Group background project #5

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11/11 parts Complete!

Group Background #5 - Water Reservoir by MLP-Vector-Collabs

Source image:

Background #5 Source image by MLP-Vector-Collabs

All regions outlined:

Background #5 Region map by MLP-Vector-Collabs

Individual regions:
1: :icontajarnia:Tajarnia - Sky and clouds - DONE:
2: :iconquasdar:Quasdar - Tall distant mountains- view the ref2 layer for a reference of the parts covered by the blade of the Anemometer - DONE:
3: :iconpirill-poveniy:Pirill-Poveniy - Trail leading to some houses, including the houses and trees- view the ref4 layer for a clearer reference for the houses - DONE:
4: :iconpiranhaplant1:piranhaplant1 - Trees on the left side - DONE:
5: :iconsilverrainclouds:SilverRainclouds - Trees on the right side- view the ref2 layer for a reference of the parts covered by the blade of the Anemometer - DONE:
6: :iconambassad0r:Ambassad0r - Green hills, excluding the Anemometer (make up details where it's covered by it) - DONE:
7: :icon90sigma:90Sigma - Ground around the water reservoir - DONE:
8: :iconepi-centric:epi-centric - The water reservoir (empty)- view the ref3 layer for a clearer reference for the top - DONE:
9: :iconmandydax:mandydax - Water in the reservoir- view the ref3 layer to see it - DONE:
10: :icondelectablecoffee:delectablecoffee - Bottom left corner hill and fancy grass - DONE:
11: :iconsorata-daidouji:sorata-daidouji - Bottom right corner rocky slope - DONE:


Do your tracing from the SVG download posted in the Source image deviation.

It includes all of the reference images with the correct canvas size at their full resolutions. This prevents tracing from the wrong previews, at the wrong resolutions, and with bad canvas sizes. All the other images are just there to make it clear which one is which.

These are the changes made in the last ones:


Before, After, 2 hours of editing


Before, After, 4 hours of editing

The deadline is 7 days from now, June 10 2012.

© 2012 - 2021 MLP-VectorClub
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ACP-030's avatar
Do you know how to put in Adobe Flash? What I'm trying to say is when I export a video or see the SWF file, it doesn't let me get a clear vector background, meaning that it shows pixels (almost poor quality). The PNG file works alright, but I can still see some pixels around edges when I animate. Is there a way to fix this?
piranhaplant1's avatar
Finished region 4: [link]

Yay, everyone's done 2 days before the deadline!
epi-centric's avatar
Finally done! Did the very best I could, and if anyone has any tips, I'm all ears! :) eyes. O.o
Tajarnia's avatar
Here's Part 1: [link]

I could use some advice about clouds from someone with more experience. There's quite a few things I'm not particularly happy with. :hmm:
Tajarnia's avatar
Ambassad0r's avatar
I think 6 is done [link]
sorata-daidouji's avatar
Done!!! [link]

Hope everything is ok n.n
Pirill-Poveniy's avatar
Dooone! I've added some notes in the description of the file about it.
SilverRainclouds's avatar
I believe I am done! [link]

There were a couple of things I guessed at, so if any of them seem off feel free to yell at me.
mandydax's avatar
And the water is done:
SVG: [link]
It may need some clipping or creative layering where the water enters the culvert, but shouldn't be a big deal.
mandydax's avatar
I got this one. ;) #9 is mine.
SnowedEarth's avatar
#9 is free, I won't be able to do it...
delectablecoffee's avatar
I've finished region 10 [link]
mandydax's avatar
Lol, I opened up and was going to grab a region, but I got distracted. Ah, well. Next time again, maybe.
SnowedEarth's avatar
epi-centric's avatar
I reckon I could give #8 a go. =)
90Sigma's avatar
I'll give region #7 a try.

Can you please use a different site or link directly to the images? The site you are using ( will not load on my connection.
Quasdar's avatar
There's an SVG download for the region map [link] with all the outlines in it. Minus is working for me, and nobody else seems to have issues, here's your section [link] maybe the direct link will work.
90Sigma's avatar
I'm willing to bet that no-one else has an Internet connection as bad as mine though :).

Those links worked, so I should be good to start tomorrow.
SilverRainclouds's avatar
I'll pick up #5 if that's okay? :3
Ambassad0r's avatar
Number 6 please
Tajarnia's avatar
I'd love to do that sky. (#1)
delectablecoffee's avatar
Region 10 for me please.
sorata-daidouji's avatar
I'll take region 11, the Rocky Slope =)
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