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Princess Tears 21



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I got a ton of suggestions and ideas about what Twilight should do with these two snobs. Thanks to everyone for the suggestions.

True story: I originally planned for Twilight to threaten them with a photo op in their disheveled state, then distributing their photos all over Canterlot. The two would back down, resenting Twilight.

Then I thought about the show and Twilight's character; and while I appreciate everyone's ideas, I realized that Twilight would indeed take the high road. It's part of why we adore her, and why people don't want to see the crown change her character too much.

Yet if you're still wishing for a more brutal punishment, then I recommend reading a short story by Abzde :iconabzde:. I like to call it A Princess' Tears, Cupcakes Edition.

And special thanks go to lRary :iconlrary:, who drew a wonderful fan art of Clutterstep. Between this, the fan fic, and the blind-bag Clutterstep, I'm really amazed by everyone's enjoyment of my story.

Happy November, everyone! Season four is right around the corner!
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Me: nah He definitely said "marry me" twilight

Twilight: Oh! Ummm... heh heh...i dont think i am ...into stallions

But you are so kind and i thank you for that!

Clutterstep: HRGH *shot through the heart again...and its all because shes Not into stallions*

Twilight: okay?