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Group Background #10 - CMC Clubhouse

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I am SO gonna use this! Needs an update as of Season 5 Episode 18.

Check my profile page for a series of fanfics that I'm writing about the CMC!
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(Animation) it was live traced in illustrator because i zoomed in and the sag file didn't open in flash. thanks btw :D
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I never saw that telescope part before!
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Used for a song Bg
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accsurely no! wrong sorry!
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Used. Well, kinda not for whatit was intended, but still used.…
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the house is so cute
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used and credited here [link]
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Think I could somehow convince the lot of you to join my MLP RPG game development team as background artists? This is incredible! And our game is going for stuff exactly like this!
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I want to thank you guys a lot for making this, it has helped me a great deal in making my CMC Clubhouse model: [link]
Thanks for the amazing reference!
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Rock the casbah. This is great!
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