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Rarity and Fluttershy Say Goodnight

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So much going on today! Let's see how Rarity and Fluttershy are enjoying World Smile Day.

Thanks as always to :iconundead-niklos:, the original creator of Pinkie Pie Says Goondight! And extra thanks to BonesWolbach :iconboneswolbach:. His Ponyville Party background saved me a ton in time and is better than anything I could put together!
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:lmao: :iconChuuplz; OMG So cute, and how Pinkie Tricks to hear it :D
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Who else saw Clutterstep in the first panel! Great visitor!

Even though it freaked me out when Pinkie unzipped her 'Flutter-costume' in The Crystal Empire'; I still wish she had picked it up.
Fluttershy's reaction to the yellow and pink outfit on the ground is like "What am I steppin- Why does that look like me! TOO CREEPY!"
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Knowing Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy are voiced by the same person makes this even funnier! Andrea Libman icon Pinkie pie crazed smile sprite Fluttershy (talking,laughing) plz

I kinda knew Rarity was in on the joke when she pointed and looked at "Fluttershy" in the second panel while said "pegasus" was gorging on all the Pinkie food. :)
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I wonder if You have one featuring earlier broadcasting "Fault in our Cutie Mark" episode in Poland(and Netherland as far as I know)... 
And this joke with "L" word was great. Who would expect it from Limestone...
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Eventually everypony's going to get wise to that disguise.
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Gottcha there, Lime Stone!
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Pinkie disguised as Fluttershy and Limestone smiling? Best comic ever!
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Cute, I also love the attention t odetail. I noticed Limestone was looking Rarity and Fluttershy's way, before confronting them.
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Nice twist. I was actually surprised, even though I thought there was something weird going on with Fluttershy eating so much.

Also, I see you there, Clutterstep.
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Ah-ha! I knew something was up with Fluttershy eating that much, and that loudly! :D
Delightful entry as always Silver!
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The more important question is, what was Starlight talking about in the background in the last two panels? The world may never know...
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Well played Mr. Quill! Well played. I had been wondering why and how Fluttershy was eating that sugar and so fast.
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Whoa! Pinkie was disguised as fluttershy? Nice!
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I knew that wasn't Fluttershy. Still I was pretty cute.
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Daaaw that was sweet and unexpected, I guess Pinkie dusted off her Fluttershy suite.
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I knew there was something wrong with Flutters ^^

Overprotective sister FTW ^^
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But I have to wonder...where is the real Fluttershy?
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Fluttershy enjoying the treats should have been a dead giveaway. I had to do a double take and re-read the panel to see Pinkie pop out of the disguise =p
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