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.:Main OC:. [[Crystal Harmony]] by MLPCrystalHarmony .:Main OC:. [[Crystal Harmony]] by MLPCrystalHarmony
This is Crystal Harmony my new main OC
i just adore her i'm sorry ^^'
This oc is made for the call of the phoenix comic.

Name: Crystal Harmony

Species: Pegasus

Gender: Female

Inner Animal: White Owl


Crystal Harmony was born in a kingdom called Sirelia.
a beautiful place with all kinds of flowers and crystals.
she was born with one red eye and one purple.
The Family she was in don't accept nothing then perfect.
But when she was born her mother was shocked at first but loved her anyways
she tried to hide her red eye for the rest of the family. 
her mom said to her that she should grow her hair long so she can hide her red eye with the hair.
late when she grown up ,war started to happen in the kingdom.
Crystal Harmony started to panic and tried to find her mother.
She went out side to look there.
but what she dint know was that she was in the middle of the war.
She panicked and tried to fly away.
but some arrows went in her wings.
she fell hard on the ground and fainted.
when she woke up.
her father and mother where in front of her and looked shocked and scared at her.
she noticed that she won the battle all on her own.
From that day she ran away and never wanted to go back there.
when she sees blood she panics and see the flash back of the war she was in.


She is kind and open hearted to every one
She is pleased very fast and loves to try new stuff.

More Info:
She has a split personality 
When she faints she becomes Corrupted Crystal.
She becomes normal when she cries.

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.: Base i used for this drawing :.


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thank you for the support love you all.

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Design by MLPFeatherHeart
Mlp by @/Hasbro & @/Lauren Faust
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October 27, 2017
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