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Pinkie Pie Says Goodnight: Would You Like to Fly

Greetings from Bronycon, everyone! Have to be short so I will wish you all goodnight and fun with tomorrow's episode.
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Omnifighter1's avatar
"ballistas"?  Points for naming an unusual weapon. :)
DatPoneEnthusiast90's avatar
You know you look a lot like the cashier at the campus cafeteria at the community college I attend...
zap4th's avatar
pinkie asked leet times
RD4590's avatar
made by discord… Gilda, what you need may be an RPG instead of a ballistas. XD
Mother of whatever it is we believe in hey what do griffons believe any way?
MugenSeiRyuu's avatar
Probably Boreas.
wildhawk441's avatar
maybe the deity known as 'Aurora Borealis'?
Can't you dive-bomb it or something?
Toxicgambit's avatar
Cutest hot with balloon ever 
Mokey1980s's avatar
Ballistae? I would use an AA gun if I ever seen THAT thing flying above my home =p
Endy001's avatar
*sees* Activate the Wirblewinds! FIRE! *pewpewpew*
Mekarm's avatar
......... I think pinky finally pushed gilda over the edge.
BlasterMasterGuy's avatar
To be fair, we all know this was coming. ;) :D
Mekarm's avatar
... fair enough on that point.
Griffon child: Is the giant pony head gonna eat us mommy?
Griffon mother: (tearfully) Yes Geoffry, it is!
PikachuFan0617's avatar
If I stare at it long enough, maybe it'll go away... wait that's not how it works
arthunter3's avatar
To be fair, Griffinstone is not use to seeing flying objects around the city, so the over-re-actions justifived.
JAAMTheArtist's avatar
pinkie have the best baloons
Wolf-ODonnell's avatar
You know, now that I've looked at the TV guide, Season 7 doesn't appear to be airing in the UK. The latest episode appears to be Season 6 Episode 17.
PhoenixFlambe's avatar
Now this will be figuratively a headshot.
tigreanpony's avatar
Lol, , I sense a bit of FoE in this comic. Very nicely done.
iamthejam's avatar
Good night, Pinkie.

Here we go!!!
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