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Yona Says Goodnight

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And here we go. Time for the Student Six to get to see a little more of Equestria. Even if it's only within the panels of these comics.

I have a correction to the last comic that folks pointed out. In addition to Sweden, Denmark and Norway are also airing the new episodes. This has led to an update in the Simple Ponyclock listing for each new episode. Whatever the case, these comics are meant to celebrate the show and the enjoyment of new episodes.

So I hope everyone can enjoy a good night and if the episode becomes available online, those who choose to view it will enjoy. Thanks to :iconundead-niklos: for creating the Pinkie Pie Says Goodnight series. And to :iconspacekingofspace: for the Apploosa Desert background.
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Doctorwholovesthe80sHobbyist Writer
Yona's expression throughout the comic are adorable!
Quinkenguard's avatar
I'm actually warming up to the schoolhouse six in the new season...

I think Yona would be good at Buckball (kinda feel a little sorry about the opposition...)
Maruraba's avatar
MarurabaHobbyist Writer
Yaks truly are best at
mylesterlucky7's avatar
mylesterlucky7Hobbyist General Artist
It appears somebody's a guest for "Say Goodnight".
VictoryFire88's avatar
Ah! *is dying if too much cuteness* Tell my family that I love them... Stupid played out jokes aside this was super cute. Awww
CaptainSpyro's avatar
Oh; I have always wanted to see some good ole interaction between yak and buffalo! Hopefully the show does something like this in time~
VictoryFire88's avatar
Yes please!!
fotland42's avatar
Of the species represented in the Student Six, I'm not actually sure whether yaks are the most patriotic. Hippogriffs really love being hippogriffs and/or seaponies, and they seem to be quite eager to welcome tourists to show them how amazing their homes are.
treehugger0123's avatar
I loved Yona's reaction to Thunderhooves XD
KannaAsa's avatar
KannaAsaHobbyist General Artist
Yona found her senpai! 
TadashiSatoru's avatar
What, no Pinkie? That's boring! I mean, I do like the Student Six, but to be honest, I still like Pinkie Pie more.
SeriousJupiter's avatar
Lovely! Your dedication to these comics is truly admirable.

Btw, you misspelled "Appleloosa", and Braeburn says "And if the you see tomorrow's episode" in the second-to-last panel, which doesn't make sense. Maybe you should fix those.
KabutoRaijerFan's avatar
KabutoRaijerFanStudent Artist
KabutoRaijerFan thinks Yona is adorable
jeffreycwells's avatar
Oh, and, nice work on the comic! Don't want to just talk show in your lovely job here. 
jeffreycwells's avatar
Yona is the best thing to happen to S8. 
PhoenixFlambe's avatar
Ain't that adorable?
SPB2015's avatar
You know, we really should get to see Yona and Chief Thunderhooves meet.
Kartoffelkamm's avatar
KartoffelkammHobbyist Writer
I´m actually more interested in Prince Rutherford and Chief Thunderhooves meeting.
Head first.
At full speed.
starsparrow03's avatar
starsparrow03Hobbyist Writer
This one was a highlight of my day so far: the day just started. Braeburn's delivery was spot-on to his character, and it makes me a bit sad that we don't see that in him more often than never. Anyway, keep up the great work!
P.S. You don't mind making a Rockhoof and Big Mac says goodnight one day, do you?
tigreanpony's avatar
That was great, very nicely done.
theflotinghead's avatar
theflotinghead General Artist
Silver, your dedication to this project is amazing and inspiring.
Keep being your awesome, kind self.
Raphael-TMNT's avatar
Big... Not-yak... That made me laugh more than ought to be healthy so early in the morning XD
BenRG's avatar
In retrospect, it makes sense that the Yaks and Buffalo would get on like a house on fire!
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