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Pinkie Pie Says Goodnight: Zero Punctuation

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Greetings from Bronycon! Have only a little time to upload this so can't do the usual thanks.

Have a great evening and weekend!
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I would love to see yhatzee indifference to this. :D
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ArcCahlonHobbyist Traditional Artist
lies twi I can totally understand pinkie, ya know why? i listen, sheesh twi I thought you'd know that lesson ya know being the princess of friendship.
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It's a lie, of course. All of the sheep will kill you too, given half a chance.
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Would actually ride inside a Kangaroo's pocket  - Pinkie ''Yahtzee'' Pie

Presented by: MLP-Silver-Quill
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Not gonna lie.
This is probably one of my favorite comics now.
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you made 2 or 3 spelling errors in that large chunk of letters.
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I may not know the show you're referencing....but I know comedy when I see it, nice job =)

(also Equestria is spelled a bit wrong in Panel 2 as 'Equestira' me thinks =p)
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It's Zero Punctuation
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Ahh, thanks for the clarification
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AlohalyonHobbyist Artist
Some of the sheep are non-lethal? Ok then. But I wanted to see what Australia's like!
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> tries not to bring up the fact that Yahtzee lives in California now
> fails
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byoneproductionsHobbyist General Artist
oh, hey, i'm from Australia!
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FireComicNotHardHobbyist Digital Artist
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The ponies would probably do well in Australia; Equestria is only slightly more dangerous on a daily basis than Oz.
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Lol, that was cute, very nicely done.
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LOL! I'm still gonna watch the episode!
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I don't even get the reference, and this is still hilarious!
TechTalkPony's avatar
It's Zero Punctuation
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"At least some of the sheep are non-lethal." LOL
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I hate to be "That Guy", But Yahtzee's in the U.S. now.

Yahtzee fans here, If Pinkie's down-under, Shouldn't she get Gabe to help her say goodnight!?

Also what would Yahtzee's Pony name be? "Shouting Bellend"?
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HOL UP... there's an episode tomorrow???
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I wonder how Pinkie would react to "Ride to Hell: Retribution" in that style? :XD:
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