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MLPAristiscCSketch's Profile Picture
Bianca Viveros
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Hello every pony! My name is Artistic Canvas Sketch - but you guys can called me Artistic =) and I am an artist

When I was very young, I've always wanted to be an artist because I like to draw. Everyday, I keep drawing and even painting to develop my art skills. I could think a few people who inspire me to become an artist (from other to people and mostly would be my grandfather) - you can say I have a passion for art....

I just love everything about art from it's creativity to the different of types of artists that inspire other people.... Everything about art just makes me feel happy because I can express of how I feel, show my talent to others, it gives you inspiration and gives me a bit of confidence, including inspire other artists ^^

When I came across this website, I thought this would be an opportunity to show my artwork and what I have to offer =) - including meeting other artists

Goal in life: Is to be an artist and inspire others with my creativity ^^

That's all I can say and feel free to check out my DA page and have a nice day =)!


Cuphead Cosplay
It was around August 4th, when I went to one of the convections and I went as Cuphead 😁

On that day, the convection was so much fun - able to hang out with my friends and meeting new people.... Not to mention that this is my new cosplay

Fun fact:
I been meaning to work on a Cuphead cosplay for a while but then I realize that I do have some materials (such as the black turtleneck, gloves, and red shorts). Then I worked on the bent straw and it turn out great 😄

I've been meaning to show you guys my new cosplay but end up forgetting to make a post.... but now I do

Stick around for more cosplay photos 😉 and I hope you guys like the picture

Have a great evening/day
Hello everyone, 

Before I forget, I thought I let you guys know about the results from the art contest over at my college....

Incase if you guys haven't seen my art piece for the art contest, this is what it looks like

Patterns on the Land by MLPAristiscCSketch

After a couple of weeks later of voting, the results are.......

"I didn't win the art contest"

But you know what - that's alright because one, it was fun being in a contest - so I'm not letting the small things get to me (such as feeling envy of seeing others win) and two, I have my friends in my life that actually believe that I would win =)
It's a best feeling that someone believes that you would win, even if you didn't win - they always believe in you no matter what ^^

Besides, it was just an contests and I do enjoy seeing my artwork on display including seeing other peoples artwork as well (feeling motivated of being an artist by seeing more other people's artwork).

Since, we are in the subject about contests - here are a few tips I have for you guys....

Here are few tips about being in a contests are:

1. If you see a contests that you are interests of being a part of it, "Go For It" - you never know if you enjoyed it
2. If you starting to feel doubt yourself or have second thoughts about the contest, never let anyone or anything get in the way of a contest that you like to be part of it - just think of the positives and think of a few people in your life that believe in you
3. Be a good sport about it, if by chance you didn't win the contest and somebody did win - don't let a competition bringing you down, just be happy that you participate a contest
4. Think of it as a life experience because once you enter a competition - you'll know what you'll need to work on and how you can approve it
5. Believe in yourself
6. Have fun

Hopefully these tips will help you if you are planning to be in a competition in the future =)......

Lastly, for those who wish me luck on the art competition (even if those who haven't seen this art piece) thought I say thank you everyone for believing in me - you guys are awesome =D and have a nice day



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