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8/8 Parts Complete!

Group Background #1 by MLP-Vector-Collabs

The first landscape image is ready to be made done! This is one of the top ranked submissions, and the first to be set up for creation. The others will take more time to divide up, complex as they are, and it's best to start with a relatively simple one anyway.

Here is an overview of all the parts:

- Source image, no regions visible: (Mirrors: PNG, SVG)

Background #1 Source image by MLP-Vector-Collabs

- With every region visible: (Mirrors: PNG, SVG)

Background #1 Region map by MLP-Vector-Collabs

- And only one region visible:

1: Background #1 Region 1 by MLP-Vector-Collabs (Green) - The sky and clouds in the background, EXCLUDING Canterlot Castle.
2: Background #1 Region 2 by MLP-Vector-Collabs (Pink) - The hills and trees on the hills, but not the trees or bushes in front of them on the field.
3: Background #1 Region 3 by MLP-Vector-Collabs (Cyan) - The trees and bushes on the field.
4: Background #1 Region 4 by MLP-Vector-Collabs (Gold) - The distant hills, EXCLUDING Canterlot Castle. Details on the hills there should be made up.
5: Background #1 Region 5 by MLP-Vector-Collabs (Dark blue) - The dark green portion of the field, along with the flowers on it and darker green details in the grass. EXCLUDING Twilight.
6: Background #1 Region 6 by MLP-Vector-Collabs (Red) - The light green parts of the field and the flowers on them, as well as the four green trees on the right.
7: Background #1 Region 7 by MLP-Vector-Collabs (Purple) - The bushes behind the field and the rest of the trees there. Note you do NOT have to do the four green trees on the right.
8: Background #1 Region 8 by MLP-Vector-Collabs (White) - The hills and more distant field.

Post a comment if you're a member who's been verified on the previous journal post to sign up for one of the sections. You can still ask to be verified here if you would like to join in.

The current project deadline is 3 weeks from now, 28 May 2012.

To start work on your section, open the source image in Inkscape, using File -> Open (Ctrl+O) to select the SVG or PNG file. Then trace your section, and submit the SVG using Leave a comment for us linking to it when that's been done, and the group collab account will be used to combine the finished regions.

Regions completed:

5: :iconexe2001: exe2001 - Dark blue -
8: :iconsorata-daidouji: sorata-daidouji - White -
4: :iconquasdar: Quasdar - Gold -
3: :iconrainbowplasma: RainbowPlasma - Cyan -
1: :icon90sigma: 90Sigma - Green -
6: :iconmandydax: mandydax - Red -
7: :icondaringdashie: DaringDashie - Purple -
2: :iconabydos91: abydos91 - Pink -

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I tested your source PNG against Kefkafloyd's color guides, and the PNG seems to be extremely color accurate. Could you describe in nicer detail how you got your source?