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Pinkie Pie Says Goodnight: Villains

Whew! Sorry to be posting this so late. Between the villains, various hand poses, and completing the background I've been working on this all day. Plus I got to see how having so many vectors can really slow down my computer!

Still, I wanted to give Grogar and his council of evil a chance in the spotlight. I don't know what to expect from these four but I'm hoping for a grand showdown. Reformations? Eh... I'm fine with three anti-heroes escaping into the sunset.

I'll have Grogar's lair up in my gallery tomorrow. But right now you can check out the Clover Care background courtesy of :icongwennie-chan::

Thanks as ever to :iconundead-niklos: for giving me permission to continue the series Pinkie Pie Says Goodnight!
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At this point, they are not on the road to reformation and I will fight you if you say otherwise. (No I won't.)

Although it would be funny if Chrysalis gets close enough to her compatriots to accidentally go neon (and once you go neon you never go . . . prion?) and has to reassure them that this will not hinder her intention to continue doing evil with them.
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Well, Grogar seems to be the smartest villain so far, and he knows that petty acts of hate won't get them anywhere. He seems to be that rare mind focuses on the long term, rather than the others that only see the here and now and don't think ahead.

And now it's reported that the Netherlands will be airing the show even faster.…

EDIT: Scratch that, the finale aired YESTERDAY!!
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I'm really hoping no assholes post spoilers for the finale everywhere in "please dont post spoilers here" sections...
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And this is why Pinkie is my favorite.
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ok.... esto es mejor que un trailer
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great comic as always...but it is sad we have 9 episodes left and...that makes me sad

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Is that what Grogar do for fun? Just watch the ponies doing whatever? Why? 
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Plot twist: Discord is watching them in his TV

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Aw, Grogar is always spoiling the Legion of doom's fun.
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Meanwhile, at the Legion's cave.
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Honestly though, I just want Chrysalis and Cozy Glow to be reformed at the end of the series. IT'S ALL I ASK FOR THOSE TWO!
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The villains will fail due to their incapability to work together!
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That was great, nicely done.
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LOL! Looks like the Every Villain Is Lemons is up to no good. (For those who got that reference, here's a krabby pattyA Krabby Patty With Cheese The Classic Icon ) It's certainly funny seeing them plot their own petty revenge. I especially like Grogar stepping in and showing how genre savvy he is.
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Man, Cozy Glow really IS evil! You just know she was one of those little creeps who walked out of movie theaters announcing spoilers for Avengers: Endgame or told people on line for the latest Harry Potter book that Snape killed Dumbeldore. That is an impressive level of villainous dickery.

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Grogar: Master of Tropes.
"Failing that, they seek out Batman."
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Grogar is smart AND genre savy
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