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Wonderbolts Vector Set



It's taken a while to get this all put together, but I finally have the Wonderbolts team assembled. From Rainbow Dash and Spitfire on down to that blue mare that looks exactly like Surprise, I have vector files of them in portrait, 3/4 turn, and profile views. These poses come with versions that are both in uniform and without. Sadly, I don't know the cutie marks for more than 90% of the team, so they're mostly blank.

You can download a zipped file of an Illustrator and EPS versions here: Wonderbolts

If the files aren't working or if you encounter any bugs, please let me know.

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From left to right: Rainbow Dash, Spitfire, Soarin, Fleetfoot, Thunderlane, Misty Fly, Silver Zoom/Silver Lining, High Winds, Wind Waker, Surprise, Fire Streak/Lightning Dash, Blaze, Lightning Streak, S05E15 Unnamed Pegasus Mare #1(She doesn't have a name), Wave Chill and Sun Chaser.