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Silverstream Says Goodnight

And finished! Seven comics for a seven-day event. Whew! Tempest is a unique challenge, given that I can't match the movie's animation style and blend it with the show style. Plus Silverstream has more diverse poses thanks to her talons. This is why I had to hold this until last.

Hope you're all having a good evening and a wonderful day tomorrow. As for the early-airing episodes, it's a matter of choice. I'm hopeful folks will enjoy the season finale!

This Thursday shall feature Pinkie Pie returning to the role created by :iconundead-niklos: with Pinkie Pie Says Goodnight!
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Silverstream: (excited) Oh! Thank you tempest! (about to lunge towards tempest for a hug)

Tempest: (uses her broken telekinesis to stop Silverstream's hug and pushes her off) nuh uh uh! you want to hug something go hug a tree, we're here to work!

Silverstream: (hugs a tree)

Tempest: I uh wasn't serious about that last part

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Hi Tempest! o/ 

Awesome Comic ^^ 
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Hi Tempest! Hi! Wave :wave: :wave: :wave: :emote excited wave: :happy-wave: 

Seriously, I LOVE the characters you pair the Student Six with in these comics.
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I like it! I like it!
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Geez Tempest, we’re just humans! You act like you’ve never seen them befo- Wait...
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The end was a little jarring.  But Tempest's reaction is hilarious!
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I feel bad for silverstrem she thinks the storm king will come back and take away her family and friends ;( but i love this comic 
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The goodnight strips with the students have been amazing. Great use of callbacks to various friends.
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Haha, poor Tempest. She was not ready for this revelation it seems ~~
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she learned the power of 4th wall breaking 
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Oh, Fizzlepop!

We're fans of yours!
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yeah that just makes it even creepier
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Hello Fizzlepop Berrytwist, meet the 4th wall. I think Silverstream is a little too advanced with Pinkie Pie's lessons. :XD: :XD:
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may you find the strength to know true happiness .

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Pffft! Tempest's face on the last panel is priceless!
Be warned, Silverstream; the ability to break wood with your bare talons comes with a terrible price: you will be less cute if you have the ability to successfully smash a bucket.
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We need more Tempest in general. I'm really hoping she'll show up in the season finale or at some point in season 9 at least.
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What an awesome end to a brilliant series. Kudos, Silver Quill! I hope Pinkie feels better the next time we see her. There are still tons of cool characters and places for her to visit.
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"Things"? You wound us Tempest Shadow
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Language, Tempest.
I would have liked some actual stakes in Tempest offer. Something like this would have been nice: (I'm not a native speaker so there might be some rough grammar in this)
SS: But this medal lets me turn into a seapony, it lets me visit my family and play with Terramar. It's irreplaceable.
T: Indubitably. That's why I want to destroy it. I need to see what you're willing to sacrifice to get what you want. And think about how many lives you could protect with your power. How many seaponies suffer from the same nightmares as you? I can help you put an end to it, but first you have to pay a price.

This would have made SS's subsequent decision feel a lot stronger.
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