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Pinkie Pie Says Goodnight: What a Day!

So here's my train of thought from last night: Tomorrow is June 1st. June. Wasn't there a pony with June in her name? *does a Google search*. Junebug! What's her deal? *checks the MLP Wiki*. She celebrates holidays? How many holidays can there be on June 1st? *does a Google search*. Oh... dang.

According to, every holiday mentioned in this comic is real. Or at least announced. Maybe they mean nothing to a majority but I imagine there are at least some folks who take note. The world is big enough to have surprises like that.

In any case, I hope you all enjoy a good evening and the English release of tomorrow's episode. Thanks as ever to :iconundead-niklos: for allowing me to continue Pinkie Pie Says Goodnight!

Thanks to :iconboneswolbach: as well for the Ponyville street background:
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"Heimlich Maneuver Day"?  Sounds like that could get painful!
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After reading description, Sings "June, June June" to the tune of Jingle Bells! :D
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Hooray , Dinosaur day!:happybounce: Heart jurassic-park-Rexy (Tyrannosaurus) [V.1] Jurassic Park - Rexy (Tyrannosaurus) [Roars] [V.1] Real Heavy Weight 
There's always plenty of minor holidays to go around.

Especially since they're poorly standardized, so many on celebrated on multiple dates, either exactly or under a slightly different name.
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Aww, June Bug. Still love that pony despite missing her for a long time.
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Silent cry:sigh: Just what I needed, a reminder of all the pony holidays I missed due to lagging on the episodes, my horrible non-supportive family, and late holiday pictures. Ho-hum. :sighs:Silent crysad eyes It's not your fault, and I'm not accusing you, just to let you know. sigh Good art takes time, among all other things. :sigh:

I am trying not to give up the ship, even though things are looking the bleakest they've ever been for me, what with my horrible, non-supportive family and all. After today, I will be caught up with the episodes, and I couldn't be any happier! :happy:
:happybounce:Happy HopHappy
I had to watch the episodes alone, due to my little sister outgrowing the ponies. Even if I do want to re-watch them, I doubt I'll find anyone who has any free time to re-watch them with me. Silent cry:sighs: But, I won't let it get me down. That's something I seriously need to work on.

I will try not to let my sadness overwhelm me for the remainder of the season, if I can help it. :comfort: Peace! :peace:
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Lol, silly strip me thinks, and a good moral to boot. Nice job
And THIS is why Equestira has so many festivals.
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lmaooooooo I ate a donut on Friday and I didn't even know it was National Donut Day looool
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Donut iconNational Donut Day: Silver Quill confirmed, Minuette approved.Clapping Pony Icon - Minuette
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You forgot national nail polish day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Happy pride month!
PhoenixFlambe's avatar
Junebug's favourite month!
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That is a ton of holidays on the first day of June at least this year. (Donut day is always the first Friday of June so it may not fall on June 1st all the time.)
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Who Sets all these holidays?! At which point are they officiel?
Can i declare the second August "Hug your Dog" Day? 
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Oh my Celestia *facepalme*
tigreanpony's avatar
That I am not sure e never heard of Doughnut day until last year and never looked it up till this year, lol
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I never knew there were so many holidays on June 1st.
I'd never thought there were so many celebrations on the 1rst June, that Junebug is a Genius!
PhoenixFlambe's avatar
Junebug's the name and holidays my game!
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Those are a *squee*ton of Holidays. :XD: :XD:
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Poor Junebug; she needs to remember that much of what is on her list is the work of the Dark Lord Hallmark, who perverts honest ponies' desire for holidays into dastardly plots to pressure us into buying greetings cards!
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