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Cake Pony Redraw

Okay so I decided to do this finally. This is a redraw of a pony I drew back in 2014. 
This is Marzipan Cake. 
No idea if she was ever renamed after she was bought, but I'll just refer to her as "Cake Pony"
She belongs to :iconrhapsoddity: Unless she was resold. Idk, it's been years. X3

Original:  Cake Style Pony Auction [Closed] by mlpdarksparx
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Hi darksparx I was wondering if your requests are open
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I only just found this (bc I got notified on my dead adopts account lmao) but !!!!!!!!!!
You've improved so much!! Damn!!!
And nah she's still mine although I haven't used her is yEaRs oof 💦💦💦💦💦💦
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Haha it's alright! X3
And tysm! I've been practicing with a lot of different styles and programs and have settled on using Sai now. 
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Now I just got super hungry xD
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Lol, sounds about right. XD
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Oml I used to watch the speedpaint over and over whenever I needed inspo!
She's looking great <33
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Tysm! She is one of the most popular speedpaints I ever did so I thought it was a perfect opportunity to start my new channel with something familiar. :D
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Oh you've got a new channel?
I'm gonna subscribe asap!
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Aaaah thanks so much! XD
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OMG, i remember this oc, :0 it's so beautifull <3
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I remember when I first designed her all those years ago. She was actually a lot of fun to redraw!
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Yeah! i really loved this oc, It was one of the first speeds I saw and it inspired me :0
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I clicked on their icon they have a new account XD

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Oh! Thanks for letting me know! :heart:
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