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Smolder Says Goodnight

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Want to know why Smolder is the hardest of the Student Six to draw? Claws and legs.

Then again, I haven't drawn Silver Stream or Gallus yet. I may yet be in for some challenges. But at least I got to tackle an idea that I've wanted to see for a while. I think Cadance needs to face a character who is not a villain, but reluctant to accept their feelings. Smolder is learning but may have some barriers up.

I owe the Crystal Empire background to :iconhawk9mm: but that person's gallery is gone. I don't know why.

Anywho, I hope you're all having a good week. If you catch the early releases then let's hope it's a good one!
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Doctorwholovesthe80s's avatar
I want to see what happened during the Karaoke sessions!

Also, Cadance rules.
Omnifighter1's avatar
I love Smolder's reaction in that last panel. :D
"I want to start building relationships with the dragons. For instance, I want to build one with you and Spike. You look cute together."

"Say what now?"
zap4th's avatar
i wish i could upvote this
Asolem2's avatar
NOT EVEN THE KAROKE SEASSIONS WORKED omgnoes ... that Princess Amore was one dangerous mare. 
XUhuruX's avatar
"We're more similar than you think, Smolder. Sisi ni sawa." Lol, I had to. :D

Btw, I only now learned that Smolder is actually a girl...Wut. ._.
Void-Wolf's avatar
Cadance's babysit creds being on full display here
A character such as Tempest, you mean?
Shadow-DJ's avatar
Smolder: (stares gobsmacked at the statue) *brain.exe has shut down. Plz reboot*
TheOmegas2's avatar
Nice reference to Amore. Its nice to see someone refferencing the comics, even if the show won't.
GoldandSliverDragon's avatar
I wonder how the dragons would react on learning that Spike is a big hero?
KannaAsa's avatar
So Smolder really is a girl... The reverse traps have infiltradet mlp! 
I initially thought Ocellus was a soft spoken male character. It was only on rewatching School Daze and having seen a few "I like her!" comments that I realized my mistake.
TorturedArtist745's avatar
Yes, I could imagine the Crystal Empire having to defend itself from hungry dragons.
Isn't it the gem HOARD? :)
AJR001's avatar
Cadance made very good counter-points. you can't win this one Smolder. :XD:
Smolder: "You know, this statue of Spike says something to me..."
Cadance: "What's that?"
Smolder: "EAT ME!!"
Cadance: "That's wrong on so many levels."
Smolder: "What? Don't you make statues out of food?"
Cadance: "Oh... it's nothing."
tigreanpony's avatar
That was funny, very nicely done.
I now wish that they would meet!! Also this is my favorite so far.
YouseiKyoko's avatar
Sadly I doubt we'll ever see Cadance being genuinely friendly and competent in the show.
PhoenixFlambe's avatar
I think you were referring to Chrysalis.
*offended horse noise* She has been genuinely friendly and competent.. :/
Well, Celestia raises the sun.
Luna raises the moon.
Twilight raises a castle.

And Cadance? Cadance raises Flurry Heart!
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