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'Halloween III: Season of the Witch' (1982) Review

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The Michael Myer-less sequel!

I always question the fact of why this film was even made. It had nothing to do with it's predecessors and doesn't at all contribute to the series. Michael Myers is absent in this installment. Instead the makers got this bright idea to come up with a completely different movie with a stupid, uninteresting plot about masks. The characters are all different and unlikable. The acting was horrible and was almost laughable. (That is if your eyes didn't burn from watching it) This movie shouldn't even be considered part of the Halloween series we've come to know and love. It throws everything that was great about it's predecessors right out the window and into the garbage. Making a Halloween movie without Michael Myers, is like making a Friday the 13th movie without Jason Voorhees, or making a Nightmare on Elm Street movie without Freddy Krueger, or making a Scream movie without Ghostface.

This movie was heinous. It has nothing to do with the first ones or subsequent ones. Now I see why it came free packaged with Halloween II. They had too many copies in the warehouse and just had to give them away free. There is no reason to see this movie. Even for those of you who like to go watch all the movies in a series, there is still no reason to waste two hours of your life that you will never get back on this movie. Blame director Tommy Lee Wallace for this trash! 


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Why is this SO UNDERRATED?!

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Happy happy happy Halloween Halloween Halloween Happy happy happy Halloween Silver shamrock..

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One thing I can agree on is, yeah. Why not call it a different movie with a different title just “Season of The Witch”? For me, it’s not bad as I thought it be.

But yeah, it’s not Halloween with Michael Myers. He’s like the name of Halloween. Like Santa Claus for Christmas. ^^

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If kinda think about, this movie has probably one of the highest body counts in horror history, due to the ending.

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I never much liked this one

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Hey it’s something original.

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Wait, wasn't the original Friday the 13th movie mostly without Jason Voorhees?

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I'm actually more interested in this movie than the other Halloween movies. Just because, I'm sorry to say, I find the idea of Michael Meyers pretty damn boring. He's a guy in a mask who kills people because... he's pure evil. That's it. Big whoop. XD

Plus, if memory serves, John Carpenter planned the Halloween series as an anthology of horror stories that takes place around October 31st. He'd no intent of the Michael story taking such precedence or overshadowing the idea... which sadly, seems to have wound up being the case. Lord knows I'd probably be more interested in "Halloween" movies if there were more variety to the stories than just the ongoing saga of the Meyers family and whatnot.

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I definitely think that idea sounded amazing. Like a series centered on Halloween but having different plagues and creatures?, sounds awesome
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I understand, but trust me, Michael Myers was better in Halloween I, II and IV then in any of the future movies. I know Michael Myers can be boring at times but he's the face of this franchise and a movie without him would turn audiences away unless they got sick of him and I'm really not.

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Eh, suit yourself. Me, I just can't bring myself to care about the man in the boiler suit. Give me Freddy Krueger any day, because at least Freddy has personality. Michael's just a blank slate.

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It's almost always the third one.

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The reason why there was no Michael Myers in Halloween III Season of the Witch was because they wanted to make the Halloween franchise into an anthology series where each movie would focus on something different. Think of it as The Twilight Zone but more as an series of movies.

But because Halloween III didn't do so good and people complained that they wanted Michael Myers, they decide to bring Michael Myers back and turn Halloween into a slasher series instead.

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Yeah I can see that, but if Halloween did go the Twilight Zone route it would have been an interesting series, but this one ruined it, not because it didn't have Michael Myers in it, it's because they had the previous movie with him, and if you start a new idea with a new threat in the third film, it will result in confusion and negative criticism from fans.

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Talk about a waste of opportunities. I always thought Michael was dull as dishwater and I'd have loved to see an anthology series of horror movies, rather than the ongoing saga of Michael and Laurie.

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Sorry I meant 2/10.

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One of those film franchise where the third one is the worst.

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Avoid this at all costs!

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Why does the Third one always the worst for Classic movies?

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Unlucky number?

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There are few exceptions like Cinderella 3, the third Star Wars movie (from the original trilogy), and some other films that have good second sequels.

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