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Danny Phantom MLP Crossover

I started watching this series again and had the urge to draw this. X3
I think doing fanart like this will help me with figuring out backgrounds. This one particularly was referenced from a screenshot. 
And yes, I did consider putting the logo on his chest, buuuuuut as good as I am at drawing, I suck at writing. 

Art (c) Me
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OMG it's Danny Phantom as an mlp cool
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Why did you reply to me? (Not to be rude, just curious.)

You're supposed to press the little chat bubble on the top of the comment section (Above my comment) so you can comment without replying to people. c: I hope this helped and doesn't sound rude.
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  It's a bug that sometimes occurs on mobile devices. When you try to post a regular comment, it goes to one of the newest comments as a reply. 
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Ahh. I don't own a mobile device, so I didn't know that aha.

Thanks for telling me. c:
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This looks great, amazing job! :D
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Tysm! I'm particularly proud of how the portal/warp turned out. :)
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I've been seeing more and more Danny Phantom as of lately, and I love it.
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Right? The DP fandom lives!!!
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Indeed! I'm actually glad Butch Hartman stopped it, he thought it would be milked out and I think so too.
Instead he milked out the Timmy Turner series.
That shows how much he cares for t
Danny Phantom. He knew when to let go.
Sorry if I got deep there.
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Lol it's alright. 

I know it was stopped a lot sooner than he planned though. I watched his youtube series and he said that the show got canceled, so they had to pull that season finale together at the last minute. It wasn't exactly how he wanted to end the series but I understand not wanting to milk it. 

Fairly odd parents kind of sucks. Adventure time has gone on too long. Spongebob is getting old. Some shows just need to stop. 
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Indeed. Those are shows I grew up with, now, that I'm adult, they're still making new episodes.
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This is so awesome. :iconrdsoawesomeplz:
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You're welcome. :D
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He's a Pony! (pony..pony..pony..pony)
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Lol, me and someone else came up with the perfect pony name for him. 

Whinny Phantom. XD
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