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Pinkie Says Goodnight - Red Tape

Ever wonder how Godzilla would react if Japan tried to issue him fines? Worse still, put them up against HOA's. That's true terror!

Hope you all enjoy tomorrow's new episode!
Thanks once again to :iconundead-niklos:, the original creator of Pinkie Pie Says Goodnight! And double thanks to BonesWolbach :iconboneswolbach: for his Ponyville background: Ponyville Street to Town Center by BonesWolbach
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That's the power of a bureaucrat, ladies and gentleponies.

Well, in answer of your Godzilla question... he would not give a damn. 
wildhawk441's avatar
When the Tatzluwurm fights the law (or a Pinkie comic)
The law wins!
Omnifighter1's avatar
Politics, nopony, or creature, can escape it. XD
I don't think HOAs have any power over Godzilla unless he buys a house . . .
CartoonMetalWarrior's avatar
The bureaucracy of government is the most dangerous being of all! :D

That long speech of Madame Mayor looks like it took a while to come up with, color me impressed!
D-Rock92's avatar
Let's face it, no one wants to bother with paperwork.
verdigry's avatar
I read through all of that... 
"Ever wonder how Godzilla would react if Japan tried to issue him fines?"

Funny story about that; once upon a time, on the now defunct Anime Addventures site, there was a storyline where Akane Tendo from Ranma 1/2 effectively became the Hulk (magic was involved) during an unplanned trip to China.  For her return to Japan, the Japanese military provided, based on both American experiences with the Hulk and their own view as to what constitutes a "Giant Monster", the proper level of response to something like the Hulk showing up on their shores...

... A single lieutenant with a clipboard and the necessary forms to quickly process her customs paperwork (easy as she was buck naked and had no baggage) and entry visa.  The interview and paperwork was finished in under 15 minutes, because no Japanese bureaucrat wanted to tick off a Hulk, and history showed that not ticking off the Hulk was the best way to keep collateral damage down.

As for when Big G himself showed up to deal with a problem (that, oddly enough the Ranma Cast dealt with just before he arrived; Godzilla was pleasantly surprised; ) everyone got the heck out of his way.  He ended up catching a ball game and signing a few autographs before leaving; it was that sort of silly story...
PhoenixFlambe's avatar
Politics beats monsters! Yeah!
Eclipse-mythbuster's avatar
Now if only that could happen in real life...
(cough Donald Trump being subdued.cough) actually can't we just send out Mayor Mayor to him. Get on it fan fic writers. 
Eclipse-mythbuster's avatar
Well I somewhat don't care because I come from 
'stralia. That be Australia for those who don't know slang.
Wow, I just flashed back to my Army days. From MEPS to terminal leave, all those numbers and letters all starting with "DD". This was great.
FralLeman's avatar
Very nice.  I enjoyed this one immensely!
Harmonic-Breeze's avatar
"an herbivore" PURPHEKT
lol jk
This strip was highly amusing and very creative.
sokesamurai's avatar
I never thought I'd be happy about paperwork, what a fascinating paradigm shift.
Just-Call-Me-J's avatar
Break them by talking
I liked this one. You go Mayor!
Helsaabi's avatar
Hehe Mayor is best mayor ever!
Klesk-Vadrigaar's avatar
Awww yeah, Mayor Mare is long overdue for another moment like this!
sphynn's avatar
Never fear, citizen; I am from The Government and I am here to help - provided you have filed the proper forms, obtained the proper permits, Congress has approved funding, you can prove your identity, today is not a weekend, etc., etc., ...

Excellent satire; I love it!
jw1709chu's avatar
"I am from The Government and I am here to help" You have just uttered, the most dangerous words in the world.
DrWhoFan611's avatar
There's a form to fill if your awesome. That is a paradox in itself because then you'll have to lose your cool to sign a permission slip to be cool.
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