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RIP Ed Asner

it is with big sorrow that Ed Asner, to whom Disney fans know as Carl Fredericksen from PIXAR's Up, my favorite PIXAR film has passed away earlier today, aged 91. 

After a long career on stage, film and television, mostly television, Asner worked to the very end and even has been recently heard in the trailers for Disney's Dug, a bunch of shorts that act as sequels to the movie that are coming this Fall on Disney+. 

Asner won Emmys in the late 70's and early 80's for being on The Mary Tyler Moore Show and Lou Grant, and was the perfect choice to play elderly Carl Frederickson and my hats off to him. He was funny. My family loved him and he will be missed.
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Rest in piece Carl Fredericksen, we will never forget you.

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Carl will still be with us, but we'll miss Carl's wonderful voiced who voiced by Ed Asner

Carl Visits his Actor's Grave
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Guess Dug Days will end up getting axed straight away because of this

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Carl Frederickson may now see Ellie in heaven. 😇

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RIP Lou Grant.


Gonna miss the greatest voice actor around even he was Santa Claus on the Story of Santa Claus 1992. RIP, ED, YOU SHALL BE MISSED!

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Farewell Hoggish Greedly.

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Well at least his legacy will live on forever.

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So long Eddy, voice of Cosgrove from Freakazoid

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I can't believe he's gone. But he leaves behind a legacy that we will always remember him for. A legacy not just for UP but for so much more.

Oh died this year. :(

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RIP Ed Asner TwT

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Sad to hear that he's no longer with us - but you're right, he had a LONG and great career in acting. Before he was Carl, I also knew him as J. Jonah Jameson in Spider-Man, Hudson in Gargoyles, Sgt. Cosgrove in Freakazoid! and much, much more.

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Well, at least Carl will join Ellie in heaven.

He's one of my fav voice actors since the early 90's

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