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UPDATE (19.03.2013): It's done! Season 2 Cast Poster Vector by MLP-Vector-Collabs

Hello Vector Artists and Vector Fans.
I'll try to keep it as short as possible.

We are officially announcing the third of several Vector Collaborations of the newly released MLP Posters. We hope that you're as excited as we are. :)

The third Vector Collaboration (as the Title states) will be the 'Season 2 cast' poster.
Season 2 Cast 300 dpi scan by noval

Thanks to :iconnoval:noval for providing the high quality photos.

Remaining pieces marked in this png file.


:bulletblue::bulletblue: 1) Post a comment on this post in the following manner to reserve spots:

RESERVATION: State the Character, Object, or Background Section Number you wish to Vector.

Posts not in this format will be ignored, and you will lose your reservation. Be sure to be very clear about what you are requesting, so there is not any confusion.

:bulletblue::bulletblue: 2) You may use Inkscape or Illustrator to create your vectors. Post a link to your SVG or AI file (if you're using Illustrator, AI files are good; if you're using Inkscape please do not use swatches) in the comments when you are done with your section(s).

Sorry, but we do not accept PSDs for this project, because of compatibility issues.

:bulletblue::bulletblue: 3) Time limit will be 1 week after the Journal's initial post. If you aren't finished within 1 week, we will give your part to someone else.

The quicker we have everything done, the better and sooner we can start on the next Group Project. :)

:bulletblue::bulletblue: 4) So that everyone may participate, you may choose up to 1 slot at a time. You may have 1 character, 1 object, or 1 background.

Once you finish your first reservation, you may make another one (one at a time after the first) if there are more available.

:bulletblue::bulletblue: 5) Please use as accurate colors as possible for all characters. The colors from the poster scan are far from correct, so please use a color guide for the right colors, or find the character in a color corrected episode. Be sure to get the 'daylight' colors of all characters, where they are not under any lightning or shadow effects.

The Collaboration will be separated into three parts:

:bulletyellow: :bulletyellow: :bulletyellow: Characters: :bulletyellow: :bulletyellow: :bulletyellow:

Use :iconnoval:'s MLP Season 2 Cast Poster

Character Reservations


:bulletgreen: Lyra :iconmysteriouskaos:MysteriousKaos  DONE File:
:bulletgreen: Pound Cake :iconfeitaru:Feitaru  DONE File:
:bulletgreen: Jeff Letroski (light brown stallion with mustache and goatee) :iconsilverrainclouds:SilverRainclouds DONE File:
:bulletgreen: Future Twilight  :iconmamandil:Mamandil DONE File:…
:bulletgreen: Pumpkin Cake :iconx-discord-x:X-Discord-X DONE File:…
:bulletgreen: Flitter :iconsilverrainclouds:SilverRainclouds DONE File:…
:bulletgreen: Celestia, Twilight, and book :icontakua770:Takua770 DONE File:
:bulletgreen: Fluttershy and Bear :iconalien13029:alien13029 DONE File:
:bulletgreen: Time Turner/Dr. Hooves :iconambassad0r:Ambassad0r DONE File:
:bulletgreen: Spitfire :iconkired25:Kired25 DONE File:
:bulletgreen: Applejack :iconrevelersapprentice:revelersapprentice DONE File:
:bulletgreen: Gummy :iconalien13029:alien13029 DONE File:
:bulletgreen: Apple Bloom :iconloaded--dice:Loaded--Dice DONE File:
:bulletgreen: Cherilee :iconmysteriouskaos:MysteriousKaos DONE File:
:bulletgreen: Discord Statue and Screwball :iconabion47:Abion47 DONE File:
:bulletgreen: Sweetie Belle :iconblueblitzie:blueblitzie DONE File:
:bulletgreen: Spike and Peewee :iconzanderals:ZanderalS DONE File:
:bulletgreen: Chrysalis :iconpsyxofthoros:Psyxofthoros DONE File:
:bulletgreen: Pinkie Pie :iconvladimirmacholzraum:VladimirMacHolzraum DONE File:
:bulletgreen: Rainbow Dash :icondaringdashie:DaringDashie DONE File: (New version by UnimportantUsername:…)
:bulletgreen: Cloudchaser and Thunderlane :iconatmospark:Atmospark DONE File:
:bulletgreen: Cranky :iconpirill-poveniy:Pirill-Poveniy DONE File:
:bulletgreen: Tank :iconpsyxofthoros:Psyxofthoros DONE File:…
:bulletgreen: Bon Bon :iconrevelersapprentice:revelersapprentice DONE File:
:bulletgreen: Diamond Tiara :iconalien13029:alien13029 DONE File:
:bulletgreen: DJ Pon-3 and Octavia :iconyanoda:Yanoda DONE File:
:bulletgreen: Big Mac :iconddhyuugaman: DDHyuugaman DONE File:
:bulletgreen: Rumble :icondaringdashie:DaringDashie DONE File:…
:bulletgreen: Carrot Top, Berry Punch, and Colgate :icondrfatalchunk:DrFatalChunk DONE File:
:bulletgreen: Mr. Cake :iconblueblitzie:blueblitzie DONE File:
:bulletgreen: Blossomforth :iconkired25:Kired25 DONE File:
:bulletgreen: Angel Bunny :iconsnowflight96:SnowFlight96 DONE File:
:bulletgreen: Walter Coltchak (tan pony with sunglasses) :iconsilverrainclouds:SilverRainclouds DONE File:
:bulletgreen: Winona :iconpsychoanalyticbrony:PsychoanalyticBrony DONE File:
:bulletgreen: Rarity :iconmysteriouskaos:MysteriousKaos DONE File:
:bulletgreen: Fancy Pants and Fleur de Lis :iconmattyhex:mattyhex DONE File:…
:bulletgreen: Cerberus :iconrainbowderp98:RainbowDerp98 DONE File:…
:bulletgreen: Discord :iconpiranhaplant1:piranhaplant1 DONE File:
:bulletgreen: Wild Fire :iconstabzor:Stabzor DONE File:
:bulletgreen: Snowflake (muscular pegasus) :iconsilentmatten:Silentmatten DONE File:
:bulletgreen: Gustave Le Grand :iconmattyhex:mattyhex DONE File:
:bulletgreen: Granny Smith :iconrevelersapprentice:revelersapprentice DONE File:
:bulletgreen: White goat :iconmehoep:mehoep :iconmehoep:mehoep DONE File:
:bulletgreen: Screw Loose :iconpsyxofthoros:Psyxofthoros DONE File:
:bulletgreen: Zecora :iconstabzor:Stabzor DONE File:
:bulletgreen: Featherweight :iconunimportantusername:UnimportantUsername DONE File:
:bulletgreen: Filthy Rich :iconpsyxofthoros:Psyxofthoros DONE File:…
:bulletgreen: Crafty Crate (cherry vendor from Putting Your Hoof Down) :iconmehoep:mehoep DONE File:
:bulletgreen: Cherry Jubilee :iconrevelersapprentice:revelersapprentice DONE File:
:bulletgreen: Owloysius :iconrevelersapprentice:revelersapprentice DONE File:
:bulletgreen: Mayor Mare :iconrevelersapprentice:revelersapprentice DONE File:
:bulletgreen: Derpy Hooves and cloud :iconderpwave:Derpwave DONE File:
:bulletgreen: Donut Joe :iconrevelersapprentice:revelersapprentice DONE File:
:bulletgreen: Doctor Stable (doctor from Read It And Weep) :iconambassad0r: Ambassad0r DONE File:
:bulletgreen: Mrs. Cake :iconddhyuugaman: DDHyuugaman DONE File:
:bulletgreen: Jesús Pezuña (dark brown stallion with pulled back mane) :iconddhyuugaman: DDHyuugaman DONE File:
:bulletgreen: Opal :iconmehoep: mehoep DONE File:
:bulletgreen: Lily :iconparclytaxel: Parclytaxel DONE File:
:bulletgreen: Gizmo (asparagus buying pony from Putting Your Hoof Down) :iconddhyuugaman: DDHyuugaman DONE File:
:bulletgreen: Theodore Donald "Donny" Kerabatsos (light yellow stallion with parted mane) :iconsilverrainclouds: SilverRainclouds DONE File:
:bulletgreen: Flim :iconlaberoon:laberoon DONE File:
:bulletgreen: Pipsqueak :iconmidnight--blitz:Midnight--Blitz DONE File:
:bulletgreen: Mare-Do-Well :iconrevelersapprentice: revelersapprentice DONE File:
:bulletgreen: Matilda :iconpiranhaplant1: piranhaplant1 DONE File:
:bulletgreen: Flam (the one with the mustache) :iconzomgmad: zomgmad DONE File:…
:bulletgreen: Allie Way :iconvladimirmacholzraum:VladimirMacHolzraum DONE File:
:bulletgreen: Iron Will :iconambassad0r: Ambassad0r DONE File:
:bulletgreen: Vigilance (security guard) :iconrevelersapprentice: revelersapprentice DONE File:
:bulletgreen: Swan Dive (wearing hat with swan on it) :iconmehoep: mehoep DONE File:
:bulletgreen: Roma (tomato vendor from Putting Your Hoof Down) :iconbaumkuchenpony: BaumkuchenPony DONE File:
:bulletgreen: Gray goat :icontrildar: Trildar DONE File:
:bulletgreen: Turf (asparagus buying pony from Putting Your Hoof Down, has purple shirt and orange mane) :iconpiranhaplant1: piranhaplant1 DONE File:
:bulletgreen: Strike (gained bowling cutie mark in The Cutie Pox) :iconstabzor: Stabzor DONE File:
:bulletgreen: Garble, Mulia Mild, Pish Posh (gray pony with purple mane and ruffle collar), Surf (asparagus buying pony from Putting Your Hoof Down, has red shirt and blue mane) :iconddhyuugaman: DDHyuugaman DONE File:
:bulletgreen: Changeling :iconsharydow:sharydow DONE File:
:bulletgreen: Daisy :iconareyesram:areyesram DONE File:
:bulletgreen: Princess Luna and Scootaloo :iconabydos91:abydos91 DONE File: (New version by UnimportantUsername:
:bulletgreen: Vance Van Vendington :iconlaberoon:laberoon DONE by UnimportantUsername File:
:bulletgreen: Ahuizotl and Daring Do :iconboneswolbach:BonesWolbach DONE by UnimportantUsername File:
:bulletgreen: Rose :iconrainbowrage12:RainbowRage12 DONE by UnimportantUsername File:
:bulletgreen: Cadance and Shining Armor :icontim015:Tim015 DONE by UnimportantUsername File:
:bulletgreen: Snips and Snails :iconunimportantusername:UnimportantUsername DONE File:
:bulletgreen: Crackle :iconunimportantusername:UnimportantUsername DONE File:
:bulletgreen: Truffle Shuffle :iconunimportantusername:UnimportantUsername DONE File:

:bulletblue: :bulletblue: :bulletblue: Object Reservations: :bulletblue: :bulletblue: :bulletblue:


:bulletgreen: Iron Will brochure :iconloaded--dice: Loaded--Dice DONE File:…
:bulletgreen: Ms. Smarty Pants doll :iconrevelersapprentice:revelersapprentice DONE File:
:bulletgreen: Hourglass :iconloaded--dice:Loaded--Dice DONE File:…
:bulletgreen: Airship :iconpirill-poveniy:Pirill-Poveniy DONE File:
:bulletgreen: Statue with trumpet :iconvladimirmacholzraum:VladimirMacHolzraum DONE File:
:bulletgreen: Confetti :iconmehoep:mehoep DONE File:
:bulletgreen: Statue with scepter :iconrevelersapprentice: revelersapprentice DONE File:
:bulletgreen: Statue with flag :iconyanoda:Yanoda DONE File:
:bulletgreen: Train tracks :iconunimportantusername:UnimportantUsername DONE File:


:bulletblue: :bulletblue: :bulletblue: Background Reservations: :bulletblue: :bulletblue: :bulletblue:

Poster with Background Regions:

Background Section Reservations


:bulletgreen: Section 7 - Friendship is Magic Logo  DONE  File:
:bulletgreen: Section 3 - Train :iconalien13029:alien13029 DONE File:…
:bulletgreen: Section 2 - Courtyard :iconrevelersapprentice:revelersapprentice DONE File:
:bulletgreen: Section 1 - Logos :iconjoeyh3:joeyh3 DONE File:
:bulletgreen: Section 4 - Hills :iconjoeyh3:joeyh3 DONE File:
:bulletgreen: Section 5 - Hedge Maze :iconjoeyh3:joeyh3 DONE File:
:bulletgreen: Section 6 - Sky, Clouds, and Hill :iconjoeyh3:joeyh3 DONE File:

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