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Hi, all.

Apologies about this, but I've neglected this group enough, so I think it's time to put it in someone else's hands. A lot has been happening to keep me away from this site, and I don't have time to keep coming back and forth to check up on this group.

Therefore, it needs a new founder, as I am leaving the group indefinitely. If you wish to be founder, please message me why you'd like to be founder, and any experience you have managing groups, and I'll make the switch.

Thanks, and farewell.
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Facts and Rules

To see how the folders work, please look at this journal entry: Folders, and How to Contribute.

mlpDiscord is a group dedicated to the character of Discord, as seen in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

What we expect:
- Be a fan of Discord. If you do not like his character, please do not join this group, as it is very likely you will not enjoy the art we centre around.
- Do not show hate of any character represented in MLP:FiM. You are free to have personal opinions, but please refrain from expressing negative opinions in this group.
- Do not abuse any member in any way. Failure to comply to this rule will result in you being blocked, without warning.
- Contribute. Whether it is to add art, advertise, or just encourage other members, contribution is what makes a group successful. So please, don't be shy.

Art we do not accept:
- Artwork that does not reference Discord in some manner.
- Stolen work. If you see a piece of art that you believe to be stolen in the gallery, please inform one of the admins immediately.








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hoi everyone
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Thank you for the requests!  <3
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Hey, guys, how abous Soviet Discord?! (Eng subs):D…
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Where is your join group button?
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I'm in the mood to design some draconequus oc's. anyone want to commission me $10 or more to design an oc for them?
for example, this is the one Ive designed for myself.…
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May I join ??
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Hi. Apologies for the late reply! You shouldn't need an invite. Just click on the Join button and it should add you automatically. :)
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