". Pooh, Piglet, Kanga and Roo try to help but the rock is too heavy. Tigger intervenes and helps them out by removing the rock with his all-powerful bounce. This seems to work, but the others get tangled with the contraption and the rock rolls at high speed until it lands in a mud pit, getting most of them dirty. Tigger asks who wants to bounce now since he believed that solved their problem, but Rabbit is fed up with Tigger's bouncing, and the others while not as harsh, tell Tigger that they can't bounce like him.

Alone and depressed, Tigger sulks on a bridge, thinking that being the only one can make him lonely. But Roo tries to cheer him up, and asks if there are other Tiggers. Facsinated by this idea, Tigger talks to Owl about a possible family, and Owl talks about family trees. Tigger takes this literally and heads out to find a tree that is supposed to be the tallest in the Hundred Acre Wood and has stripes. Roo and Tigger also convince Pooh, Piglet and Eeyore to find them. But Tigger and Roo don't find a tree that looks like his family tree and instead go to Tigger's house. Tigger teaches Roo about the bounce he did earlier which he calls "The Whoopty-Dooper-Loopty-Looper-Alley-Ooper-Bounce". Tigger says it's for professional bouncers only but Roo tries to do it but ends up getting flung into Tigger's closet. There, they discover a heart shaped pendant, and Tigger thinks a Tigger family portrait is inside, and after they open it up, they discover it's empty. Tigger tries to figure something out to reach for his family, and Roo suggests they write a letter. Tigger writes the letter right away and he and Roo wait for a new letter from his family.

Meanwhile, Pooh while looking for Tigger's family, stumbles across a honey tree, looking for, you guessed it, honey for his rumbly-tumbly. However, since bees don't like him stealing their honey, Pooh has a clever idea to trick the bees by singing a lullaby to them. This seems to work until Piglet climbs up the tree to check on Pooh and after Pooh accidentally disturbs the bees, Pooh and Piglet and Eeyore run for their lives as the angry swarm has them in pursuit.

Many days go by and now autumn has become winter, and Tigger and Roo realize that no new note has been sent, making Tigger more lonely than ever before. Later on the first night of winter, Roo gets the idea by telling his mother Kanga about writing a letter to Tigger and they go over to Owl for advice, and along with Pooh, Piglet and Eeyore, they all give Tigger friendly advice ("Kanga, "Dress warmly"; Pooh, "Eat well"; Piglet, "Stay safe and sound"; Eeyore, "Keep smiling"; and Roo, "We're always there for you") before signing 'your family' at the bottom of the page. Roo then slips the letter into Tigger's letter box.

The next day, everybody is woken by Tigger, who is excited about the letter. Tigger imagines how big his family is through song and afterwards he thinks that they are coming to see him tomorrow evening. They are all shocked by this, as they never wrote that they were coming to Tigger's house the next day. While figuring out what to do, Kanga and Roo decide that they, Pooh, Piglet, Owl and Eeyore should dress up like Tiggers and act like Tiggers in order to please Tigger. They happily work on their costumes and springs for bouncing until Rabbit comes through the door, and tells them that a big bizzard is coming to the Hundred Acre Wood. Rabbit is shocked by their strange choices of stripes and springs, when they should be gathering supplies for the winter storm. Then he leaves caring for what's really important, while Roo and the gang all get ready to surprise Tigger.

Tigger, who already has a party waiting for his family, fears that they might be lost in the winter-storm and tries to go and search for them but opens the door and sees a number of Tiggers. They claim to be his family and Tigger believes they are his family. They have drinks, games, music and dancing. When the smallest Tigger (Roo) tries to show Tigger the "The Whoopty-Dooper-Loopty-Looper-Alley-Ooper-Bounce" but like before he fails, and crashes into the closet again. After a familar sight, Tigger takes off the mask and is shocked that Roo has been impersonating a Tigger, and then goes to reveal the others that they were impersonating him as well as lied to him. Tigger is hurt by this and leaves to find his REAL family, and is leaving his friends behind by saying ("T-T-F-E, Ta-Ta, For-Ever!") as opposed to "T-T-F-N, Ta-Ta, For Now".

Later, Roo comes over to Pooh's house, heartbroken and humiliated, thinking that it was his fault that Tigger left him. Roo saw Tigger as the big brother he never had, and Pooh gets an idea by joining Piglet, Eeyore and Roo over to Rabbit's house. Rabbit declines to go and explore the snowy Hundred-Acre Wood and lead his friends, but he reluctanly agrees.

Meanwhile, Tigger hikes through the snow and nearly looses his heart pendant, but does find a large tree on a cliffside, and to his surprise, it matches the description of his family tree. However, he finds no one that resembles a Tigger and sits on one of the branches, waiting for his family. When Roo spots Tigger, the others catch up and convince Tigger to come home. Tigger takes a great offense when Rabbit tells him to forget about his family. All of a sudden, an avalanche is caused by Tigger's yelling and the group runs towards the tree. Tigger luckily gets his friends out of danger but is then caught in the avalanche. Roo remembers the "The Whoopty-Dooper-Loopty-Looper-Alley-Ooper-Bounce" and finds Tigger unconscious on a massive rock (maybe the one from earlier) but they both end up going over a cliff in the process. But then Tigger and Roo perform the bounce together and bounce all the way up back to the tree.

Once the avalanche subsides, the friends rejoice, and Kanga and Owl find them. Christopher Robin, also arrives and wonders why Tigger left, and Tigger said he was looking for his family, but Christopher tells him that he didn't have to leave to look for them. Tigger objects and tries to reach for the letter, but it's gone. However, Owl, Kanga, Pooh, Piglet, Eeyore and Roo remember the words and recite the latter to Tigger, and that's where he realizes that they are his family. They always been there for him and consider him a family member. Tigger is overjoyed and they return home. Tigger gives his family gifts, like Eeyore's new house, Pooh lots of honey, Piglet a lot of firewood, and then Roo gives him his heart pendant, and Tigger realizes they still need a family portrait, which is where Christopher Robin takes a picture of them and that ends the movie.

And that was The Tigger Movie and it shows even a stand-alone film with the Winnie the Pooh characters will give us something good.

As a stand alone film and make only by Disney's secondary studio, DisneyToon, it is nice that they made this for Tigger fans, mine included, and what they did with it was fantastic, not perfect but still a very nice love-letter in a sense to the character. And while Paul Winchell who was still Tigger's voice actor was originally brought in to do Tigger's voice, his voice was old and scratchy and the studio wanted Tigger to be very lively and bouncy, so Jim Cummings, secondary voice for Tigger started to become Tigger's new voice actor from this point on. What Cummings does in this film is fantastic and he also does Pooh which he already had been accustomed to do at that point. The other voice actors do a good job and many have very lovely performances such as Kath Soucie as Kanga and she's probably the best Kanga I've ever heard. The only character whose voice never changed from the beginning was John Fiedler as Piglet and he still brings that innocence to that character and while the age in his voice is notable it's very true to when he first did the voice, similar to how Clarence Nash was still Donald Duck for Mickey's Christmas Carol after such a long time doing that voice he still sounded the same. Fiedler would continue to do Piglet for two more films Piglet's Big Movie and Pooh's Heffalump Movie until his passing in 2005 and Travis Oakes would voice him a few years later in the 2011 movie.

The animation and the artwork in this movie is just gorgeous to look at. The sketchy art style from both the original book illustrations and the original film are back and they even pay tribute to that in the end credits, and despite being all digital it works to it's advantage and the colors and the environments match up perfectly. The autumn colors are all reds and oranges and yellows and sometimes brown, and the winter stuff is all white with some blacks and blues just like I imagine them to be. I'm surprised they never used CGI or else that would have been a little too distracting.

The story while it's another predictable one where you know Tigger is going to be tricked into believing his family is real and he wants to see them and then the others try to cheer him up when there is no other Tiggers out there, he gets upset and tries to go find them but gets into trouble and the others have to go rescue him, yeah, it's that typical liar-revealed story and as liar-revealed stories go it's not bad but it's been done to death and nothing new is really added. But I was treated to some good scenes with Roo bonding with Tigger and even the part where he said he saw him as the brother he never had, as well as the scenes where Pooh and the others are on these side adventures looking for the Tigger family and they never seemed out of character.

The music in this is the best since the original, and guess who returned to write these songs. That's right, the Sherman Brothers came back after decades of writing down the original songs, they write new songs like the new bounce song, the song about how to be a Tigger and the Tigger's family tree which contained... pop culture references, yeah pop-culture references like Tiggers in famous artworks, whilst parodying The Brady Bunch, The Jackson Five, Jerry Springer and Marilyn Monroe, I figured that would get a few laughs but that seemed out of place for a Winnie the Pooh feature. But the songs were all great, and the last song sung by Kenny Loggins was really a nice addition and his smooth voice really feels welcomed.

So that was my take on The Tigger Movie and while I still love it since they got a character other than Pooh as the main character, it's nice they had Tigger in it, but the story we have heard a bunch of times, and yeah the pop-culture references didn't really work but at least we got solid animation and new songs by the two brothers who worked on the original. Along with the first one this is my favorite film from Winnie the Pooh. Take it from me but watch it if you haven't all ready, you may even find your inner Tigger.


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This made it to my honorable mentions on my Top 10 Favorite Musical Movies. The Kenny Loggins song Your Heart will Lead you Home makes me so teary eyed I could cry.

wilnet1tractor's avatar

Can't replace the classics.

EmmetEarwax's avatar

Roo's impossible bounce admidst that avalanch back to the tree, capping that fantastic flying !

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Sparky. I think you spelled Travis Oates wrong. His name is Travis Oates.

Luckysweep's avatar

What I think makes this liar-revealed work is that the group tried several times to explain to Tigger that the letter was from them but Tigger was just so caught up in his excitement that he didn't listen, and they all dressed up because the group doesn't want Tigger to feel crushed when he finally realizes what he was hoping for won't come true instead of anything malicious.

ChalexGamer2000AJTTP's avatar

I totally LOVE this movie! It's my favorite Winnie the Pooh movie, and one of the first movies I saw as a kid, along with Toy Story 2. I enjoyed watching it with my parents. Excellent review!

By the way, let me share my Tigger drawing with you.


Outside of the scene where Tigger thought it was all big lie, I really enjoy this movie. Besides, Tigger's family has always been his friends in the Hundred Acre Wood.

thomasformerswars101's avatar

oh I love the Tigger movie it was a great film where Tigger was looking for his family but not knowing until the end when he found his family that happened to be his friends

Advertising make me laugh Tigger he said Winnie the Pooh wait just a darn minute. I forgot he said way back.

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Michael Jones on Rooster Teeth saw a video called "'You say Run' goes with everything" and the Tigger movie was one of the scenes in the video.

Remember the TV series?

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Had too create more of a world for them there.

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