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Rainbow Dash Says Goodnight

True story: I created this comic on Tuesday in anticipation of the early UK releases. No spoilers, but there can be coincidences. Plus, I really liked the idea of Celestia getting Rainbow back for that mountain of mail.

Hope you're all having a good evening. For those who want to catch the next UK episode tomorrow, I hope you enjoy!

Thanks once again to :iconundead-niklos:, the original creator of Pinkie Pie Says Goondight!
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love starlight and spitfire
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I would like to see one with Celestia in a more regal and dominating position. I would have to say though the original one had that.
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Whoa... Did Spitfire ever see the movie Red Tails? Because she brought up a key point for one of the characters!

Also, (since this is the first time I'm looking at the pre-season seven 'Pinkie Pie [and Friends] Says Goodnight' strips) I'm wondering if Princess Celestia will either persuade RD to amplify the risk in the stunts -- or to remind her that there are limits to her daring, potential penalties for damages, etc...
I don't know, Starlight might benefit from a little more focused looking back. I love her, but she really does keep making the same mistakes.
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I think my favorite part of this was when Celestia arrived. I just had this image of what Rainbow Dashes reaction would have been if Celestia had been in with the prank. THe sheer look of terror on her face.
Priceless. ^^
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Boo. Celestia would never be part of such a dumb prank. She didn't earn the title of Trollestia easily.... Also, that episode sucked, being an even shittier Mysterious Mare Do Well.

... Also, I think this is how that scenario would actually play out:

How 28 Pranks Later Should Have Ended by Popculture-Patron
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This is definitely one of the best ones so far. *sigh* If only I hadn't been so busy for the last few days. Oh well, there's still at least one season coming. Keep these up and I'll do my best to comment on time.
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To bad the show itself will never address issues like Spitfire not holding up to the Wonder Bolt pride. Or what happened after Gilda started being friendly to griffins at Griffin Stone. Or the trip to Yak-Yaka-Stan. Or why DHX is not concerned more about episodes of there shows being set lose onto the world? Oh sorry. That is a whole other issue. x3 I mostly blame the fact it is a T.V. show ONLY for the little girls. Which is why the writers can be as lazy as they want with there story telling. Sometimes they just don't care at all.
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Twilight, your teacher is scary when she's mad.
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She's not mad...she's trolling RD (aka teasing her). Celestia enjoys playing pranks (as the series has established).
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*an explosion in the background, followed by Celestia going flying, slightly on fire.*
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Next time bring the Cake twins or Flurry Heart.
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Spitfire is danger dolan confirmed.
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That right there... Was a great
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Rainbow Dash: Yeeeah, about those fake letters 

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hihi, "Death-defying" *pinkiegrin* That is a really nice one and Spitfire mde  pretty good point.
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I think this one's my favorite thus far. Thanks Silver!
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That was quite good, I even could see an episode come from this with RD bringing Spitfire so Starlight could meet her. I think you did the characterizations very well, so this was a great comic.
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Well of course she has a good poker face. She has had ovr a thousend years to work on it.

... Unless she was not joking... OO
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I figure that the cookies were filled with Zapapple jam, hence the coloring.
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Pure awesomeness. The showrunners should consider adding you to the writing staff! :D:D:D
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