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Do you have suggestions on how to make the MLP-Vectors a better group? Don't be afraid and drop a comment below. We'll be very glad!
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Welcome if you create and love pony vectors!
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Dec 7, 2013


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Gallery Folders

Flares new design by illumnious
Gothic (Ponymania) Princess Celestia by illumnious
Fluttershy Dream by illumnious
Simple Flares (New Era Of Flares The Unicorn) by illumnious
Twilight Sparkle-Wingless
Twilight Face by PaulySentry
Behold Spider Princess by imageconstructor
Twilight Sparkle Filly as Masked Matter-Horn by imageconstructor
Twilight Sparkle Filly by imageconstructor
Rarity Face by PaulySentry
Unexpected gift by MacTavish1996
LAAAAAAAAAAAA by liamwhite1
Rarity vs Mr. Krabs by bobsicle0
Overly Excited Fluttershy by liamwhite1
An Adorable Pegasus by PaulySentry
I Can Has Apple? (Vectorized) by Ambassad0r
Fluttershy Face by PaulySentry
Applejack Beautiful Simple Ways Dress by Jeatz-Axl
Formanjack by Ambassad0r
You're too small for this hat, AJ! by MacTavish1996
Applejack Face by PaulySentry
Pinkie Pie
Pinkie Pie Face by PaulySentry
Pinkie Pie - Rap Pose by CaliAzian
Pinkie standing (S04E22) by DJDavid98
M. C. Pie by Jeatz-Axl
Rainbow Dash
Rainbow Dash Best Smile by Jeatz-Axl
Rainbow Dash A Rainbow Release by Jeatz-Axl
Rainbow Dash Filly Jumping by imageconstructor
Rainbow Dash Filly by imageconstructor
Spike Worried by Jeatz-Axl
Spike Meh Whatever by Jeatz-Axl
Spike salute (S04E23) by DJDavid98
Sparnac The Magnificent by masemj
Mane 6 Group
Twilight and Dash by bobsicle0
Pinkieboop by Ambassad0r
wtf rarity by liamwhite1
Main Six Faces by PaulySentry
Mane 6 and Spike
You dun goofed, Spike by GameMasterLuna
ApplePie by Jeatz-Axl
Mane Five Scared by Jeatz-Axl
Spike and Rarity by Abion47
Mane 6 and Other Ponies
Pinkie.... Stahp by spier17
Apple Bloom
Wet Mane Applebloom by Kishmond
Sweetie Belle
Younger Sweetie Belle Applying Lipstick by Jeatz-Axl
Good day for a ride by MacTavish1996
CMC Group
Princess Luna and Sweetie Belle by CaliAzian
Princess Celestia
Tia by Ambassad0r
Princess Luna
Nightmare Moon Filly by imageconstructor
Princess Cadance
Princess Twilight Sparkle
Twilight - Smiling (Too much Twilight edition) by bobsicle0
Nightmare Moon
Nightmare Moon as displayed by Zecora by imageconstructor
Little Discord by imageconstructor
King Sombra
King Sombra by bobsicle0
Queen Chrysalis
Background and Minor Ponies
Weakened Tirek by masemj
Ponies who cosplay by BlueThunder66
Pets and animals
Celestia's pet phoenix Philomena by imageconstructor
Nightmare Breezie by Jeatz-Axl
[Collab with Viperdash] 100 Watchers Special by GameMasterLuna
With Background
Ya Can't Handle Me by Ambassad0r
Original Character
Final Exams Approaching by PaulySentry
OC Groups
First Time Here by Ambassad0r
Resource - Background Scene No. 1 by bobsicle0
Equestria Girls
Sonata as Seen by Dreamworks by Ambassad0r
Bored by MisterAibo
Light Shipping
TwiChaser by MacTavish1996
Objects and Furniture
Discord's Bouquet by Jeatz-Axl
Simple Ways Alternate Scene by Jeatz-Axl








Our Rules

Firstly, hello. We are glad that you are interested in joining and helping filling the gallery folders :) But there are some rules in our group you need to know:


1. If you want to join, you ,must have at least 3 high quality vectors. You have to put a links in, so we can see them. They must have attached SVG/AI file in the vector description.

2. Our vector inspectors/founder will take a look at your vectors and point the errors and if your membership request is accepted-congrats and welcome to our group! ^^


1. You have to be a member, if you want to submit art.
2. Each vector should be at least 4000 pixels on one side.
3. Place the vectors in the right gallery folders! Admins will check, but please, be careful!
4. Vectors aren't automatically approved! Our vector inspectors will point out the errors, before accepting it into the group. We accept only high quality vectors!


:bulletgreen:Inkscape-free and highly recommended
:bulletgreen:Adobe Illustrator-paid and highly recommended
:bulletorange:Adobe Photoshop-paid and not very recommended, because of risking to make vector with very much errors
:bulletred:GIMP-free and it's not recommended at all, because it's not a vectoring program


If you are wondering in which gallery folder you should place your art, ask the admins, or use this guide:

:bulletblue:Twilight Sparkle-Wingless-Twilight Sparkle before she becames a princess
:bulletblue:Rarity-Vectors of Rarity
:bulletblue:Fluttershy-Vectors of Fluttershy
:bulletblue:Applejack-Vectors of Applejack
:bulletblue:Pinkie Pie-Vectors of Pinkie Pie
:bulletblue:Rainbow Dash-Vectors of Rainbow Dash
:bulletblue:Spike-Vectors of Spike
:bulletblue:Mane 6 Group-Vectors of the Mane 6 together
:bulletblue:Mane 6 and Spike-Vectors of the Mane 6 together with Spike
:bulletblue:Mane 6 and Other Ponies-Vectors of the Mane 6 together with background or minor ponies
:bulletblue:Apple Bloom-Vectors of Apple Bloom
:bulletblue:Sweetie Belle-Vectors of Sweetie Belle
:bulletblue:Scootaloo-Vectors of Scootaloo
:bulletblue:CMC Group-Vectors of the CMC together
:bulletblue:Princess Celestia-Vectors of Princess Celestia
:bulletblue:Princess Luna-Vectors of Princess Luna
:bulletblue:Princess Cadance-Vectors of Princess Cadance
:bulletblue:Princess Twilight Sparkle-Vectors of Twilight Sparkle with wings
:bulletblue:Nightmare Moon-Vectors of Nightmare Moon
:bulletblue:Discord-Vectors of Discord
:bulletblue:Queen Chrysalis-Vectors of Queen Chrysalis
:bulletblue:King Sombra-Vectors of King Sombra
:bulletblue:Background and Minor Ponies-Vectors of background and minor ponies(Derpy Hooves, Dr. Whooves, Colgate, Octavia, Lyra and etc.)
:bulletblue:Group-Group of ponies
:bulletblue:Pets and Animals-Vectors of pets and animals
:bulletblue:Creatures-Vectors of legendary creatures(dragons, Cerberus, parasprites, etc.)
:bulletblue:Wallpapers-Wallpapers with used vectors
:bulletblue:With Background-Vectors of MLP characters with background
:bulletblue:Original Character-Vectors of a single original character
:bulletblue:OC Groups-Vectors of 2 or more original characters
:bulletblue:Backgrounds-Vectored backgrounds from the show
:bulletblue:Equestria Girls-Vectors of characters from the movies "Equestria Girls" and "Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks"
:bulletblue:Animations-Animations, related with MLP
:bulletblue:Light Shipping-Vectors of safe for work pony shipping
:bulletblue:Objects and Furniture-Vectors of inanimate objects from the show or fan-created content
:bulletblue:Comics-Vectored comics with MLP content


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AceNos Featured By Owner May 28, 2019  Hobbyist General Artist
Can someone here please do requests?

I want vectors of these ocs that i made. They are meant to be EqG OCs living in different time periods, specifically the late 19th and early 20th centuries.……………

Some Oc's native to the Human world and don't hail from equestria:………

you can either color them or keep them monochrome to emulate old photographs You may also redesign some of them if you wish.

As for the Arcanis and Coniferous characters, you can also do a variant of them wearing modern clothing since they are supposed to be immortal ocs.
tk9924 Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2015
Um hello I'm I'm RJ the nice fef northern type
engine from Union Pacific
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So is this a dead group?
It's been awhile since it's been updated.
Pegasister1029 Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Hiii! I just thought of an idea! Um...why doesn't someone make a vector of Twilight sparkle's wings, open and closed? That way, people can put wings on pictures of her!
NgKQ Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Is there anypony with requests open? I'm planning a fanfic and I need help in designing my characters' appearances because I'm very poor in drawing. If you're interested, drop a reply here or send a note to me. XOXO
laurilolly-crafts Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Is there anyway I can promote my giveaway on here? :D…

its my first time doing one and I have no idea how I can get people involved :D 
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Where would something like this go?
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i need to lurn how to make vectors 
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Everen1999 Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2014
May I know how to use vectors?? I'd appreciate a hay of tutorials and stuff :D
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Wakko2010 Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2014
This is a great group, therefore, I would like to become a member if possible . :)
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