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Pinkie Pie Says Goodnight: Your Story

Here we are. It's been a topic on the horizon but soon the finale will be before us. I've witnessed shows end, some before their time. I'm glad Friendship is Magic can feature a conclusion.

It seemed fitting to include the final Goodnight from :iconundead-niklos: featuring Wind Whistler of G1:

A show from 30 years ago inspired Lauren Faust's efforts with what was supposed to just be a toy sale. Who knows what a young FiM might do when they grow up?

Whatever the case, I intend to continue sending goodnight wishes via Pinkie, albeit not every week. There are other projects long neglected and I intend to keep creating. Have a goodnight and enjoy the series finale!
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I honestly cannot believe that mlp: friendship is magic is over; I guess you could say that I was hoping for it to continue on for a lot more seasons.

However, even though the show itself is over, the fandom around it is going strong so as long as that remains, then mlp will continue on as well. I truly, fully heartly believe that :)

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Let the magic remain in our hearts... forever.
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Where starlight >.>

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I'm not crying, you're crying!  Stupid emotional ponies...
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The finale, while a bit surprising, was a happy and sad feeling for me.

-On the sad part, it showed a lot of time passing, meaning some characters and favorites passed or went away, character looks and relationships changed, and everything that made Ponyville and the world beyond it had changed and integrated into Ponyville itself, transforming it into a crossroads of sorts into the world Twilight now rules. I'm not sure how to feel about that, but this is more of a personal issue with TV shows in general than the show itself. 'Perfect' endings (or as close as can be) that peek into the future and become the present never sat well with me.

It has to do mainly with feeling that the world I knew and loved has changed so much that I don't recognize it anymore, and there are many stories that are new and just beginning while the stories of the old wrap up and fade into memory. And if I watch an ending, the memories and stories I mentally associate with a series end too, and I will not watch the show again for a long time due to knowing what happened. I'll also never get to know those untold stories simply by the series ending, and it is compounded when they wrap up most of the loose ends and basically leave it there.

I know from the Q&A of Big Jim that they left stuff open for fanfics and such (not that I ever read any mind you), but it's not the same as having a story told from the guys that wrote and animated/acted it. There's also going to be this nagging feeling that, if I do eventually re-watch MLP, having seen the entire series, I know what will inevitably happen at Season 9 Episode 26.

-On the happy part, it means I can finally put the show down and let time go by to re-experience it again sometime in the (probably distant) future to re-live the enjoyment of the series. It also frees up my time to do other things than watching a new pony episode every week, something I haven't done since Season 1 E7 'Dragonshy' aired (mind you I usually watch an episode online where I can, but the only episode I have not seen is Noir Rarity's 1st episode to this day).

Overall, this is more my error than the show's, as I know nothing good lasts forever. As an example, Fraggle Rock (a show by Jim Henson from the 80's) is one of them, as after 4 seasons, the ending wraps up all of the fantastic tales in a thoughtful and meaningful way from what I heard, yet I sorta don't want the journey to end, so I have never watched it despite owning it on disc. It's probably an attachment issue due to my childhood or something similar in terms of mental scarring or some such, as it's hard for me to accept a journey's end, especially if I enjoyed it. Personally, they could have ended it on episode 25 and that would have been fine for me =p

Anyway, sorry for the wall of text, but this comic reminded me of that conundrum, so I thought I would comment on that aspect of it. It goes to show that your comics inspire a lot of genuine emotions and situations along with new perspectives, some of which the show would not touch on, and I look forward to more of your work. =)
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just because the show's ending; these ponies are not just gonna go "poof". Pinkie's going to continue haunting your nightmares.…
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Great stuff as always.

If someone had told me 10 years ago that My Little Pony would have such a great remake, I'd either dismiss it or downright scoff at such a preposterous idea. And yet, here we are.

I really like the show for what it was. In a way, it helped me going through a rough part of my life.

Even though season 10 will be a reality in the comics, the TV series will always have a special place in my heart. 😉
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(I actaully did create a fanfic starring Spike. Nobody read it and the show canon pretty much buried the lore I created for it, but it was a labor of love and don't regret the many months it took for me to create it.

I hated MLP growing up [I'm 40 so I'm talking WAY back] as it was just a stupid girl's cartoon. It was the amazing fanart, comics, and fan created videos that gave me any reason to give it a second thought. Nearly 3 years later I finally started watching the cartoon and my love fro MLP just grew. So you are right, the fandom is what made this at least for me. Oh, and I discovered your hilarious and amazing After The Fact videos which just sweetened the deal.

I am glad IDW will take up the mantle as I've come to love those comics just as much as the show but the fact that it has ended has left a void in my life. However, good things must come to an end and I have no regret of the time I spent with these ponies and these fans. I do regret that I had to cancel my trip to the last Bronycon and missed an opportunity to share some time with them.)
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im proud to be a brony the haters are just jealous
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I'm confused about something.. Where did the term brony originate from?
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I shall answer this question a bit late. As far as I recall, it was back when people were posting screenshots and memes on 4Chan. Someone combine "Bro" and Pony" and the term stuck.

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Ah. So a child is to blame. Typical. XD
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well don't really know that myself
Now that was a wonderful goodnight. I haven't seen the Finale yet and won't until my favorite Blind reactor posts his reaction, but I am definitely looking forward to everything everyone else brings to the table until then and after that reaction goes live. I don't believe this to be the end of us, just the beginning of what we "can" be. Kind of like what you had the characters say in this goodnight. Brilliant work, Silver. This is why you're the Youtuber that brought me into the Brony fandom and why I am proud to call myself a Pegasister.
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Good night to you too. You were one of the few lights shining in this dark world. Thank you.
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*Curls into a ball and cries*
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*Wraps hooves around your back and cries*
I....I don’t wanna go......
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It’s okay *hugs you*
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