Group background project #6

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Progress: 9/9 parts Complete!

Group Background #6 - Orchard sunset by MLP-Vector-Collabs

Source image:

Background #6 Source image by MLP-Vector-Collabs

Outlined areas:

Background #6 Region map by MLP-Vector-Collabs

Area assignments:

A1: :iconbaumkuchenpony:BaumkuchenPony Foreground large tree, right side DONE
A2: :iconquasdar:Quasdar Foreground large tree, left side DONE
A3: :iconpsyxofthoros:Psyxofthoros Trees behind right foreground tree  DONE
A4: :icon3luk:3luk Trees behind left foreground tree, including grass, hills and rocks  DONE
A5: :iconquasdar:Quasdar Red background trees DONE
A6: :iconcatnipfairy:Catnipfairy Foreground grass DONE
A7: :iconpiranhaplant1:piranhaplant1 Right side background grass DONE
A8: :iconproenix:Proenix Ground  DONE
A9: :iconpirill-poveniy:Pirill-Poveniy Background hills and sky DONE


:bulletblack: The deadline is 7 days from now, Sept. 21 2012. Let us know if that time frame doesn't work for you, and it could be adjusted if necessary.

:bulletblack: If you'd like to sign up, leave a comment here and we'll see if you can take part.

:bulletblack: If you're going to participate you must use Inkscape.

:bulletblack: Do your tracing from the SVG download posted in the Source image deviation.

:bulletblack: When you're done, send me your SVG in a note and I'll put them together and submit them on the :iconmlp-vector-collabs: account with credit to all the contributing artists.

We're also in need of new landscape screenshots to vector! Leave a comment if you've got one you think would be a good candidate for the next project!

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BaumkuchenPony's avatar
A1 finished: [link]
Please complain if I did something wrong so I can fix it. There was a very small part overlapping my tree but belonging to a lower area so i did that too (please check on that -- it is in a separate layer)
3luk's avatar
Yep, now it's done [link]
3luk's avatar
oh, wait. 4got hills :3
Ambassad0r's avatar
God dammit. Almost.
piranhaplant1's avatar
Psyxofthoros's avatar
Finished! Where is my smiley sticker?

:iconfacepalmplz: look at the overachiever ppl... look at him and laugh!
Proenix's avatar
I could take A8. :>
RainbowDerp98's avatar
RainbowDerp98's avatar
Looks like it's taken, never mind ^^;
3luk's avatar
What's up? I'll take A4. :meow:
Quasdar's avatar
Psyxofthoros's avatar
I could go for the trees circled in Red, behind Right foreground Tree, A3 i think.
Quasdar's avatar
Catnipfairy's avatar
Id like to do A6 :3
Quasdar's avatar
BaumkuchenPony's avatar
I'd like to be a tree ... I mean I would like to do A1 ... if that's OK with you :iconfluttershyisshyplz:
Quasdar's avatar
Tim015's avatar
I will do A2
Quasdar's avatar
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