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Good news, everyone - after 11 months of featuring almost exclusively PNG format vector exports, we're starting to ask that vector SVG, PSD and AI files be provided too. (These are made in Inkscape, Photoshop and Illustrator respectively. For an in depth explanation, read epdtry's analysis of the different formats!). Don't worry, we won't require you to post all your original work, commissions and OCs, but we are pushing in a big way to get the community used to making real vector files available for everyone.

So what is the fuss about providing vector files? It's come up many times before: people want vector resources, but this group hasn't required artists to post them up until now. In retrospect, this is more than a little bit silly. The fact is, until our gallery is updated by the authors to include original SVG, PSD, and AI format vector files, it lacks the usefulness of these formats all our members already use. If someone has a ridiculous setup with a matrix of 20 or 200 HD monitors and wants a Rainbow Dash wallpaper, he can have it! Even if she was just a tiny speck in a group image that barely met our PNG resolution requirements (3kx3k+).

To give just a few examples for why vectors are preferable to rasters:

:bulletorange: Not limited by pixels, any element can be resized as large as needed without hurting quality

:bulletorange: Individual parts can be rotated, moved or manipulated, for things like different facial expressions

:bulletorange: They fully support layering per object, relevant to backgrounds and objects such as clothing

:bulletorange: Their file size is very tiny, ideal for archives

:bulletorange: They preserve all of the image data and serve as a long term backup

:bulletorange: They can be used in flash animations or other vector projects with your permission

:bulletorange: Customizations can be made for personal use, eg. for users who need a CYMK or RGB version, or for night time and day time pics

:bulletorange: Extra layers and objects are fully supported, giving you the ability to put alternative versions of different objects in different layers of your work

:bulletorange: SVGs, FLAs and SWFs allow for animation without the use of GIFs or lossy video encoding, with unlimited resolution

:bulletorange: They serve as an excellent guide to show others how to draw with vector lines (think Celestia and Rarity)

:bulletorange: They are not limited by individual PC specs, so they can be exported at higher resolutions than your PC could handle

To be completely clear, PNGs themselves are not vectors, they are high resolution raster (aka bitmap) renders of vector images, useful in a great number of ways. Vector formats have even more advantages. With them, you can manipulate any part of the image, which are stored as digital objects that look like this. Correcting errors, changing colors, and resizing can be done to a vector without any quality loss whatsoever. Try to recolor a PNG and ugly lines will appear around the edges. Stretch a PNG and the pixels will be blurred. As many of you know, Friendship is Magic is created with a customized version of Flash 8, and that is what allows them to reuse materials and create an art style that successfully uses vector graphics, and the result is a show of stunning quality, with art to match.

In the past we've made a point when moderating incoming gallery submissions to ask for higher resolutions. That was an excellent start, and it made the gallery a better resource overall, as well as giving our members a better look at their own work which in turn improves their quality. Now we will be asking for vector artists to provide a link to their vector files in the description by uploading them to, or another file host if preferred (Here's a tutorial ) . Before now you would need to message the author to get a proper reusable file as our group's name suggests, but we've begun nagging our members already and you may have noticed more download links than usual in the past day or so. Go ahead and post your concerns in the comments.

We would also like to announce the administrative team is expanding!

:party: Please welcome:

:iconrainbowrage12: RainbowRage12

:iconbernd01: Bernd01

:iconatmospark: Atmospark

:iconsircxyrtyx: SirCxyrtyx

:iconsilverrainclouds: SilverRainclouds

:iconorangel8989: orangel8989

They are helpful individuals from the vector community who have joined Contributors to help process gallery submissions, give critiques to submitters and generally help manage our group. We're looking forward greatly to working with them :D

One more plan we're going to push: since it's unclear to many if usage is allowed of your vectors, a standard badge system would be a massive help for the community. The icons to use are-

:iconyouareplz::iconallowedplz: (iconYouArePlz and iconAllowedPlz)
:icongouseplz::iconthisartplz: (iconGoUsePlz and iconThisArtPlz)
:icondonotuseplz::iconmyartplz: (iconDoNotUsePlz and iconMyArtPlz)
:iconnoncommercial1plz::iconnoncommercial2plz: (iconNonCommercial1Plz) and iconNonCommercial2Plz)

These are Plz accounts, so to use them type :icon followed by the account name, ending with plz:. They are typed out like this. If you have any better badges by all means suggest away.

Thanks for reading, watchers and interested folk, and we're looking forward to interacting with our community more. :iconbrohoofplz: We have some other additions in the works we think you'll like.

TL;DR version:

:bulletgreen: Please remember to always release your source files in addition to PNG files. SVG, PSD and AI are all fine. You don't have to do it for OCs and original works.

:bulletgreen: We have new admins, please welcome them.

:bulletgreen: Please indicate in descriptions of your vectors whether people can use them or not. It's recommended to use badges shown above.

:bulletgreen: Members with PNG-only vectors in the group gallery should start updating them with any files they still have as soon as possible. Watchers, please help us get the word out by requesting vector files on deviations you like that are PNG-only!

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mr100dragon100's avatar
how do i upload vector to deviant art it did not let me yesterday 
masemj's avatar
David asked me to help. First make sure you are logged into as well as Deviantart.

If you have your zip file ready, then you will upload that zip into It will just save the zip file, it will not show the image.

For the image to display as a deviation, if you know how to export your SVG from your program to a PNG, you should do that.  If you don't, you can take the Derpibooru upload, go to the VS link at the top (here… ) and then use that PNG image as your DeviantArt submission. DeviantArt does not take SVGs anymore as direct submissions.
mr100dragon100's avatar
ok don't mind the other comment i did the whole derpibooru and it looks ok idk about comics but this could do well for single artworks 
mr100dragon100's avatar
is just i get this
Error uploading file: Unable to create or update stash item.
DJDavid98's avatar

You can save vectors as compressed SVG - .SVGZ (if using Inkscape), or ZIP the SVG first (e.g. in Windows you can use Send to > Compressed (zipped) folder from the right click menu, but there are other ways to create a ZIP archive of a file) and upload that directly, or upload it to and link it in the description. You will need to upload a PNG export for the DA submission either as the preview image in the first case, or as the main submission in the second.

mr100dragon100's avatar
idk it's confusing i'll have to make due with using MS paint until i figure it out or someone does a tutorial but i could upload it on derpibooru easy though…
mr100dragon100's avatar
i put the image as zip and i got a folder with a zipper icon and i try to upload it to stash but there was an error, i don't see compressed and i try to use the preview png image buy all i got was the preview image not the vector i wish there was a tutorial video somewhere and what version of inkscape do people use more maybe i have an incorrect version   
DecPrincess's avatar
How do I upload svg files? It telling me I need a preview image but I see many vector that their svg doesnt have a preview
ZuTheSkunk's avatar
If you're uploading it to your Stash, then it doesn't need one. You just need to remember to use the Save&Exit option instead of Submit Now.

But if you want to actually upload it to your gallery, then you will need a PNG image as a preview. Everyone does that, as far as I know.
DecPrincess's avatar
Oh ok. thanks =3
Twitchy-Tremor's avatar
Would SWF files of the vector work?
Tim015's avatar
They would, do you have a particular vector in mind?
ZuTheSkunk's avatar
For vectors made in Flash, we prefer if the downloadable source files are saved as FLAs, possibly with SVGs and/or AIs available too.
CrimsonLynx97's avatar
So, I don't HAVE to include my .svg(using Inkscape) with my PNG? I can still submit my work as long as it's at least 3000x3000 right? For frame traces, I'll include the .svg, but I usually hand-draw my templates that I vector for my original work. (I don't normally do frame traces) so I would like to keep my .svg files proprietary...

Is that okay? :)
Tim015's avatar
For your original pieces, no you don't have to submit your source file publicly. During submission requests for these pieces to the gallery however, we would appreciate a link to your source file, as it helps us give more accurate critiques and give better suggestions on how to fix any problems that may be present.
RainbowRage12's avatar
exactly, We require the vector file for show traces, but you can choose to omit them for original work
The-Colt's avatar
So, are AI files compulsory?
RainbowRage12's avatar
Vector files are required on traces. For original art you may choose to opt out.
MarelynMayhem's avatar
I was not aware of that......
AbrotherM's avatar
I've never used in my life, heh. But I've always uploaded the SVGs with a larg-ish PNG preview anyway.
atnezau's avatar
I've seen the other comments on art theft, and it seems that the only solution is to report the theft after. This is ok for certain vectors like my twilight baby pony, because it never appeared in the show, so I would have evidence that I thought of it and made it in this particular style first. But what about screen traces? If someone released the source files, and another used it to upload an image, how would we be able to say that it was theft? It could be really legit - 2 artists working on the same pose, one person just slower than the other. How would we resolve that then? Even though the original drawing belongs to Hasbro and not either artists, I'd hate to see nasty brawls happening like this in the community. =(

I just did some commissions and I also want to know to what extent should the rules above apply when the image is for exclusive use by the commissioner. Allowing someone else (who didn't pay for the image) to download a high-res image goes against that, let alone releasing the source files.

I think we need to consider the art in terms of categories. Something that goes like this:
Screen-traces (downloadable high res previews + source files)
Commissions (optional high res, optional source file)
Self-drawn (downloadable high res artist, optional source file)
The above terms should still be discussed as a community until we agree on something.

I'm still rather new when it comes to vectors so all these formats comes as a rush of info for me. I'm considering if I should swap programs because the general consensus seems to be that SVG is better, and I can't find that in photoshop. 0.o
Quasdar's avatar
The group has a high resolution requirement, low resolution images aren't accepted. While several people can do the same pose at the same time, the results look very different, and vector files make these differences even more noticeable. In fact, they may not even use the same program.

Anyone who is concerned about art theft can tell us and we will accept that, but not low resolution images too, sorry :(

We have added more info about giving credit and if you spot it, tell us so we can investigate. Nobody who steals from artists and pretends it's theirs will be allowed in the group.
WaterTribeKayla's avatar
but pngs are still okay?
Quasdar's avatar
Yes, and if possible PNG+vector file is much preferred.
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