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Breaking News #9: The Newest Ruler of Equestria!

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After the events of "The Ending of the End", and after 7 episodes of My Little Pony: Friendship is Forever, Twilight Sparkle finally becomes Equestria's next princess, and will be able to rise both the sun and the moon. All of her friends celebrate and there is a big party in a Equestria! Thus, their nearly 10 year magical journey comes to a close. With MLP G4 pretty much over, G5 will appear on the horizon. Will good things come out of G5 or are we going to cling on to G4 forever? Stay tuned! 
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Garbage. This season needs to be officially revised.
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I'm such reliefed that in the end the show managed to stay good and consistent until the end (and I don't care for the morons who say otherwise).

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It did not stay good or consistent in the end. Season 9 was garbage, especially this bullshit with Twilight ruling Equestria.
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I'm not listening you.

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Even after a whole year, I still love that finale
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what if Equestria was in the real world and you woke up to see this on your tv

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Still my favorite episode of 9 was "Common Ground", and I don't usually care for favorites.

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I loved that one too. I also loved "The Big Mac Question". "The Last Problem" was a genuine tearjerker.

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You remind me of Wind Sprint, or she reminds me of you!

Oh how could I forget one of the best depictions of young (not tragic/secret) love ever made in a cartoon!

Spike and Discord as groomsmen, the CMC as bridesmaids and the conclusion of a amazing romantic relationship that came out of nowhere and became amazing.

I do feel sorry for Cheerilee but I always felt they were just foalhood friends and never went that way and Marble was something that went nowhere. Then FlutterMac.

The final one was by the numbers ending for me.

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Sparky. Jimmyhook19202122 called the final season of Friendship is Magic an awful season. So, could you please take care of her.

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I blocked Jimmy. I'll block those who can't take criticism or have any constructive criticism like him/her I don't care.

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Was the he saying it on your or your friends page? That seems a little harsh and it's his own opinion.

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Yeah. Keep in mind, the final 3 episodes of Friendship is Magic was released in the same year as Avengers Endgame!

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Jimmy's been pulling this shit for months. Just ignore their ranting or block them, I've found that's all there is to be done with their whining. DX

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Yeah. I don’t care what he says.

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Still after a year, this finale is excellent.

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It's one of the best finales in animation history.

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Yes, along with

Come Along with Me from Adventure Time

A Regular Epic Final Battle From Regular Show

The Last Day of Summer From Phineas and Ferb

Weridmamgedin From Gravity Falls

Change Your Mind From Steven Universe

The Future From Steven Universe Future

Sozin’s Comet from Avatar The Last Airbender

and my personal favorite

The Siege of Mandalore from Star Wars The Clone Wars

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Am I the only one who thinks that I'm tired of MLP Gen 4 halfway in its runtime (more likely 2015), and outright disliked the finale? Yeah, I like the Steven Universe Future better in my opinion than this finale!

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Okay, look both shows are great, and their finales were excellent, so say what you will but I just blocked Jimmy and because of the poor criticism the user will no longer comment on here. And you, even though I like Steven Universe's finale and MLP's finale, I can't rule one over the other. So I understand your reasons of not liking it but Jimmy took this way too harshly.

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So in all, I'm one of those people who hate the ending of MLP. All in all, this is my honest personal opinion, and I didn't find it to be a masterpiece of an ending, and thought it was wasted because the fact that Hasbro ordered a final season and all, and it shows. I doubt buying a figure of adult Twilight because Hasbro just loves people buying their products of MLP in general among other brands since they were popular in the 1980's.

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I wasn't expecting you to show up, didn't you?

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Heh. :)

Let's just say.... i really don't get the idea of Twilight Sparkle being Solo Ruler of Equestria and all that.

I mean... sure it was Lauren Faust's original intention and all that... but... let's face it:

Have the past 8 seasons ever mention it at all though?

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