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Like so many others, I assumed that the Canterlot Wedding encore would feature a season 3 announcement. I'd been working on this piece for a while and thought, Oh crud, this is a pretty timely comic and it won’t be as funny if I don’t post it before the new season starts. So it became a rush job.

Well, the Hub got me good on this one. But in some ways I think the lack of an announcement adds to the punch-line. There's little point in complaining, and plenty of life to live before the new season starts.

Plus, don't interrupt Twilight's reading time, or she'll prank you something awful.

And now for some credits:

All character colors (except Pumpkin Cake) are based on guides by :iconkefkafloyd:.
Rainbow Dash’s name font is courtesy of and their Breezed Caps font.
Likewise, Pinkie Pies’ dialog is the Porcupine Pickle font. Yes, Porcupine Pickle.
:iconredheadstock:’s Light Beam Brushes added extra punch to the Sonic Rainboom.
"Elder" Twilight's colors are based on a commissioned piece by :iconpalestorm:.
And if you look at the second-to-last panel, you may see :iconqtmarx:’s Library Vector as a background.

Thanks to these folks for helping make this comic possible. Hope everyone enjoys!

UPDATE: Thank you Equestria Daily! I not only get to be featured with two more excellent comics, but I also get to enjoy a wellspring of supportive comments from the fan base! I appreciate all the encouragement and the constructive criticism.

I neglected to thank :iconerockertorres:, who's background vector inspired my design of the planet.

Thanks to all for the favorites and comments. I hope future comics will continue to impress!
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haruau's avatar
Ok that was clever of them! :)
TabbyMew22's avatar
I wonder how long it took Rainbow Dash that Twilight Sparkle was messing around with her?😂🤔
Godzilla278's avatar
Godzilla278's avatar
Hahahaha great troll
LivingOnLaughs's avatar
ilvbrownies's avatar
I love Twili-troll.
Godzilla278's avatar
She went for my too young Filiy
victorfazbear's avatar
wow if there was a second part of this
This was as good as "28 Pranks Later," nicely done.
Godzilla278's avatar
Why did they not put that in there
CarinthiaRavensBlood's avatar
that was so curl and mean on so many levels but funny as all hay XD
ZiddersRoofurry's avatar
Still not as bad as fooling her into thinking she zombified an entire town. 
Awesome! Pure awesomeness!
ilvbrownies's avatar
I'm not even a big fan of the big name super-heroes and haven't been since I was gosh around 6 years old. but this had me in stitches, and I hope we get more comics showing Twilight's playful streak to summarize my reaction. GIF My Little Pony - Laugh 
RasenganLucario's avatar
Oh man, this is priceless. Please tell me there's a part 2.
Bakuda-Son's avatar
For some reason, Rainbow's mane in panel 10 looks a bit like a Sonic the hedgehog-esque quill-style. I don't think it was deliberate, which makes it all the more amusing. XD
QuadragonX's avatar
Its a good look on her though!
bladra's avatar
i wonder how rainbow dash will react if she learned that she got pranked
RickyDutton's avatar
LOL!! X3 Miles better thant '28 Pranks Later' X3
Gamerpen's avatar
You should do a part 2 XD
PrincessAppYT's avatar
Hhahahahahaaaaa cute!!!!!
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