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Starlight Glimmer Says Goodnight



So, Sweden, a set of daily airings that will run until season 8's end? Challenge accepted.

I have no idea if these new releases will be in Swedish or English, but if it's the former then I'm betting on subtitles. Whatever the case, this presents an uphill climb. Many folks will want to steer clear or filter images on public boards. Meanwhile, I will do my best to provide a goodnight before any new episode. Since 7 days with Pinkie Pie would wear thin, I'm relying on Twilight's students.

So have a good night and if you choose to watch the new episodes then I hope they're fun. Now if you'll pardon me, I've got a heck of a lot of drawing to do!

One thing I didn't have to draw was the world map, thanks to a free online vector.
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"Sweden will run through the remaining season in just a week"

Wait, we will ? :o (Eek)