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Hey there my sweethearts,

I wanted to talk about AngelLight's story she is working on.
I wanted you all to know that the story is really interesting and awesome.
here art the 3 parts of the story:
:.Story.:[Chapter #1](S1) by AngelLightYT :.Story.:[Chapter #1](S1) by AngelLightYT :.Story.:[Chapter #2](S1) by AngelLightYT
Well there is awesome base edits here its more about the discription then the picture.
I have read it and i love it and i think it needs some more attention.
Ofcourse everyone likes something els but please check it out.
Ddd by MLPCrystalHarmonyAngel is a bit sad that not alot of attention goes to the discription.
Anyways i hope you will check the drawings/story out.

~Thank you for reading.
hey there my sweethearts i am make a pony undertale version.
If you want to be in my pony undertale version here are the things you have to do.

Ponytale characters:

(Cristal Harmony)
[OC] Crystal Harmony (Ref Sheet) by MLPCrystalHarmony

(Corrupted Cristal)

(Angel Light)

(Snow Game)


(Neko the Dragon Hunter)
::OC::Jessie Fenthur by AngelLightYT

(Nebula Arcanum)
nebula arcanum by Milky-Flare

Bella by talkiti


(Musical Melody)
.:OC:. [[Musical Melody]] by AngelLightYT
If you wanna join this is what you have to do:
-Make sure you have a oc that fits the character you want to be.
-Make sure ones you joined make a colorbase or ref of your oc and make it as the character you want.
-Paswoord to join is ''Crown''.
-when you draw your character please mention me so i can see what you make, and credit of this au.…
i did it i made a channel ^^
selling my redesign of Feather heart.
she ill be 15Pastel Points(Fav to use) .
.:OC:. [[Feather Heart]] by MLPCrystalHarmony

Cherry Blossom for 20Pastel Points(Fav to use) . 
.:OC:. [[ Cherry Blossom]] by MLPCrystalHarmony

And ofcourse Feather Hearth for 25Pastel Points(Fav to use).[Closd]
.: OC:. {Feather Heart}[Old look} by MLPCrystalHarmony 

Ofcourse Feather Hearth her self.
my first main oc.

Feather Heart redesign [open]
Cherry Blossom [open]
Heather Heart [Taken]
Im thinking about this all the time.
Should a start a youtube channel???
If so would you subscribe to it??
Ofcourse first i have to learn how windows movie maker works.
AngelLightYT can you maybe help be out my dear ♡.
Il be on vacation tomorrow.
I will be gone for a week.
Do i cant really upload alot.
So see you all later ^^
~ love you all my dear
i have 70 points and i want a new gif icon.
please comment down below how your gif icon commissions look like.
and if i can commission you <3.
and this is the oc i want as the gif icon.
.:Main OC:. [[Crystal Harmony]] by MLPCrystalHarmony
~thank you <3
so today i wen't on Pony Town and i just wanna say it looks verry cute <3
i love that you can have your oc in the game.
but there is not alot to do there.
you can talk with some people but thats kinda it.
i hope that they maybe put some mini games are in or even a own house where you and your friends can hangout.
and how long you play the minigames that you can buy stuff for your house.

Thats are just a view ideas i have for pony town.
so i give pony town a 6/10.
its cute and has some funning things in it look booping <3

What do you think?
what would you add on ponytown?
comment down below, i love to see what you guys think.
.:Offline:. [[Pony Town]] by MLPCrystalHarmony
hey there my dear people i was wondering if you guys like things like these ones:
.:Collab:.[[We are all friends here]] by MLPCrystalHarmony
where i take a base give it numbers 1,2,3,4 and you say what number you want with the oc i have to make.
i really like to do it but i dont know if you all would like it.
say it in the comments what you think about
woeps im kinda sorry i wasn't active for a while ^^'
but dont worry im active now again ^^